WIW: Rae From The Waist Down

Only working four hours today - yay for my tired feet! The other good news is that "professional dress" is out the window, and I'm able to rock my comfy jeans and boots. I have censored all the logos on my shirt just to be on the safe side with company policies.

I also learned that I am going to have to start wearing a WORKING watch on the sales floor - yikes, who knew?? There are no cell phones allowed, and no clocks, and all my watches have dead batteries, because I never actually used them as anything but arm candy. I really want the one in pic #2, but I guess it would be better to just buy some batteries... stupid practicality. ;)


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WIW: First Day

Getting ready to leave for my first day at the new job! I will have to wear a uniform tee shirt but, since I have not yet been issued one, HR requested that I wear "professional dress" for my first day. I wanted to be comfy in case I actually have to move around and lift/fold/stock something, so I went with the jacket from my Tahari interview suit and ponte pants - because of the black sleeves, there is still the illusion of a suit, which I like. I am also debuting new magenta wedges. A $26 score that is infinitely nicer to my feet than those dastardly Naturalizer pumps. Finished with my tiger pendant from Italy for good luck.

Tahari blazer - TJ Maxx
Citron blouse - Ann Taylor
INC ponte pants - flea market
Jessica Simpson Janie wedges - Marshall's
Saturno laquer pendant - Florence, Italy
London Fog bag - Christmas gift from Mom, Marshall's, years ago


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WIW: Mr. October

Still ridiculously hot, so I keep flip-flopping between summer and fall looks. Thought I'd wear this flea market tee once before baseball season is gone for good. Paired with Sylvie's sandals from our Shoptoberfest swap. Also rocking some wild bedhead thanks to Kari's powdered hair wax, which Aida and I both snapped up when we saw it at The Rack. I wore it yesterday as well, but I really like how messy my hair looks after sleeping on it - yes, messy hair is kind of a novelty for me. ;)


Pumps - BAH! Should have bought at Nordstrom

I bought a pair of Naturalizer pumps for my interview last week, and I wore them to Dress for Success today... *never* have I known worse foot pain! I'm baffled, because they felt really good around the house. I guess maybe the carpet absorbs a lot of the impact? I'm talking big toe, little toe, instep, ankle, and arch pain. I didn't hurt this much after walking 12 hours in Italy!

How I wish I could return these stupid shoes!!!!


WIW: Ain't No Slouch

Batting for Team Wear today, wearing an old knit linen top with my new cat necklace from Shoptoberfest and my new Joie silk pants from The Rack (in honor of some good news. Wearing this to Dress for Success, where the weather is slated to hit 93 degrees! Beyond happy to approximate a Fall look while still sweating away to Summer temperatures.

Brochu Walker top - flea market
Cat pendant - Madewell
"Chanel" belt - Salvation Army
Joie pants - The Rack
Naturalizer pumps - Zappos
London Fog bag - Christmas gift many moons ago


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WIW: Trying out a tucked BF look

Ok, so funny story: I told a friend I was trying a tucked BF look, and she thought I was saying something about cross-dressing. o_0 I guess fashion/YLF just comes up with its own lingo sometimes!

This is what I wore yesterday to go out and find my suit. I only wore it for under an hour, but I really enjoyed it, and I'll probably try to get some more use out of the look this weekend.

Floral cardigan - gift from Mom from F21, years ago
gray tee - small neighborhood store, years ago
Francesco Biasia crossbody - Ebay
Butterfly necklace - DIY
Aldo belt - flea market
Old Navy Boyfriend Capris - Old Navy
Frye Vera boots - Amazon

In other news, it *rained* this morning! Yay! I don't think it even lasted a full five minutes, but it was so much fun to see after all the heat. I think I'll even try to jog before it heats up. :)


WIW: Ponte Pants at DFS

Cool morning, hot afternoon, and cool twilight yesterday - I got to remember what it feels like to want for a jacket! Amazing. I thrifted these INC ponte pants a couple weeks ago and WOW, where has this been all my life? So comfy. I thought they would make me feel like I was wearing leggings as pants, but I was very wrong.

At Dress for Success, I took ran my own show for the first time. My first client was in for a week's worth of employment clothing but had never gotten a suit with us, so I had to set her up with a suit as well. I took longer than I should have, because she really had a hard time with button-front tops, and that was the majority of our stock. Since winter is coming, I ended up giving her shells and a few sweaters to mix and match. Also found her some trousers when she said she's never found trousers that fit before!

The second client was there for a suit to interview for Macy's. I loved how she had strong opinions about her suit - it was a challenge to make her 100% happy, but she was thrilled in the end and talked about how jealous her friend would be. She was also very happy to know she could come back after getting hired and get more goodies. :)

In related news, I felt something strange in the toe of my Report boots yesterday. Upon further examination, I found that it was the beginnings of a *hole* I'm slowly wearing through the toe of my boot! Wow, I sure have worn these babies a lot - and I switch off with the sand color, too!

Nexx shirt - Nordies
Francesco Biasia bag - Ebay
INC Ponte Pants - flea market
Report Marks booties - Amazon
Cat photo watch - DIY


WIW: 2nd Second Anthro Interview

Well, I heard from my first Anthro location, and they did not want me, but I did have another second interview today at the Beverly Hills location, and this is what I wore.

I tried to match the vibe of the current employees at this location - more earthy and less whimsical - as well as the store itself - less youth-based. The manager that held the interview was wearing a very similar outfit with a flowy cardigan, so at least I did that part right. I felt I answered the questions well, but I can't afford to get my hopes up.

I do have another interview tomorrow, which is always good. Trying to stay positive. Can't land the job without going on interviews!

Given Then Gathered Dress - Anthro
Cardigan - Target
Bullet necklace - gift from friend
Dog tag necklace - flea market
Specialchoice bag - Ebay
Fergie Major boots - Nordstrom


Another ElevenParis (BJ/Astrid UWP) Mikka Jacket Review

Not a fluke that the title says "review" and not K/R. As on BJ, this jacket looks *amazing* fully buttoned up, but ten kinds of terrible any other way.

I think it may be make for someone with a long torso.

Pic 1-2: Buttoned up - true to the Nordies size chart (36=0-2), wonderful quality, heavy wool. Like a really edgy pea coat.

3-4: Totally open - see how the coat creates the optical illusion of a big, bubbly gut? Yeah, I wasn't happy about that. But if the whole thing had been sitting up a few inches higher, the bottom panels would have been pointing at my waist instead... too bad. :T

5: Half open - this exaggerates the low stance even more. My natural waist is several inches higher than the button closure, making me look all torso on top of stubby legs, even with my 3" heels on.

But if you are a tall, long-torsoed lass looking for a cool, artsy pea coat, this is definitely worth a shot.

In other news, MAN am I happy I did not order the coat from abroad! Nordstrom, you have saved me a major disappointment and headache yet again.


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WIW: Vest for Success

First things first: huge shout out and hug to bj1111 for sending over this amazing Allsaints vest with the coolest origami pockets! I had loved wearing my linen vest in my Tom Petty outfits, and this is a more than stellar F/W version. I will hug it and squeeze it and love it forever. :)

The skirt was a dollar find, NWT, that I had put up on Ebay but never sold. Finally, I figured the price was lowered enough that it was worth it to me to just keep it for myself. Wearing it to Dress for Success later today, but also to a doctor's appointment, just in case it goes longer than I expect.

In other news, I *really* need a "dress shoe" alternative to my Report Marks! They straddle the great divide very nicely, but they are still casual. If you remember my walkable pump post, I've tried a bunch of the recs since then - gratefully, I spotted many at the flea market and was able to try for free. I seem to have very picky feet, however, especially for 8-hour pumps - so easy to go wrong with a vamp that can cut into your foot if it fits slightly wrong or is too stiff.

If you have any tried and true 8-hour dress shoes, I am alllll ears. :)


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