WIW: Neon, graphics, and a nature challenge outtake

These are only half the outfits I wore over the weekend - I will have to recreate the others.

1 - neon and nude, worn to a swap meet and car show. New belt is Armani and was scored as a 3/10 deal, so it was only $3.33!

2 - worn for a quick night walk with DH to Trader Joes - huge hit with the checkout clerk!

3 - I impressed myself with the necklace config., but I just. couldn't. wear. the pink top in a dressy setting like this. It's so.... pink, that I only really like it with my super rugged shorts.

white denim jacket - $1 via swap meet
BR striped tank - $1 via swap meet
Armani neon belt - $3.33 via swap meet
Lucky brand shorts - $2 via swap meet
turquoise bag - free via YLF swap
nude sandals - $30? via Coward shoes sale
Star Wars tee - $2.50 via swap meet
Button fly jeans - $2 via swap meet
Report Marks boots - $30 via Amazon
Cascade cardi - $12 via Target
BR Sloan pants - $?? with Christmas gift card
Brown belt - $3 via swap meet
AT pink shell - $1 via swap meet
Cettu bag - $10 via swap meet
pearls - free via YLF swap


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Too casual for casual Friday? Citron Safari

Is this too casual for work? For an idea, others wear medium-light wash jeans. Untucked shirts are the norm on Fridays, some chunky sweaters, boots... no blazers on most. Hoping the blouse, dark denim and pumps do it.


WIW: stormy weather

Ok, so not quite storming - but definitely gray and wet. I don't think I have every rubric element covered in these, but as Shannon said, maybe all of the elements don't have to be there - just *enough* of them. I tried to add some "brightness" near the face in #1 in the form of a gold necklace with a white stone but it doesn't show in the photo. What do you think? Do I need to make more effort to touch on all my rubric elements, or are these just as good?


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Custom jeans on order!

I'd been in the market for some slim work jeans, so when I came across another custom jeans site, I had to take a look. Great distraction from back/insurance issues, too.

I'll write a real review once I get them, but so far I really like the UI. I didn't see this when I was designing, but when you look at other people's designs they also have an ASOS-like catwalk feature that shows the fit of the jeans on a model - nice! They also have a cool feature that lets you put your design up for sale, so that you get some of the profit if your design sells.

Here's the pair I've done - pretty simple compared to some of the others but, sometimes, that is the hardest thing to find in a jean: http://getwear.com/women/3905/

I will definitely share detailed results!


WIW: Inspired by Shannon, Julie, IK, & Denise

1- orange blazer with blue BB shirt. I have worn these together before, but only with the shirt layered under a chocolate dress. I thought the light blue needed to be hidden with my complexion, but Shannon wore her light chambray shirt with red dotty jacket so well that I went for it. I LOVE this blazer now, but I'm sad to see it is already pilling in several places! GRR! No more F21 knits for Rae. :(

2 - 3 - Frye Julias with jeans. Julie mentioned to me that I've only been wearing my Julias bare-legged. So when Hubs showed up after work with my legging and tickets to a baseball game (he's been driving me some since the accident), I was excited to zip the boots over some denim.

4 - Blackened florals (worn today!) Dana wore a floral top with black yesterday, so I dug out this orphaned floral cardi and donned it over my CCV dress. I wore this dress very recently, but I had no problem busting it out again. Yay for progress and not getting bored of items!

5 - Tuxedo shorts - Denise has her wonderful tuxedo stripe Rag & Bone jeans, but I didn't buy because I don't think they'd go to work. BUT, I had these shorts around, with textured stripes up the sides! Hubs said the booties "don't do much for that outfit," but I rather liked it. Good thing I can always argue that they are comfy and MUST be worn if we plan to take a walk. ;)

Orange F21 blazer - $30 via F21
Blue BB shirt - $25 via Ebay
B/W Talbots skirt - $1 via swap meet
London Fog bag - Christmas gift
Frye Julias - >$200 minus GCs via Dillard's
Norma Kamali for Walmart trench - $35 via Ebay
Gap jeggings - ~$16? via Ebay
F21 cardi - ancient gift from Mom
CCV dress - $60 via Macy's
Boutique 9 booties - ?? via Piperlime clearance
F21 white cropped jacket - $1 via swap meet
Michael Stars tank - $1 via swap meet
Sanctuary tuxedo shorts - $1 via swap meet
Calvin Klein crossbody bag - $15 via swap meet
Report Marks booties - $30 via Amazon


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Sharing a dye failure! Jacquard iDye Blended Fabric Review

Oof. Ouch, this one hurts.

I dyed my beige trench last night, and the color did not come out right at ALL. Having seen the strength of the colors I'd used before, I was sure they would overpower the beige of the fabric, but the citron *barely* made a dent in it at all - what I'm left with is now a warm beige that looks terrible against my skin. BOO!

I used iDye Poly in yellow and iDye for natural fibers in chartreuse on a poly/cotton blend. The weird thing is that the chartreuse didn't seem to take at all, even though the lining color (100% poly) appears unchanged. I threw a cotton dress into the dye bath afterward, and it came out yellow, even though the cotton *should* have only picked up the charteuse color. Maybe my charteuse dye packet was a dud?

The good news is that I've only spent $40 so far, but now I'm in foreign territory. I'm not at all confident about using color remover, since the coat is too large to simmer stovetop. I'm now researching soft-touch, opaque fabric paints too see if I can still save it. :(


WIW - seasonally... unconcerned :)

Yes, it's Spring, but here I am in a cowl neck, flannel, and corduroy!

#1 was the first time I felt the rubric truly saved the day. I went down my list and threw on a bright (orange top), dark (pants), structure (gold button cardi), waist detail (buttoning the cardi at waist)... and then realized I needed a tough element, but I was kind of "out of room" as far as clothing went. The pants covered my boots, so I slapped on this DIY leather cuff watch (#2). I'd made it to hold my furbaby photos. The guys at work thought it was pretty cool!

#3 was a trip out for tacos. I wanted something cozy, so I wore my flannel despite the season and brightened it up with the citron jacket and engineer jeans.

#4-5 was my Friday outfit. It was a jeans day, but I wanted to debut this hi-low top I'd purchased over the winter, so I needed a slim leg. Since I haven't bought slim denim yet, I went for my J. Crew cords. Chose the jacket because I liked how the curved hem mirrored that of the top. I felt a little like a ring master from the circus, but who says that's a bad thing? When the guys were discussing which of them was most fashionable on the team (they always comment on one another's ties... pretty fun to watch), they did comment that I had the most personal style. :)

BR gold button cardi - gift card
American Apparel orange cowl - $1 via swap meet
Mossimo pants - $1 via swap meet
Report Marks booties - $30 via Amazon
London Fog handbag - Christmas gift from Mom
Cat Cuff - DIY using scrap materials

Citron utility jacket - $30 DIY project via Ebay
UO flannel shirt - Christmas gift from my sister
Hudson Hendrix Jeans - (can't remember price) via Ebay

UO plaid jacket - $1 via swap meet
Hi-low top - $20 via small strip mall store
Cognac belt - $3 via swap meet
J. Crew matchstick cords - $60? via outlet
80%20 Rina booties - Christmas gift card (original price) $160 via Karmaloop


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WIW: Inspiration Challenge

From yesterday, attempting to convert a winter look to spring. Also wore my long black trench over the top. :)

Beaded brown top - swap party via MaryK :)
Orange skirt - $1 via swap meet
J. Crew collared cardi - $1 via swap meet
Fergie Major boots - $70 via Overstock clearance
London Fog bag - Christmas gift via Marshall's
Norma Kamali for Walmart trench (not pictured) - $35 via Ebay


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WIW: Repeat Offender

I wore this dress with the exact same jacket not too long ago, but today I wanted to give my pin collection some more love. I started out with just one, but they wanted to be together! I really like the pseudo-military-medal effect, but it made the outfit feel too casual. On went the dreaded pumps (I guess they ARE good for something) and a more ladylike handbag. Was it enough to keep the pins from being to punk rock?

Bright: gray AS jacket - $40 via Ebay
Dark: Cha Cha Vente dress - ~$60(?) via Macy's, with GCs
Structure: jacket, slim dress
Legs: cropped jacket length
Tough: AS jacket, pins


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WIW: Back to Work with Report Marks Booties

I took Friday off to let my back mend from being rear ended. Feeling alright today, so we're back to work - ah, bittersweet! Today's outfit is actually built around this little praying mantis brooch that I picked up at a flea market for $9 (more than I usually spend on jewelry, but I love it). Also wearing the Report booties for the first time since the Italy trip. I was worried they are too big around the ankles to wear with bare legs, but I went back to look at some of your forum posts; since others have done it and looked great, I'm giving it a try, too. Do they look okay, or are my ankles too small to do this?

Bright: Lime Heart Moon Star dress - $1 via swap meet
Dark: Navy H&M sweater - gift, praying mantis pin - $9 via flea market
Structured: pencil shape skirt on dress, fitted shoulders on sweater
Waist: Vintage Rifle Strap as belt - $10 from trip to Seattle years ago
Tough: rifle strap and boots


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