Manspiration Month Kickoff Post

I woke up out of sorts this morning so, to cheer myself up, I want to officially explain my June plans, so I don't seem off my nut when I change up my blog posts all of a sudden. It may be a little dorky, but when have I pretended not to be a dork?

In honor of Fathers' Day and *ahem* in an attempt to do things other than SHOP (which would incidentally make my Dad proud), I've given myself a Manspiration Month challenge! Angie identified a menswear influence in my dressing, and I want to explore that further. Starting tomorrow, I'm taking my newfound love of menswear to a new level.

Every day in June, I will post an outfit inspired by one of my male heroes and provide a little blurb on why this person rocks - if the outfit is similar enough (or the pose corny enough), I may even see if you can guess my inspiration. These guys may or may not be fathers; it makes no difference to me, since father figures don't necessarily need to have biological ties IMHO.

In order to shake things up, Fridays will also be dedicated to superheroes! I'm calling this Friday series "My other secret identity is..." - why have your own blog if you can't make force your love of fashion and comics to collide?

So there you have it - if it seems like I'm dressing awfully strangely next month, you will know why. Thank you for humoring me and, if any of you feel like joining me, please feel free. :)


WIW: At Ease

Ugh, I woke up on the wrong side of the universe this morning. Synapses not firing. Forgot makeup for picture. Could not dress self. Unhappy with everything I put on. Decided to heck with it, I'm repeating an outfit from last week.

So I left the house in #4, but with my snakey bag instead of the map bag and a dog-tag style necklace instead of the white cat. Not so exciting, but I'm at ease.


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Spotted: Dalmatian print cropped denim jacket

I can't justify another denim jacket, but this is so darned cute! And cropped! It is crying out for a home with some leopard print brothers and sisters.


WIW: Come Fly Away

This is my K/R post from last night, so I won't bore you too much here - unzipped the wrist zips, slapped on some makeup, and paired with my green snakey bag. I'm a happy girl because this skirt did not fit when I put it into storage in the Fall. Yay for sloooooowly losing the cold-weather weight... I actually haven't been exercising much, and I *think* I owe this to my new probiotic regimen. I'll take it...

Express pencil skirt - swap meet
Sleeveless cranberry shirt - swap meet
B. Makowsky shimmer snake bag - Ebay
Fergie Major boots - Nordstrom clearance
Bebe Asymmetrical Leatherette Jacket - Bebe

Also available in black:


Dollar DIY: Buh-Bye Boob Tube, Hello Galaxy Skirt

I loved the pattern on this tube top, but I have never *ever* worn tube tops. They just feel like wardrobe malfunctions waiting to happen. For a buck, I thought I'd try to save the pretty fabric.

Off came the ruffle and bandeau bra portion, and I was left with an elastic waist tube of material that just fit over my hips and behind. I'll take it!

Tube top/skirt - swap meet
Lime shirt - swap meet
Ben Sherman blazer - Ebay
Patent Pumps - Ross
Snake bag - Ebay


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It must not be a good time of year for yellow jackets...

Angie's citron blazer was attacked by ink, my citron trench is yet to be, and now I can't find my cropped yellow jacket.

I fear I may have donated it, because it was all polyester and made me sweat a lot... but that all seems so silly now that it matches my yellow tiger jeans! Yaaaarg. And of course I can't find anything similar online in my size. :_(

If you have a piece of yellow outerwear, hide it in the bomb shelter!


WIW: Stretching out new jeans & the baggiest britches EVAR

#1 is my casual outfit from today, created around these crazy tiger jeans I bought for $1. This used to be my signature fit of jeans: Lucky Brand Maggie, with a whole 6.5 inches of front rise. I know the jeans enough to know when I saw them that they had not yet been molded to anyone else's bootie, so I grabbed 'em, and I've been slowly breaking them in. When I bought my first pair at the Lucky store (first time I'd bought anything from a brand-dedicated store!), the SA told me to buy them skin tight and let them bag out... I only fully appreciate that SA now, since I know what a plight bagged-out jeans can be.

Pic #2 is SO fun - while at work a while back, Hubs helped put out an electrical fire, so we were both invited to the fire house. We got to slide down the poles and take pics in the fire suits. Hubs couldn't stop telling me how cute he thought I looked in the giant pants! Just another pair of baggy britches to me... ;)


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WIW: Not-So-Dangerous Curves Ahead

I LOVE curved hems on shirts! I can show a lot more leg without tucking, and since the operative word is "curve," there are no harsh horizontal lines to chop me up. Same with this jacket - the closure moves the waist up my my natural waist without a belt, and the curved hems all playing together make me smile. Pendant du jour is a blingy Chococat necklace from my mom. I'd been avoiding the girly rhinestoned cat head, but now that I feel more secure in my style, it can come out with no worries.

Bonus pic of me trying on an orange skirt when I returned my AT silk shirts. It fit well but I ended up passing because it felt too long to wear with boots. I don't know if I'm still considering it or not - I can always get a petite, but I haven't determined if it is a "need." On the other hand, it is one of my signature colors, and I can't do the Halogen pencil skirt...


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Time to harvest those crops! Memorial Day sale

If you've been looking to try out a super cropped look, Forever 21 has the most numerous, shortest selection of crops I've seen. They are having big sale - up to 80% off, plus an additional 15% off with code EXTRA15, free shipping on $50.


WIW: Utilitarian Paisley, White Summer Night

SGT (Steampunk Girly Tomboy) it is again today! A little noir, a little Wild West, and a whimsical cat necklace - that's one benefit to wearing this pseudo-masculine blouse - my more feminine jewelry does not feel too dainty.

Bonus casual outfit, worn on a supply run out to Subway.

Nexx orange blouse - Nordstrom
Paisley skirt - swap meet
map bag - swap meet
cat necklace - swap meet
J. Crew Icon trench - Ebay
Boutique 9 booties - Piperlime
Puma moto jacket - birthday gift years ago
J. Crew tank - swap meet
Hudson signature bootcut jeans - swap meet


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