Manspiration Month: Superhero Saturday

I didn't even like this superhero until a few weeks ago, so chalk this up to one more thing I owe Joss Whedon - the last movie was a smash hit!

If you want to know my secret... "I'm always angry."


Idle hands part deux: Desigual Wantsies

I stop by these websites every now and again to see if any of their great prints feel like me - and woah! They have so much gorgeous stuff right now!


I really really like #1, but I have a lot of coats nowadays. I wonder if this could be used as a dress?


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Manspiration Month: Day 29

Don't force today's guess. Use your feelings. Only then will you be able to tell who fathered this outfit - the rest is the path to the dark side.


PSA: Beware Woolite Dry Cleaner's Secret!

So many of you know that I love love love Dryel and use it to dry clean my precious items at home.

Last weekend, I went to Walmart to buy a new pack, but all they had on offer was Woolite Dry Cleaner's Secret - looked like the same thing, just a different brand. All the instructions were the same, except this one doesn't say you have to use a special dry-cleaning bag.

Well, cut to the end of the process, and TWO items came out with gigantic OIL STAINS on them. I was horrified and didn't know what could have happened - was my dryer broken and leaking lubricant? Had someone in my complex thrown chap stick in the dryer by accident?

Nope. I Googled a bit and it turns out Dry Cleaner's Secret is OIL BASED and a few others have had clothes ruined by oil stains as well. The oil in the cloths allows you to use the cloths to spot treat oily stains on clothes. However, as I unfortunately witnessed with a BB shirt and Calypso dress, the oil can also leave massive stains. My husband is going to call the company for me while I'm at work today. :T

P.S. Dryel, on the other hand, is water based and does not do this.


Manspiration Month: Day 28

Another day, another outfit inspired by a Harrison Ford character! This guy might be considered a raider by some more conservative people in his field, but you can't argue with a guy willing to brave a temple of doom for scholarly pursuits. Although I don't have an appropriate hat, I do have my trusty, whip-braided zipper pull and snake shoes... and do you know why I love snake shoes? Because I. hate. snakes.


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The Call of the... Preppy

Natalie started a thread earlier and asked us all which looks we'd like to explore down the road.

Tanya also got me looking forward - into Fall.

So I was cruising around the web at lunch and realized that I'm seriously feeling the call of preppier elements! 1-3 are all from the Ralph Lauren Rugby line. 4 arrived today and I will be posting shortly (!) and 5 is the inspiration for a new bag DIY I will be starting as soon as my supplies roll in.

I still love utility, steampunk, tomboy, militaria/warrior elements - and what's interesting is I don't feel these and preppy are mutually exclusive. The red pants have a built-in *pen holder*! How coolly utilitarian is that? It's still UWP if I carry my pen in case I need to stab an attacker in an alley, right? o_0

What does everyone else think of a preppy style?


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Manspiration Month: Jason Dean a.k.a. JD (Heathers)

Since most didn't recognize my references from this post, I'll take it a sign from above that it is now my holy duty to introduce you to the film "Heathers." Christian Slater, Wynona Rider, and a super dysfunctional high school make for hilarious dark satire and enopugh notable quotes to last the rest of your life. If you haven't seen it - DO.

The inspiration for my outfit was the charachter JD (yes, it *is* apt that his initials also mean "juvenile delinquent), a new kid in town who sorta kinda helps his new girlfriend get rid of her shallow, mean-girl frenemies. I don't know when the bad-boy-in-a-black-trench thing started, but the film embraces the stereotype. Even though it was too hot to duplicate JD's look completely, I absolutely had to wear the iconic black trench!
Greetings and salutations!

Perhaps Heather will know this juvenile delinquent's name? Or maybe Veronica? Wait, what's my damage - did I have a brian tumor for breakfast? Why choose a delinquent? Well, let's just say the other options would have me dressing like a bunch of swatch dogs and diet coke heads or bundled up like an Eskimo... since it's hot today, I went with the option allowing for a short sleeved trench. And anyway, who among us doesn't think it's Big Fun to blow up now and again?

Alright, ladies, it's been a great post, but I've got to motor if I want to make that work thing. It'll be very.


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Manspiration Month: Data (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

What is it with me and robots? I sure amy busy admiring a lot of androids who, meanwhile, are busy admiring the human experience. What a world!

Anyway, the inspiration for the below outfit was Data, who has a positronic brain and is also the COO of the star ship Enterprise on Star Trek TNG. He may be a synthetic life form, but he's also very curious and super interested in understanding human feelings and behaviors. He's always been one of my favorite characters on the show - and not just because he owns a cat!

We can't all be Patrick Stewart, but we can still boldly go to work in bright, futuristic colors. Today's manspiration is always chalk full of useful facts and figures, and he is part of the next generation of crew members. Although he has trouble processing emotions, he's positronicly capable of playing the violin. He always strives to learn more about humanity but, as we all know, that can be quite a trek!


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Manspiration Month: Superhero Saturday

I'm the best at what I do, and today, that includes *not* wearing my sabertooth tiger necklace. When I'm not off saving the world with Rae's other X-boyfriend, I might be found chomping on a cigar, riding a motorcycle, or on a solo trip to Japan. I am adamant(ium) that time heals all hurts... for me, that is. Time won't heal nothin' for you, bub, after I get my claws into you.


Print Lust

It's kind of amazing how few prints I own, because they are very much wearable art. I'd be just as happy hanging this puppy up on my wall.

Now... if only there was a reasonable excuse to acquire it...