WIW: Librarian's Edge

I thought this dress needed to be broken up by a topper, but nothing looked right. I finally pulled this wrap sweater out, but worried that it might look too librarian-like, with the long hem combined with the conservative wrap style. I think it worked out okay by arranging the hem of the sweater so that the hems look a little jagged and asymmetrical, adding my cougar necklace, and adding rugged boots.

There we go: edgy librarian it is! I might have said "edgy banker," but there is no such thing. ;)

One-Dollar Wonders
Heart Moon Star dress - via swap meet

Banana Republic cashmere wrap sweater - via ebay
Boutique 9 boots - via Piperlime clearance
L'Incontro bag - via Goodwill


How to wear popped collars with long hair?

I love how Angie and suz look with their collars popped and flared. I have also really liked having some crisp shirts with collars that stand up, but I've only been wearing them very straight up, very close tot he neck, almost like a turtleneck, because this seems to interfere with my hair the least (pics 1-2).

Is it also okay to wear the collar wide with the hair down (pic 3)? Or does the collar look like some strange, winged creature is emerging from living in my 'do?


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WIW: Repeating Items and Feeling Fine

I'm wearing yesterdays boots, bag, and cami - and I don't feel bad about it! How could I ever feel bad about the Julias? The bag kind of clashes, but I'm just too lazy to change it out right now. It will be at my desk most of the day, anyway. I was also too lazy to style my hair today... :)

Rust suede jacket - $25 via F21
Target dress - $1
Cami - $5 via ON clearance
Fry Julia's - via Dillard's
Cat pendant - $2 via swap meet


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Scottvest Women's Trench Fashion Review - Long & Pic Heavy

Someone, get the smelling salts ready! I am truly excited about this trench - not just from the standpoint of a gal who loves a good gadget and gimmick, but also from the standpoint of an increasingly picky Youlookfab protege. Rather than a usual keep/return, I thought I'd do a proper review in case anyone is considering this for the future.

I'm crushing on the color *hard.* Not quite orange, not quite red, and not quite brown, yet is has the qualities of all three for me. It's saturated and unique.

The fabric is 100% polyester, but it's nice and matte and looks almost like cotton. Definitely not slicker or rip-stop material. It's soft to the touch, has a nice drape, and resists wrinkles - you know how I hate wrinkles. Construction is solid and clean. From a fashion standpoint, I wish the buckles on the waist and sleeve belts had been black to match the buttons, but it doesn't bother me. The buttons and buckles could also have been a weightier material - however, the buttons are on par with the $200 trench I tried from Madewell, so this could just be the reality of the price point. Also, I imagine Scottvest might have wanted to keep the trench light, as they specialize in travelwear. The trench is fully lined in a nice, silky fabric - Zapotee is right: that feels much better over clothes than cotton lining.

Fit-wise, I was pleasantly surprised. I kept my expectations low at first, because the trench does not come in size XS and does not come in knee-length. I was afraid the shoulder seams would sag off my frame and that the hem would not comfortably cover my rear and the sleeves would be ridiculously wide and baggy. In reality, though, the fit is very similar to the Madewell trench of the same size. The shoulders and sleeves are maybe a bit wider, but the drape helps that a lot IMO. The drape also saves the day when tying the belt behind the back to wear the trench open - I can create a much slimmer silhouette with the Scottvest trench. From the picture, I also feared that the trench would be drop-waisted, but it seems to work just fine at my natural waist.

The fun part? 18 crazy pockets grace the coat's lining - enough to stuff in all your travel essentials and then some. You can thread your mp3 and phone headphones/earpieces *through* the lining (yep, no ripping of cords when you stuff your arms in in a hurry); you can clip your keys to the included bungee cord in an outer pocket (magnetized, which helps keep a clean line and add security); you can clean off your glasses with the attached glasses cloth in an inner pocket.

Picture 10 shows the coat loaded up with more than I'd ever use: an old-school, single-use film camera; oversized sunglasses; large wallet; cellphone; passport. There is a decently sized bulge that you can see on the left side of the picture, near my waist. Those are my shades - but as I said, they are oversized. One drawback is that the glasses are placed so near the waist that you may have to take care not to crush them in a fit of frenzied belting. On the other hand, the indent of the waist helps disguise the bulge of the glasses. It is a trade-off.

Finally, pictures 11-12 are side-by-side comparisons of the Scottvest trench and the Madewell trench.

I have not worn this coat outside yet, but I can already tell it is warmer than the other (no shock with the polyester). I held the end of the belt under the faucet, and the water rolled right off. Assuming the forum let's me keep it, I will have to do a follow-up on the breathability of the material.

So... what do you say? I'm leaning very heavily towards keeping this, unless there is a very good argument against it.

ETA a minor detail... the product link:


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Dressed With a Measure of Dread

Two meetings today. Won't be consistently busy, but there will be a lot of work at the last minute before each - that's just how it goes. Geared up with power boots, wood grain print silk top, pattern mixed with plaid blazer. I think my apprehension/dread comes across in the outfit, though that was an accident.

Silence & Noise Blazer - $1 via swap meet
Silk Wood Print Top - $0.50 via swap meet
Bloomingdales wool skirt - $1 via swap meet
Blue bag - via Goodwill and dyed
Frye boots - via Dillard's sale
Cougar Pendant - via Etsy, part of gift


WIW: Orange, Denim Faux Pas, and Last Hurrah for Winter Items

Trying to get back in the habit of posting WIWs regularly! Especially before we go away and I create a backlog for myself...

1 - Here it is: the dreaded Denim Tuxedo! I wanted to wear this jacket with my dark jeans and, since Angie informed us that volume on volume was now okay, I'd go ahead and shuck another rule in the name of being a bit rebellious. Paired with my orange top and burgundy bag for a tonal look... y'know, to show that I'm not 100% clueless.

Orange Splendid sweater - via Ebay
Allsaints Jacket - via Archive
Lucky Zoe Jeans - via Goodwill
Francesco Biasia Bag - via Ebay
Boutique 9 booties - via Piperlime clearance

2 - Janet's post about unworn Winter items got me feeling sorry toward my AS jacket - yes, I have worn it a lot, but I'm sad that I probably won't bust it out as much in Spring. Also, I found these boots in my car in a plastic bag - must have got them at the swap meet, but for the life of me, I can't remember! Mystery boots! I think pic #4 is them, although wow, the color does not come through IRL.

Allsaints leather jacket - via Ebay
Brooks Bros Shirt - via Ebay
Boutique 9 Saffi - via ??
Italian-made skirt - $1 via swap meet
Blue Bag - via Goodwill
Green Sheer tights - via Ebay


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Anyone moving their blog to YLF?

I only started blogging recently, so maybe this doesn't apply to the rest of you... I have recently wondered if maybe I should start doing my onedollarwonders posts here instead of at blogger. Most of my readership is you guys, anyway, and if I'm *already* here posting WIWs, it would save time to just write up the full one-dollar details at the same post.

Would there be any drawbacks to this? I suppose if my blog became blindingly popular or something I would not be able to "monetize" the blog as I could on blogger. But I don't know how much sway that has with me. Anything else? Thoughts?


WIW: Cream of the Crop

I just discovered super cropped jackets this year, and I am all. over. it.

1 - Allsaits convertible trench (converted to crop) via Ebay, CCV Dress, London Fog Bag, Boutique 9 Booties via Piperlime clearance, Chococat necklace

2 - $1 Denim jacket, Lucky Brand Zoe jeans via Goodwill, same bag, AS tee via Archive, same boots

I really like the short over long thing when it is exaggerated like this. Finally, I feel okay leaving off a belt. :)


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WIW: layered BB shirts, styled hair, and DIY galaxy dress

1) Worn to read "Puss n' Boots" to school children. The dress is cat print, so I used it as my clue to have the kids guess which story they would get.

2) Here is the DIY dress on the bod. I figured I should get a pass/fail vote before I spend the time to finish the back... I tried to use the top galaxy swirl to lower the neckline a tad.

3) Favorite outfit in a long time. I got this BB shirt as a package deal with the one in #1. I didn't know if it would work, since it's pastel blue. But under this orange shirt, it works like a gray to soften the bright color - and I just can't get over how well the collar stays popped *all day.* Bummer that you can't see it well, but it was definitely more prominent IRL as I moved about. Styled my hair a bit with wax this am, and I rather like the fuller, messier 'do. How about it - intentionally messy, or pain ol' unkempt?


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Holy cats! Helen Mirren is my hero!


GOSH, she's just gorgeous! And check out the hair, the dress, the shoes... I could see a 20-year-old wearing this same outfit and hairstyle, yet DHM looks perfectly at home in it. Fab.u.lous.