WIW (and why I probably won't wear it again)

This was one of my favorite swap meet finds of all time: a Nicole Miller pseudo-galaxy/aurora borealis print dress. I had been saving it for New Year's or a wrap party for DH's work or some other event warranting a Bodycon Dress, but today I thought I'd debombshell it with my drapey knit linen sweater and sport some pink flecks while it's still BCAM.

I liked the look a lot but, for whatever reason, this outfit made men want to talk to me. They normally don't (trust me), but I got comments today. Really disliked that, so I'll probably stick to the original plan and wear this baby only when I'll have a spiffy DH on my arm to debombshell the look.

Bonus shot of the dress in all its bodycon glory.


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WIW: Party Like It's 2012 Challenge, Shift 9, Frye Vera Boot

(Fashionalbly?) late to the party, but I know a true style party never quits. ;)

I've been working some odd hours and feeling fairly exhausted, but I finally made it around to participate in MaryK's 2012 challenge.

This outfit feels "so 2012" to me because:

- It is an interpretation of a Hugo Boss ad I pinned (Pinterest feels very current IMO)
- It combines items from a few different styles and eras (1940s engineer boots, the utility style jacket from who knows how many decades of militaria, the 90s bucket bag, 80s eye-searing brights).
- It integrates a flash of optic white into a winter outfit, in keeping with the aughties trend of breaking traditional fashion rules (e.g. no white after Labor Day).

Pic #1 is what I wore after work to meet my sister for lunch at a delightfully overcast beachfront restaurant. Pic #2 is the version I wore for m7 second 6-hour, 5am shift in a row. The Veras worked nicely for this kind of shift - lots of standing still to reticket newly discounted merch.

Hollister jacket - Ebay, DIY dye project
Per Se cotton/cashmere sweater - flea market
Gap 1969 jeggings - Gap
Frye Vera boots - Amazon
Calvin Klein bucket bag - flea market
White watch - Big Lots

Splendid thermal - flea market
Turquoise crossbody - YLF swap party


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WIW: Welcome to the Jungle + Shift 7, Crocs super molded flat

Who needs a bombshell when you've got a panther and a python on your side? Worn very briefly as I went out to search for my Rimmel London Lasting Finish lipstick. Went to 3 different CVS stores but finally nabbed it for buy-one-get-one-half-off.

Next is what I wore to work - you've seen my work shirt enough by now, so I only posted the pic with the jacket over the top. This is how I looked when I went out to get some chicken for lunch.

Panther tee - F21
Lime snake skirt - flea market
Turquoise crossbody - YLF swap party
Frye Vera boots - Amazon
Broken watch - flea market

Zella moto - Nordstrom
Gap 1969 jeggings - Gap
Crocs super molded flats - Crocs
Shift length - 7 hours
Pain-o-meter - almost none! These will definitely be my "long shift" shoes!


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WIW: slouchy pants + shift 6, crocs super molded flat

Had a late night shift yesterday, so I got to wear civilian clothes during the day.

#1 is what I *wanted* to wear. I got all dressed up and everything, then looked at the weather forecast - 80! Ok, switched to #2. Wore this out to the Crocs store and the MAC store.

MAC was a great experience, but kind of a bust. I was kind of disappointed, because I'd heard their makeup artists/salespeople were amazing, but we just couldn't seem to find a color of their longwear lipstick that flattered me. It could be my mixed ethnicity skin tone... it took me a very long time to find a foundation/powder to match, too.

Crocs yielded fruit, though! I wore these super molded flats in bronze to work with my BF jeans (sorry, was too tired to snap a pic when I got home), and my feet were the happiest they have been. The only downside, as some pointed out, was that my toes got a bit sweaty. Compared to searing pain, though, that is something I can live with.

After a 7- hour shift, I only felt a weee twinge of something in the big toe... which is actually totally fixable, because the material is easy to stretch if you apply heat! I had already stretched them a bit before work but had clearly underestimated the amount of swelling that would take place. I also got these in black patent.


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WIW: Getting Away with Rae, Shift Five, MIA Buckaroo

Last shift, I was introduced to a coworker who had been with the company for a few years, and she was wearing a really pretty pink scarf with her uniform tee - so of course I am being a hardcore copycat today and trying a scarf for myself.

Historically, I don't wear scarves often at all, because I hate having to take them off and re-arrange them when I go in and out, and I don't like the way one "tail" always seems to creep down to my legs if I leave them on during the day. Well! Remembering the infinity scarf, I took this scarf my aunt recently gifted me and tied the ends together, infinity-style. Hopefully this means I can leave it on all shift without it tangling in my legs and killing me. :)

Will update with foot pain review after work tonight.

Hollister jacket - DIY dye project
Turquoise scarf - gift from auntie
Hudson Collin skinnies - Nordstrom Rack (my first buy with discount!)
MIA Buckaroo boots - Amazon
White watch - whopping $6 at Big Lots
Men's belt - flea market


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WIW: Short Skirt, Long Jacket

Cake didn't say anything about tall boots, but I threw those into the mix as well. :)

This is the Gibson jacket I scored at Shoptoberfest, worn with an old brown sweater dress - because, hot diggity, it didn't even reach 70 degrees where I was today! *fist pump*

Of course, in the Dress for Success office, the AC was making weird noises, and I wished I could remove the jacket without ruining the outfit, but I was happy as a clam walking to/from the bus stop. These Fryes still need some breaking in, but the footbed is delightful, and the laces allow me to support my arches. Once the heel softens, they will be in business for a day at work!

Gibson blazer - Nordstrom
Sweater Dress - flea market
Necklace - Madewell
Frye Jenna Cap Toe - Amazon
B. Makowsky Bag - Ebay


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Not Impressed With Naturalizer

When I posted before about my pumps bloodying my feet, Jeanne suggested I contact the manufacturer. I did so and I just saw the response as I sit here on the bus to DFS... They informed me that they will only consider a refund in the evnt of a manufacturing defect. To dtermine this I would have to ship the shoes off myself with no guarantees. Once again, I am so grateful for OTHER stores that stand behind the products they sell and create. :T.


WIW: Retail Regalia, Shift Four, Frye Vera

Since we're allowed to wear colored and treated denim (a manager was in waxed burgundy the other day), I busted out these ombre skinnies - scouted by the fabulous MaryK during Shoptoberfest - with my Zella Z-Quilt jacket thrown over for my commute and for errands afterward. The jeans are even a brand we currently carry, so I felt good about things.

Footwear - Frye Vera
Shift Length - 5 hours
Foot Pain - Minimal (minor rubbing near pinky toe)

Zella jacket - Nordstrom
B. Makowsky bag - Ebay
Jolt jeans - Marshall's
Frye Vera - Amazon
Men's belt - flea market
Cougar skull necklace - The Pewter Wolf, Etsy
(stopped) Nixon watch - flea market


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WIW: Kitty Civvies

Just a quick post before bed. I closed today at work, but this is what I wore out to Korea Town with Hubs before my shift started. Just jeans and a tee, but I like how the tonal velvet leopard goes with the "snowcat" spotted shoes. I also ended up adding my Shoptoberfest cat pendant before I left the house. This girl loves a theme!

Also: I think I'm going to start keeping track of how my various shoes fare on the sales floor. Because although my Report Marks booties managed to take me all over Italy, my poor dogs started barking after only 6 hours of retail work! I was pretty shocked.


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Just for fun: share your imaginary Bespoke Burberry Trench

I had too much fun with Anna's link in her bespoke post:

I was shocked to find that my trench would be fairly classic: olive, gunmetal hardware, throat latch, black liner, cursive monogram.

Of course, if the options were infinite, you might be looking at something totally different. Paprika pony hair? Citron? Paprika pony hair with a citron plaid leather undercollar?

I'd LOVE to see what variations we all came up with - please post some pics if you can!


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