Bass Lewisa Floral Oxford Review

They're going back.

The colors and print were what I'd hoped - cream, with the roses printed on the leather and not on fabric, but I don't like how they look with the main outfit I'd envisioned (they felt like nurse's shoes), they are too small, and there are too many quirks for me to try another size.

1) Most Bass reviews say the brand runs large, so I went down a half size. They are too tight in the toes, but oddly make my heel slip at the same time. I've never encountered this issue before.

2) Although my left foot is bigger, the *right* shoe is tighter. And shorter. But the shoes are NOT marked for size at all, so I can't even ask the seller to double check the stock before sending a new pair.

3) Although the footbed is padded, the upper is stiff. I would need to really break these in, and life's too short.

Oh well... I guess that means I cheated on SYC a little bit less. :(

Sorry if I am the bearer of bad news for anyone who was eyeballing these.


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ETA Passive/Active SYC Epiphany - Approaching End of May Madness

May is winding down, and while this week *should* have me ready to burst fromt he starting gates and ready to burn a hole in my bank account, I'm instead left waxing philosophical. I'd intended to stop shopping during May - and instead, I ordered floral booties, a white jacket/blazer, and a silk blouse, and a bag for a DIY project -- three of which I'm 100% sure I'll keep. I also have my eye on a jacket auction, depending on how high the bidding goes, and I still have white skinnies on my hit list.

The good? I am loving my closet right now and really excited to get dressed every. single. day. I have more outfit ideas than I can keep up with. The bad? Well, I have now spent enough that I should really, truly SYC for budjet reasons rather than my previous self-discipline reasons.

I want to spend less in June, but I don't want to make the same SYC mistakes as before, so I'm tossing around a few different ideas, which could be used individually OR together:

- Pre-plan at least 30 different outfits that I can select from throughout the month. Reasoning is to stay excited about what's in my closet and keep everything at the front of my mind.

- Pre-select 30 differnt inspiration outfits. Reasoning is to provide a challenge to replace the thrill of the hunt and shift focus from aquisition to creation.

- Choose a set of DIY goals to achieve by month's end. Reasoning is to keep me busy and off the online shops while I'm at home while still providing the thrill of the new -- and hopefully resulting in some things I can boast about. ;)

- Tracking on a calendar how many days I go *without* purchasing wardrobe items. Reasoning is to remove the sense of restriction and also create a visual representaton of my spending habits (which will hopefully freak me out enough to cool the jets).

What do you think? Are any of these positive behaviors likely to replace the other behavior? Do you have an opinion on which is best/worst? Any suggestions?


Harmonica just posted a comment that lit up the lightbulb over my head. She mentioned how fun it can be to keep a lookbook for inspiration - and everything clicked.

Fun? Not shopping is no fun. Sitting on my hands and waiting is no fun. I need to Get Things Done - fill those holes, fix those problems. Limbo drives me bananas! I am an ACTIVE personality, and "not shopping" is a PASSIVE exercise. I will never be able to "not shop" until that becomes a byproduct and not the goal.


WIW: Off to See the Wiizard

Ok, so it's just the guy who evaluates my MRI results, but I have to leave t'house early and probably plunk down some parking fare. Practically a trip to the Emerald City.

Not a new outfit, but a comfy one. Please enjoy this pre-recorded footage in place of the planned broadcast; we will resume regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. :)


WIW: SGT Rae Battles Insomnia + bonus casual pics

Even after taking my melatonin last night, I only slept about four hours... but I haven't crashed yet, and I got lots done this morning. Called into Ebay about my mobile access not working, sewed a closed a part of this dress that gaped, packaged up some sold items...

For some reason, everything in my closet wanted to be worn at once today - Nexx blouse, paisley skirt, Steampunk boots, red dress... I finally settled on the dress with the boots, since I very recently did NOT fit into this dress and had it in the donate pile. WELL, thank goodness I am lazy with my chores, because it fits again! I love that it has a collar and really dig the double collar effect with a blouse layered under.

Also included is a *very* casual outfit worn out for pizza and grocery shopping with Hubs. These shorts are usually beach shorts, but it was warm and kind of humid last night. It may not be your cup of tea, but I felt fine. I probably won't be able to wear these much longer, so I'm doing it while it's still a gray area in my mind.

Chocolate shirt - swap meet
Red AT dress - swap meet
Vintage rifle strap - gun store
Timberland Marge Wood boots - Ebay
Map bag - swap meet
Splendid green leopard shirt - swap meet
J Crew striped tank - swap meet
Free People shorts - swap meet
Diesel Jacket - Swap meet
Softspots sandals - Coward shoes (online)


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My favorite way to roll denim jacket sleeves

I love the look of rolled up sleeves on a denim jacket - but I'm often very bothered by the bulk it creates. It seems like the roll usually squeezes my arms super tight or becomes a lump so big I can hardly put my arms down at my sides (kind of like that puffer coat scene from A Christmas Story).

I happened upon this trick when I ordered a red utility jacket from Abercrombie & Fitch and the item arrived with sleeves pre rolled. It cuts down on bulk considerably by removing the thick cuff and metal button from the roll equation - and provides the added benefit of leaving all that snazzy cuff detail exposed for all to see. I've since converted and never looked back!

1) Start with the sleeve turned completely down.

2) Turn the bottom of the sleeve inside out and pull cuff up on arm until the inner cuff seam (that part where the cuff ends and "normal" sleeve begins) is about a "roll width" higher than your desired sleeve length.

3) Go back down to the part of the sleeve closest to your wrist -- this will now be a double layer of fabric. Roll the doubled fabric up toward the sleeve cuff.

4) Stop rolling when your roll *just* overlaps the inner seam of your cuff, and arrange cuff to your liking.

5) Rock & Roll! With a little more exposed surface area than you had before. :)


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WIW: Subverting the Nerd

When my boss has meetings, I try to go a bit more conservative, on the off chance that a client gets a look at me. Today, therefore, I've gone for Urban Warrior Preppy instead of my spring persona of Sgt. Rae (Steampunk Girly Tomboy). Classic (high waisted for me) trousers, button front, and cardigan with a rugged belt, distressed tan booties, conversational print bag, and whimsical kitty necklace. Bookish and buttoned up with an adventurous side beneath the surface -- nerd: subverted. :)

AT sleeveless top: swap meet
AT trousers: swap meet
BR cardi: Banana Republic
Boutique 9 booties: Piperlime
Necklace: Florence, Italy
Map bag: swap meet
Belt: swap meet


Ann Taylor Silk Camp Shirt - Not keeping; just sharing

I received two AT silk shirts today - I'm not keeping them, but I thought I'd share some thoughts and a pic just in case anyone else out there is considering it.

Shown in size 0T - The 0 regular was too boxy IMO. The Tall goes down to the crotch point of my jeans, which I liked. I also liked how the sleeves are full length when unrolled, and of course I loved the color. The shiny buttons were very pretty as well.

Cons for me were that the shoulder seams and sleeves were both cut too wide for me (although bust fit well) - this will likely be a Pro for many of you. The sleeves looked good rolled up, but I wanted the option to wear down as well. Since it is a tall size, the sleeves were also too long and had to be cuffed for the picture. I have also been spoiled by my other silk shirt and definitely didn't care for the shine or drape of this one as much. I also felt this one wrinkled

For fit comparison, I've also posted a split screen with the Nexx silk shirt from Nordstrom in size XS.


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WIW: Baggy Britches Rides Again

*Waves to Fire Britches!*

Quick WIW - basically a dupe of last Friday but with a more feminine shirt to avoid warm layers. This blouse used to be a fave but has been out of rotation a while - yay for SYC!

Ben Sherman Shirt - Salvation Army
Belt - swap meet
J. Crew Matchstick jeans - ebay
Bag - ebay
Boutique 9 booties - Piperlime
Necklace - honeymoon in Italy


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Help me weed out the wish list? (pic heavy)

The good thing about window shopping is that you can "get" everything you want.

The bad thing about window shopping is that you can "get" everything you want!

I've collected a bunch of things on my wish list during May Madness, and now I'm confused as to what is the top priority.

- Sandals: I only have three pairs of sandals, but I can only wear them two days a week, plus summer evenings. Is it better to go for an oxford for work?

- Oxfords: I don't have any oxfords and one pair of wearable pumps - and I have thought they'd go well with three+ outfits so far, but I do have white booties. Are the oxfords redundant?

- Light and white jackets: Should I just be happy with my cream cardi and forget about this?

- Convertible vest: I did want another vest to go with soft blouses - and this one is long, cropped, and also a jacket. But is it a need?

- Orange blazer (the most expensive thing here): Wanted to replace pilling orange blazer. But should I hold off until a sale?

Please let me know if any of these are BBQ for next month, if any should be eliminated, or if any might be perfect for me. Thanks so much!


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WIW: Inspired by Annagybe

This started out as a very different outfit, based on a slideshow Anna sent me, with me layering the yellow shirt over a teal dress... sadly, I've been struggling with that dress and continue to do so. So I reverted to a FFBO formula but tried to keep the color scheme intact. In a perfect world, I would have a white blazer to go over this - tried it with my white cardi, but it fought with the sleeves of the top. I am bringing a chocolate blazer in case I need to keep warm, but I see now that it washes me out a LOT. I also added a light jade bangle bracelet which I'd forgotten for the pic.


Yellow shirt - Anne Taylor
Sloan fit pants - BR
Belt - swap meet
Bag - Goodwill, dyed
80%20 Rina booties - Karmaloop
Jade bracelet - swap meet


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