Cats from the Past

Bought this as a "sweater dress" from an Asian company and realized that Asian clothing is probably meant for people shorter and slimmer than I. This "one size dress" was scandalously short on me. After feeling uncomfortable faking it with a short black skirt under, I confined it to a holding zone, and just resurrected it while cleaning out the hall closet the other day.

Trying it here as a long, slouchy sweater. I initially ha a different necklace on, but it tickled me that the cat's eyes looked fixed on the pendant, so I had to go dangly squirrel necklace. The boots are also an old fave that don't get much play when I'm working because of the 4" heel. Just a cozy outfit to bum around to Trader Joe's in.

Cat sweater -
Gap Sexy BF jeans - Gap
Ted Baker bag - flea market
Squirrel necklace - flea market in Rome
Fergie Major spat boots - Nordies


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Glass Slipper Hunt Round 2: Galaxy Oxfords

I got my Solestruck order today (fast!), and tried out two more Miistas. The blue ombre booties were not comfy at all and instantly deemed "clown shoes" by DH.

The oxford version of the original galaxy booties are much more comfy. DH says they make my feet look bigger from the side but not enough to bother him. Final verdict from him: "I think I kind of like them; they're interesting."

Trying to show them with all my signature colors represented as well as a variety of bottom silhouettes. I forgot to do skinnies. I am a WEEE bit bothered by the foot profile - trying to decide if my eye will adjust. I do really like them from the front, though, and it seems like the lining is leather.

Now... I am holding that thought, because I still have blue Danskos and rafia sneakers coming on Friday!


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To Match My Shrunken Head

Just got back from my first meeting with Dr. Shrink (to brazenly steal a MaryK-ism), and I snapped an outfit photo in the lobby while I was waiting - sorry, that isn't The Couch where all the magic happens! It was a good session, and I will be going back for more.

The outfit was chosen for varied levels of comfort: sitting in a cushy chair, meeting someone new, not looking like a pauper in the upscale neighborhood, walking to and from the car, happy memories.

F21 blazer - YLF Swap Party via MaryK
Zara leopard tee - Zara during Shoptoberfest
Madewell cat pendant - Madewell during Shoptoberfest
Gap Sexy BF jeans - Gap
Rockport Anna Motor boots - Shoebacca
Ted Baker bag - flea market


Slouchy Camo Pants

Ugh. Worst photo ever, and it doesn't even show the awesome baggy-to-tapered fit of the pants! But I'm determined to start posting WIWs again, so here it is.

Found these pants on sale at Allsaints while 'trolling the Santa Monica Promenade with Denise. They are 3 sizes up, but were meant to be skin tight, so I tried them anyway. I really like how the seat and thighs are baggy, yet the calves are super snug and easy to tuck into boots. I wanted to wear my long black hoodie today, but I couldn't find it in my closet. *shame*

Worn out for sushi with DH.

Abound pullover - Nordstrom Rack
Men's belt - flea market
Spy sunglasses - Ebay
Allsaints camo pants - Allsaints
Ted Baker bag - flea market
Rockport Anna Motor boots - Ebay
Saturno tiger necklace - Italy


Outfit Collab: Short Shorts, Long Jacket, Goth Boots, Fingerless Glove

Went out to use a restaurant gift card with Hubs this afternoon, and he helped choose the outfit, since I wanted to wear something he liked. Started with my idea of shorts with tights. He chose the long coat instead of a short jacket, and he preferred my "goth boots" instead of my plain black riding boots. I threw on these marled fingerless glove/handwarmer things to try and balance the statement-y quality of the boots.

This outfit ended up being too cold for outdoors, but it was adequate for the time we spent eating indoors.

Bonus closeup of the gloves and my blue nails. :)

Gloves - flea market
Black thermal - flea market
Silk shorts - flea market
Men's belt -flea market
Fleece tights - Ebay
Bag - Ebay
Andrew Marc coat - Ebay
Chocolat Blue Miah boots -
Bullet pendant - gift!


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Elf Off Duty

I felt a bit elfin in my sloucny hat, striped scarf, and bright jeans today, but that is fine. In my mind, elves are really close kin to imps. ;)

Bonus pic of me writhing in shame as I'm caught mid-photo by a neighbor taking out trash. Scandal!

Andrew Marc coat - Ebay
Rich & Skinny legging jeans - Piperlime
Scarf - gift from Mom
Hat - flea market
Abound navy pullover - Nordstrom Rack.
Men's belt - flea market
Report Anna Motor boots - Shoebacca
Francesco Biasia bag - Ebay


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Looking Backward in 2012-2013 Limbo

My 2012 retrospection has been slow and ponderous, but I think I've got it sorted. Finally. I felt a bit confused and turned about when looking back on my outfit posts, probably because I feel my style has evolved drastically since I left my office job in August. It was hard to find a common thread or see which changes were brought about by an internal shift vs. an external one. At last, I decided to mentally redact the office-wear portion of the year and focus on the outfits relevant to my current lifestyle, and it all sort of clicked into place.

First and foremost, capital-C Comfort has risen to the top of my list of style priorities. In both my occupations and my recreations, I am on my feet and active all day, so I need clothes that stretch, flow, move, breathe, cradle, support, and cushion. Conversely, this means that The Bottom Line has fallen in my list of priorities. I paid more than usual for items this year - my sapphire jacket and Rockport boots come to mind - but I've already worn those items like crazy, because they keep my body happy.

Second, I've developed a practical interest in layering, since I have to wear a uniform tee most days. Tops that can be worn under the tee are invaluable for bookending, warmth, and variety. Scarves hold an importance they never had before. Jewelry feels absolutely necessary - and jackets are suddenly not as important, since they cannot be worn on the sales floor.

Third, it has become more important to me to feel fresh and current at any given time than to feel different than yesterday. This means I need less clothes overall, and that greater turnover is okay. I don't feel bad about reselling items after a year or so, because staying current is now a part of my business model.

Finally, I've developed a whole new relationship with my hair! As I click through my WIW photos, I wonder how long it will be before I want to go long again.

And so, in this unique time when 2012 is technically over, yet my 2013 shopping is not yet begun, I have developed a few wardrobe goals for the coming year:

- No more skinny jeans! Mix up the silhouette more.
- Swap out woven minis for jersey midis.
- Continue to purge unused items.
- Look beyond short shorts for summer - you can't wear those to work!
- Acquire 1-2 S/S scarves.
- Keep an eye out for closed-toe, comfy, summery shoes.
- Keep an eye out for 3" low-grade platforms, so you can bring your bootcuts to work.
- Save up for Shoptoberfest 2013!
* Resist the urge to shop for other, unnecessary things - save up for a family vacation!

I feel pretty good about my goals - they are simple and few, and they require both indulgence and restraint. I hope I remember to bust out this list around June, so I can see how I've done... and also see if the new career path has evolved the old style goals any further.


Wallflower in Citron + Burgundy Boots

Note to self: don't take a citron-heavy outfit photo in front of the citron wall! Oof!

This is just a quick shot of my outfit for today's return to Dress for Success, post-holiday. It was actually pretty warm today, so I went for this heavy blazer instead of a wool coat. You can't really tell, because the color is so dark (and shrouded in shade... yes, I know), but the boots are burgundy to match my bag.

I am also wearing this marble-esque watch by Nixon, the high price of which broke my little heart back in October. I was helping the accessories department one night at work, and I found the watch for only $56 after my discount! I took it as a sign that we were meant to be together. :)

Gap really skinny pants - flea market
Men's belt - flea market
Francesco Biasia bag - Ebay
Spy sunglasses - Ebay
Timberland Rudston boots - Amazon
Tahari blazer - TJ Maxx
Pim + Larkin cashmere sweater - Piperlime


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Long over long over long (better pix added)

Edit: I went down to do some laundry and realized I still had my camera in my pocket! I snapped a couple more shots before my neighbors could see me - still not the best ever, but I've replaced the original photo with some that show the details more clearly.

I've worn this exact same outfit three times now, trying to get a decent WIW photo. As you can see, my efforts continue to be thwarted! Wind, static, light, camera troubles, unwilling photographers... this is as good as it gets for now. :T

Anyway, this outfit uses different proportions for me: a long coat over a long skirt over long boots. I was worried that it looked stupid, but DH actually assured me that it was cool in an old-timey school marm kind of way - and more interestingly, that description did not put me off! The outfit is cozy and feels unexpected, which I like.

You can barely see them, but those are my new, triple-lace boots under there. People compliment them wherever I go. :D

Marc New York coat - ebay
Red scaft - gift from sister
Donna Karan Signature cashmere skirt - flea market
Chocolat Blu "Miah" boots -
Ted Baker bag - flea market
Fleece lined tights - ebay
(hidden) navy pullover - Nordstrom Rack


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Manfashion Sharsies

Just wanted to share DH's most recent fashion acquisition: a reversible Chewbacca-inspired hoodie by Marc Ecko! It is waiting at the post office now, but we can't pick it up because it's Sunday. :(

DH plans to wear it with the fur on the inside for the most part and only go full Chewie for Halloween. There is always a chance he won't like it in person, but it is great to see him having fun with fashion!


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