Orange, Cat Skull, & Dracula Collar for Halloween

I am dangerously close to the ugly holiday sweatshirt realm here, but since I did not get to celebrate Halloween, I am indulging myself.

The jacket will probably come off at some point, but it is a bit chilly outside. Hard to believe tomorrow starts November, but the weather is proof! In other news, it turned out that L&T converted the Ash sizes differently than other sites, so my 9 is actually the perfect size and not big at all. Yay!

Orange Nexx blouse - Nordies last year
Urbanite cycling jacket - Lulu
Ash green sneaks - Lord & Taylor
Cougar Skull necklace - Etsy


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Late Blushing Lemming

I was on the fence about the fit of this Ebayed Muuba that I love on Una and Mo, but DH gave it the thumbs up so I ran with it. It was almost half the price of the rose gold one I have.... And since I have not worn that one yet I am thinking I will resell it. I still love it but it feels OTT for everyday. At least for me...

What do you think? Too big? Nicely oversized? The light weight is great for indoors.


Latecomer: Ash sneakers in red, black, or green?

I guess the red is more like a burgundy. 

I've slowly been coming around to the look of the Converse Hi-ness and other wedge sneakers on y'all, and DH surprised me by saying he likes it when girls wear the converse style shoes. 

Eh, sounds like an excuse to get a pair to me!

But I have to move fast if I want to nab a deal, and I don't want to pay full price for this shoe experiment. 

The question is: what color?? I know both black and burgundy would work in my wardrobe, but I don't have any green. Green might function as a taupe... 


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Subdued Superhero

I think this outfit looks a little better IRL... Or is that just an excuse, lol?

In any event, something about the boots, skinnies, flowy top, and emblematic belt makes me feel like I've stepped out of a b/w comic. In a good way. I also got a compliment on my rear, which is... Better than a criticism. :-)

The taupe boots are more visible in this light, but I have also attached a close up.

Draped tee - unbranded $1 flea market find
Sloan crops- ebay
Belt - flea market
Paul Green Optimist boots - Nordies
"Cartier" watch - $1 at flea market
Brahmin bag - Nordies


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Brooching the Subject

Unfortunately, it looks like I look as tired as I feel... However I do like how the Brooch outfit turned out.

I combined several great YLF forum ideas: keeping the outfit monochrome, focusing on the collar area, and placing my insect as though it were crawling away a bit.

Paired with shadow stripe flared trousers and a slouchy pullover from last year. I liked it even better with a gray crewneck undershirt (which added structure to hold the weight of the pin and also created a tomboyish feel), but it was too warm for work.


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Light Pants in a Dark Alley

Thought these pants would look more fun in a night shot than a living room shot. ;) 

One of my favorite outfits of the season so far, styled around a new pair of Charlie pants I picked up on sale at Anthro while DH were down in San Diego visiting friends. I also got a yellow tunic sweater that DH likes, but I think I'm going to return in (pic 2). I think I can do better. 

Trying to figure out why I like this outfit better than some others... I think it's something about the simplicity of two pieces vs. three. I even resisted all my necklaces today. How about you - anyone feeling like less is more lately?

The other part might be the substantial fabric of these pants. The thin Gap skinnies I had on yesterday have got to go

Unknown brand cashmere pullover - $1 at flea market
Men's belt - flea market
Cartonnier Charlie pants - Anthropologie
Brahmin bag - Nordies
Nixon emerald watch - Rack
Oh! Shoes booties - Amazon


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How to wear a brooch without looking retro?

I have a killer insect brooch that I love and seems to be on-trend, but every time I try to work it into an outfit it doesn't feel right. Has anyone seen any outfit pics or street style pics showing how to wear a brooch "now"? 

I have seen suggestions as hair decor and on dressy dresses, but I'm looking for more of a modern take. 

Is this even a thing? Maybe people aren't really wearing them?


Taupe is the New Brown

For me, anyway.

After doing a good job selling off other boots, I came across these Paul Greens with about 3 million rave reviews. They were expensive, but I did have my discount. I could at least see what the fuss was about.

Now That I am in them, I am totally hooked and drinking the kool-aid. Will have to sell some more clothes, but that is ok... because as my body gets pickier, I find I can wear less and less of my closet, anyway.

Thankfully my pants were only about 50 cents, and my top was free, or I'd have to turn in my One Dollar Wonders badge.


Career Commando

Working in the DFS career center today and giving interview tips. Not the most corporate look, but my stance is that I Am In Fashion Now. I would like to wear these pants to work, too... What do you think?

In other news, DH commented that the things I wear now are not as flattering as things I used to wear (more bootcuts etc). I started to reply that, "Well, when I was wearing that I was also 20 lbs lighter...."

Wait a minute, did I really gain 20 lbs in the last ten years??? No wonder DH thinks my clothes make me look bigger. BLEAH!

The weird part is that I still wear pretty small sizes. Only 1 to 2 sizes difference. I don't lift weights, so I doubt it is all muscle weight. Bodies ever remain a mystery to me. :-(


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Into the Wild

Another drive-by post :(. Late work night and more to do tomorrow... I thought I hadn't taken an outfit photo today, but it turns out I had these from when I sent product pics to a busy friend who hates shopping. 

This is the Pill & Larkin cashmere sweater I got last year... yes, I'm still shaving it before each wear, but I still love it and have to keep myself from replacing it with the exact same pilly goodness. Maybe I'll have to get a citron Eileen Fisher I've had my eye on instead. After saving some more pennies. 


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