Sapphire Sporty Spice

Due to a fortuitous combination of extra holiday cash and Boxing Day price reductions, I was able to snag this sapphire blue Lululemon jacket after all... and I must say, I'm completely in love with it and so glad I took the plunge. I am so happy to finally be able to wear the double collar look I love on my Superdry jacket and not feel like I'm suffocating in a plastic bag. *This* jacket breathes and wicks moisure - huzzah!

I'm also totally taken with these AE bleached gray jeggings (Yes, 've copycatted yet another one of Una's recent buys). They remind me of why I initially loved the Gap jeggings, but they're even better for me because they feel more substantial and look more like normal skinnies. These are my white jeans alternatives. :)

In other news, I think this shade of blue has been added to my list of signature colors - first my draped anthro dress, then my NYE dress, my fur cowl, and now this jacket.


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Handbags: Free + Shipping to Good Home

1 - brown messenger bag. This is made of super heavy leather - really sturdy, but too much for my everyday hauls. The strap can get much longer, so it could be used by a man's messenger as well. I love the design, though. I got it at the swap meet, so it has definite signs of wear and could use a bit of a clean.

2-3 burgundy painted leather hobo designed and sewn by me! It is very slouchy and lightweight. Was made from a skirt, so I kept the original pockets on the front. Wrapped leather handle attached with gold-tone rivets. The lining I believe was silk. Downside is that I made the inner pocket kind of poorly - looks okay, but the silk doesn't have enough structure. I would totally keep this one, but I have been off slouchy bags for long enough, and it needs a good home.

PM me if you are interested, or reply here. :)

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Almost Black Holiday Party Outfit

It's so rare that DH and I have a dressy event to attend that I had to document this outfit - even though I only got a pic in my den, and most other guests were dressed casually after all. The hosts were dressed really festively - she in great red tartan trousers and he in a striped red jacket and bow tie - and mentioned that they liked our outfits and felt dressing up helps keep holidays special. I agree!

Once again, it was a bit rainy and cold for party night, so I wore my Frye Julias with this Black Halo dress (a leftover from a DFS fund raiser) and my cat pendant (our friends who threw the party run a cat shelter). I liked how the boots added a funky touch and also kept me warm without tights, since that would have been altogether too much black for me. Close-up to show the fun and flattering tummy draping on the dress.

DH said he's glad I'm recording this "good, functional outfit" for posterity. :)


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Oh yeah, the Ann Demeulemeester knockoffs arrived today, too.

Here are some pics in case anyone else might want to consider them. The seller was very nice and responsive, and they arrived lightening fast. These are size 8 and run about the same as a Frye size 8. They have both brown and black.

I do really like them, however I think the shiny silver grommets make them feel too Goth for me, and the patent isn't obvious enough to make them very different from my chocolate Frye boots. Still, I happened to also find them in a light tan color not represented in my footwear at all, so I'm giving those a bash as well.


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Foot and Head Trauma in Short Shorts

I am still very much in shock, so I can't say how I feel, good or bad about the hair.

Right before I left, I was putting on my cognac steampunk boots, around which I'd designed this entire outfit, and the zipper on the right boot separated. I was *crushed* but had no time for any of that, because I had to get to my hair appointment.

I had a good feeling about my stylist right away - a woman from Georgia (Europe), who instantly knew I was Eastern European and Asian, although not the exact nationalities. I showed her my pictures, and she said she understood but that... well her exact words were, "I'm not going to bullshit around and say I can keep the length." Imagine that in an adorable accent. I told her I was afraid, but I knew she had cut a couple other girls' hair in the place, and based on their fabulosity, I still felt good about moving forward.

The major issue is that my last cut was super round and she had to sort of fight against that cut. I knew this was an issue but I felt I could either grow out a textured cut or a heavy one and went in favor of the texture. She says this cut will grow into the shape that I want, and I think I even believe her.

I definitely do like the movement and texture, and I like where she directed the volume. What do you think? I have not played with it at home at all yet.

ETA: Coming back to share good news! With a little patience and stubbornness, I was able to set my boot zipper back on track! Whew... lowering panic level to DEFCON 2. :)


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Layered Like an Onion and Still Not Warm Enough

Just a quick pic of what I wore on my way into work. It's kind of been my small rebellion to only change into my tee once I get to the clock-in area - sort of hoping the Powers That Be will subconsciously think of me as more stylish in the event that I ever need a recommendation for a promotion. ;) Also, it's more fun, and this way I still get to post WIWs!

Sorry for the awkward post - my neighbor caught me photographing myself, and I felt a sudden wash of shame, lol. Destroyed cashmere sweater over my CCV dress over brown cabled tights. I also wore my midi length Norma Kamali for Walmart trench over it all, but I was still freezing. I should have stayed with my wool coat, but I liked the longer hem better. :T

Talula Babaton sweater - flea market
Cha Cha Vente dress - Macy's
Cable tights - Target
Report Anna Motor boots - Shoebacca
Ted Baker bag - flea market


Blustery Day: Blue Fur & Modified UWP Sweater

I wore my gray military coat over this later in the day as well because it was just too cold!

The outfit started with my yen to wear this crazy blue fur Bebe cowl I nabbed at the swap meet this summer. Since turquoise and rust has been a fave combo since a verdigris post a while back, the UWP sweater wanted to play, too... but when I put it on, I just wasn't feeling it. Again.

I realized I had only worn this sweater 2-3 times since I bought it a year ago. So out came the fabric scissors, and I shortened both "flaps." The sweater still has the hi-lo shape and cutouts, but I think the proportions are better for me this way, as it feels less like the sweater is wearing me.

I am also currently wearing my hair like Stephen Chow in Shaolin Soccer. Definitely need to start calling some stylists for consultations regarding some serious razor action!

Heed sweater - Nordstrom
Bebe cowl - flea market
Gap "Really Skinny" pants - flea market
Apepazza "Pesaro" boots - Amazon
Ted Baker bag - flea market


Mystery solved! Figured out my leather jacket issues.

It hit me: I don't like men in leather jackets! And since I'm a tomboy at heart, they don't jive 100% of the time. But in an outfit with my bf or wideleg -very manly - jeans, a leather jacket feels much better. Aaaahhhh, i can sleep again!


Lump of Coal

Charcoal sweater, charcoal pants, and some glowing yellow embers peeking out. Also fits my mood today, which is kind of grumpy.

I agreed to stay late today before realizing I'd rather not. Not too bad, but I've been sort of down, too, about my upcoming birthday. I'd invited my mom and sister out two weeks ago, but got no response until today... even though I was already officially unhappy with them, I still invited my mom to dinner tonight because DH will not be home, and I'll just be home hungry and alone if I don't go. Then I missed breakfast at Whole Foods, and I asked a question about coffee decaffeination and was passed to six different people before anyone told me the coffee lady was on break. Got some Whole Foods chicken instead of the omelet and French toast I wanted, and the chicken was dry. Notice how the hair has already grown out enough that it is brushing my shoulders and doing a really weird flip thing at the neck. Sigh...

At least I like my outfit.


Yellowy-Brown, Long-Torsoed, Wide-legged Steampunk + UWP Epiphany

It was a warm-ish morning today to go out to the chiropractor and get some breakfast, so I wore my steampunk leather jacket, bought while I still worked at the office. For a pop of color, I let my citron sweater peek out the bottom, which ended up lengthening the torso more than usual. I suppose skinnies would have been a better choice for creating a long, lean leg line to go with my long torso, but the wide-legged jeans called out to be paired with the fitted jacket, and here we are.

It seems like epiphanies are going around this month - Shannon and her floral pants, Suz and her shopping strategies. Out and about, I also had a sudden realization -- one that sorta kinda flies in the face of previous UWP doctrine: I don't particularly like wearing leather jackets.


I can't quite put my finger on it... are they too posh? too pretty? not tactical/gear-ish/manly enough? not sporty enough? I can't say. But I do know that I don't get that heck-yeah-I-can-conquer-the-world feeling that I get in my Zella and Barbour at the moment... weird.

Don't get me wrong - I do love this jacket! And I will definitely be keeping it for it's retro/steampunk fabulosity, which I adore. But I don't think I'll be looking to add any additional leather jackets, swoon as I might over the beautiful finishes at MuuBaa and Danier.

How's that for some progress in a self-professed jacket addict?

Is there anyone else out there who isn't head-over-heels for leather? And I mean vegan and money issues aside... pure style here. Am I the only one who would gladly taker her zippers and pockets and utility/steampunk details in a knit, canvas, or fleece construction?