Jacket Challenge Day 10: White Puma Knit Funnel Neck

I am not in love with this photograph - backlit, kind of a funny almost-pose because DH refuses to count down to when he hits the shutter... o_0 But sometimes you have to take what you can get when loved ones are behind the camera and indulging your freakish need to take outfit shots during your outings.

What I DO love? This jacket! Oh, jacket, why do you have to be slightly pilly and a little discolored in places? I'm going to attempt some rehab with bleach and a razor, but I still hate to see it this way. I think it's only been two years... although now that I say it, that might be a long life for sweatshirt material. I will have to keep my little eyes out for a replacement this next year.

I am also thrilled to be able to wear these jeans again. I bought them in 2006 when DH took me to Japan as my college graduation gift - so they are sentimental as well as kick-a**! They have a double waistband, which was kind of a hot trend when we were there - every store had a version. I hadn't been able to use them in a while because I'd unfortunately torn open two of the threadbare areas, leaving these really unattractive, gaping maw things (that and I'd gotten a bit heavier than I was in aught-6). But I found some skin colored denim patches, patched up the holes so they still look threadbare, slimmed down a bit, and here I am. :D

White knit jacket - Puma
Double-waist jeans - Japan (no brand tag, and care tag is in Japanese)
Cristina crossbody - gift from Mom via TJ Maxx
Dr. Martens "Marcie" boots - Amazon? Shoebuy?
Cognac belt - flea market
NIN concert tee (not pictured) - Ebay


Jacket Challenge Day 9: Reflections & Why haven't I worn this?

I had planned to wear #1 today, but I just didn't feel like myself. This is may be the fifth time I've attempted to wear this jacket and aborted the mission. I think the outfit looks okay, but I guess the look isn't speaking to me.

The fear lurking inside is that perhaps I made a mistake with this jacket... I never even cut the tags. I LOVE the color, but am I a Moto Girl? I don't really know. I can't recall ever jonesing for a moto... thinking back, it's possible I've already worn my Zella jacket more times than I've worn my F21 faux-shearling moto.

In other Challenge Reflections... I find it interesting that I'm not particularly enjoying the challenge right now. I think I would have liked it more last year, when I was working at the office, and I needed a new and different outfit every day. But with the uniform taking up most of the week, I feel like the challenge is depriving me of quality time with my current favorites (the Barbour and Zella and my citron Hollister jacket).

I don't know what this means. I wonder if I do this every year - bringing in new babies I favor and spoil for a season, only to move on to something new in a year? Is that how I *got* so many jackets in the first place? Is this simply because I'm forcing jackets that I'd ideally wear in Summer to play with my Fall clothes? Or is this because I'm forcing my Dresses Jackets to play with my pants? These are very serious questions to ponder in preparation for purging.

In other news, what I DID end up wearing today was the Barbour - second day in a row. Sorry for the terrible pic, but I took my sweet time getting outdoors today, and there were too many people arriving home from work, needing the alley for actual driving pursuits.

Barbour jacket - Ebay
Citron sweater - F21
Hudson skinnies - Rack
Frye Vera - Amazon
Brown messenger bag - flea market


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Mo-vember Jacket Challenge Day 8: The Barbour is Here!

I LOOOOOVE this jacket! I'm SO glad I ordered it - got a fantabulous deal on Ebay even though the size is rare. It was even cheaper than the Anthro jacket I bought and returned way back when. Descriptions of this jacket elsewhere said the collar was lined with fleece, but it turns out the *entire* jacket is lined! Utterly fabulous news since I hate the feel of a woven polyester lining. I felt so cozy and cuddly, and not the least bit sticky. Wore this after a rain (a welcome novelty here) to get a part installed in my car and hit up the grocery store.

Cue the artsy blogger photo - a.k.a. me caught off guard because I can't hear the camera timer very well outside. I'm also having difficulties posing outdoors because I'm not used to these angles... which way to tilt my head, the right slouch. And I'm less comfortable, wondering if someone is going to walk or drive by and have a giggle. ;) I do love the natural lighting, though, so I'm going to keep it up. How do you like the yellow fence? This is the background I get when I put the camera on the roof of my car.

Barbour polar quilt jacket - Ebay
White tee - flea market
Gap jeggings - Gap
Apepazza "Pesaro" boots - Amazon
Marc Jacobs "Stella" bag - flea market, DIY dye project


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Mo-vember Jacket Challenge Days 5-6: Gap Utility, Gibson Malachite

Got a little backed up with my challenge photos!

Yesterday, I chose to pair my uniform tee with earth tones. This jacket was initially pegged for donation, but I also felt like it would be a purge for the sake of purging. I guess it could still go, as it kind of serves the same function as a denim jacket. Will have to decide later in the month.

Today, I went to the Official new-hire orientation for my company, which took place at a full line store - yay, no uniform! There was some guy in the alley when I got home, so I had to make do with an indoor shot.

In other news, the Rockport rain boots were the first of my possible "fun boots" to arrive. I was pleased to see that they claim to be anti-fungal, anti-mold, and anti-mildew. They are very, VERY comfy - zero toe pinching and a great arch curve! - however the color is more of a plum/eggplant than burgundy, and they are pretty darn warm. Would be great as a rain boot (which is their purpose), but I'm on the fence about crossing over into everyday wear. I don't think I'll return them quite yet, but I am not 100% sold.


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Mo-vember Jacket Challenge Day 4: Rugby Ralph Lauren

After yesterday's car show fun, I still had to go into work for a short shift, so I styled up another jacket for my wear-them-all challenge.

I had bought this baby a while back - without the YLF forum's consent! Actually, I think most of you pretty much hated it... Paddington Bear... Gorton's Fisherman... well, all that still sounded pretty good to me. o_0

So, love it or hate it, here's my yellow jacket with huge lobster clasps. I actually really dig the oversized fit that is so different from my other jackets. Feels good with BF jeans! The part I wasn't 100% in love with was the brown collar, which looked weird with my hair down, but I think it will look much better once I cut my hair.

It is becoming apparent that it will be *really* hard for me to cull jackets - in many ways they are not just wardrobe items but a Collection unto themselves. The little details on them make them like art to me. I don't know if I can purge any significant amount just for the sake of purging.

In other news, I'm really enjoying these outdoors pics! Thank goodness my neighbors had this new wall built, so that I can set my camera where no camera could be set before!

Yellow Rugby Ralph Lauren jacket - Ebay
"Sexy Boyfriend" jeans - Gap
Report "Marks" boots - Amazon
Francesco Biasia bag - Ebay
White watch - Big Lots


WIW: Oh, best little blade of grass!

Ain't no jacket weather in The Valley, but there was plenty of natural light this morning. DH and I went up to watch some model airplanes fly and then catch a French/Italian car show before I have to work this afternoon. Since we just talked about color and natural light in my previous post, I thought it'd be a fun picture series.

1-3: Hiking out to the airplane site.

4-8: Some of our favorites from the car show. I particularly liked the "other" section, populated by one lone vehicle!

9: Testing out the back alley as a new outfit photography spot. There is a low ledge on one of the fences that I can use to hold my camera. Not the prettiest location, and nothing good to use to set the camera focus, but alleys are totally UWP, right?


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Mo-vember Jacket Challenge Day 3: Allsaints "Kay"

A wonderful illustration of why I usually wear this jacket with an orange or citron top or a shiny necklace... soooo washed out. But I was too tired to change, and DH and I had to get out and run an errand before the traffic got too bad.

Even though I styled it poorly here, I still adore this jacket and will be keeping it in the fold. For me, it acts as my denim shirt as well, since I've yet to find the perfect one. I love the non-stretch denim, the worn look, the rust/coppery buttons, and drape at the collar. The effect is vaguely that of a jacket that was Frankenstein-ed together from spare parts - great for an UWP.

Allsaints "Kay" jacket - Allsaints
Allsaints "Tsarina" tee - Allsaints
Hudson tuxedo jeans - Marshall's
B. Makowsky bag - Ebay
Frye "Vera" boots - Amazon


Mo-vember Jacket Challenge Day 2: Washed Red Utility Jacket

I purchased this jacket last summer (2011) and wore it to death. It barely got any play *this* summer, however, because the temperatures were simply. too. high. I was happy to wear it out on a short trip to get my car out of the shop and pick up some things at the grocery store.

Even though this is a juniors' jacket (Hollister), I still love it and find it very in keeping with my style - especially in summer. I will likely favor a harder edge as the weather continues to cool, but this summer tomboy style is a keeper.

Red utility jacket - Hollister
Gray tee - local store
Yellow bag - gift from Mom via TJ Maxx
Boyfriend jeans - Old Navy
Report Marks booties - Amazon
Faux tortoise shell necklace - flea market


Kicking Off My Own Mo-vember Challenge

Mo's monthly "wear all my ____" challenges have been so inspiring I just had to try one of my own now that the weather is behaving. For "Mo-vember," I challenge myself to wear all my jackets. It's only fitting to start off with the jacket Mo and I both own!

The rules are as follows:

1. Any jackets that go unworn by the end of the month must be purged from the system. Use it or lose it, Rae.

2. Jackets are defined as hip-length and shorter and able to be worn indoors as well as out. Anything else is a "coat" (at least in CA) and will probably have its own challenge in a month or two.

3. Jackets must be integrated into the outfit - not just slopped over my work uniform on the way out to my car.

4. Any new purchases made during the month DO count!

Victoria's Secret 4-in-1 jacket - Ebay
Cha Cha Vente dress - Macy's
Cristina bag - gift from Mom via TJ Maxx
Frye Vera boots - Amazon
Tiger necklace - Florence, Italy - chain via Ebay