Sunset over the Burberry

I hope you all don't forget about me while I am being all scarce and tired and busy. :( The madness should end soon and leave me with more mental faculty to put towards fashion commentary. In the mean time, I hope everyone is gearing up for a fabulous NYE!

DH and I spent today napping (underrated, seriously), but popped out for a quick walk before using up some Christmas giftcards for dinner. This is one of my favorite backdrops in a park in San Pedro - it looks very sepia toned, but that was just the crazy sunset. It also looks like I'm doing something strange with my hand, but it's because I'm holding my black Brahmin wristlet. 

Bonus pic of the sunset and of DH's self portrait, plus a shot from the same location almost a year ago. :)

Burberry trench - Ebay
Gap skinnies - Gap
Rockport boots - Shoebacca...?
Brahmin wristlet - Ebay
Aviator glasses - cheap $10 pair from The Rail
(not pictured) Splendid thermal - $1 at flea market


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Pattern Matching: Homage to Goldenpig

And you know what, Natalie? It's one of my favorite outfits of the season! Makes, me wish F21 quality was always like this.

No jewelry except for watch today since this is a lot of pattern for me. :-)


Cali Christmas

Just a quick post to say Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! DH and I are on the way to a movie and will see family for Christmas dinner. Love you all and wish you a peaceful holiday.


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Recreating Holiday Bling

It's a blessedly slow and lazy Christmas Eve here at chez Rae, so I wanted to record my extra-shiny holiday outfit. I had thought I'd get a photo at the party but never did, so this is a recreation from Dec. 21st. 

This $20 H&M dress fits like it was made for me. I last wore it to a bridal shower with bare legs and white chain sandals, but now I'm plotting ways to wear it more often. Styled here with patterned tights, a coincidentally matchy jeweled necklace (birthday gift from my lovely friend Stella!), faux pearl bracelet, and suede Gucci sandals (handed down from my BFF - my toes don't really hang over like they do in the pic, they slipped forward some as I was crouching down to shoot my own feet). 

The biggest hit was this satiny Karen Millen emerald green coat, which I got off Ebay before my dad's wedding. DH didn't remember it from before, but he is still talking about it - says it might be the coolest thing I own. I said lets go out somewhere fancy so I can wear it again! lol

I hope you are having a great, fashionable, shiny, happy holiday!

Jessica Howard shrug - Macy's
Graphic print dress - H&M
Spanx tights - $1 at flea market
Gucci sandals - hand me down
NY&Co. necklace - bday gift
Pearl bracelet set - $1 at flea market
Karen Millen coat - Ebay


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Double Striped DH Fave - now with bonus cat butt

I know DH is usually more free with Fashion Opinions when he dislikes something, so I wanted to share one of his compliments today. He said, "I like your outfit today. It's cool and slimming, and I like the shoes. Which jeans are those?" He was also very happy with my Holiday Party outfit, which I'll recreate in another thread. :) Yay for the Happy Fashion Police!

(Natalie, I tried to get out of the house carrying my Brahmin with this outfit, but that look unfortunately got vetoed, lol. I'll do it soon!)

Bonus shot of Hank attempting to steal the spotlight once again. Sorry it's a risque angle, but we all know that Hank is even more of a fashion diva than I am. He just has to push the envelope and be the edgiest one in the room. ;)

Circus stripe sweater - F21
J Crew mini stripe tank - $1 at flea market
Men's belt - flea market
Cycle Denim 100% cotton jeans - Yoox
Ash sneaks - Lord & Taylor
Cognac bag - Ebay
Navigator sunnies - $10 at Nordies


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Naval Leopard

Post and run! I hope your last few days before X-Mas are more relaxing than mine!

How are y'all liking these cheapo experimental navigator sunnies?

As you can see, I kept the Matisse booties... Really easy to style, and I do love them. Waving at my extended boot family!


Team Wear: Circus Crop

I was killing time at lunch the other day and found this awesome little cropped sweater at F21. I am in love with the in-between neckline that works for me much better than a standard crew- or turtle-neck. I think it somehow looks neck-lengthening despite coming up a bit high... possibly because it does not hit right at either end of the neck? In any case, it's also a very cozy, cotton-rich fabric that feels way more expensive than it is. 

For maximum legginess, I paired it with a black cami and my faded black Gap jeggings. Threw the Burberry over the top - do you think I should hem the trench up a bit? It seems like it's fighting with my tall boots. 

Only worn out for a quick lunch with DH. Having kind of a downer of a day today, so it was nice to have a little something to cheer me up. 

Circus stripe sweater - F21
Black tank - gift from MIL, years ago
Gap 1969 denim leggings - Gap, Las Vegas!
Ugg Cortona boots - Ugg
Nine West bag - flea market
Burberry trench - Saks super sale, windfall $$


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Glowing Embers

If my last post was Girl on Fire, then these must be the glowing embers after the fire. ;) 

#1 is what I'm wearing today (yes, still wearing; about to go back out to work after a long break before an appointment). I had these pants in and out of the donate pile, but I am still seeing ombre from Vince and such, so I kept them around. What do you think? Still relevant? 

#2 is WIW yesterday. In retrospect I would untuck the tee so that the red plays against the gray more than the black. Plus, I don't like how many lines are converging around the middle/bust where I don't want much extra volume. But at least I finally got the correct size in this jacket! XS is plenty large enough and there is a lot of stretch. One of these days I will nail my use of red, but I figure I've got to practice so I'm ready for a bigger sales event next time.



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Girl on Fire

Post and run tonight - off to get myself a birthday massage! 

But I wanted to share this shirt's debut outing. Ironically covered the sleeves with a blazer today to keep warm, but at least there is one other way I can wear it besides the bell sleeve. Bonus shot from when I got home and forgot I had better pics already (kitty Elliott likes the bag). :)

Also shown are a herringbone necklace and a pretty right hand ring handed down from my mom. She said she was going to leave them to us but wasn't wearing them anyway and would rather see us enjoy them. The necklace is silver, and the ring is gold with a garnet stone and white stones on the sides. 

Rachel Roy blouse - Nordies
Trouve blazer - Nordies
Gap legging jeans - Ebay
Timberland booties - Sierra Trading Post
Nine West bag - flea market


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WIW... in my ears! & K/R Tortoise Print Top

I can finally use the phrase I need X like I need a hole in the head - because with these two new ones in my ears, I'm all full up of the necessary holes. lol. 

I had pierced my ears at the mall once when I turned 13 and got the most horrible infections. I had been seriously put off ever piercing ever since. But how about this? I turned 13 on Friday the 13th, and I will turn 30 this Friday the 13th, '13. Time to try again! But this time we went to a place listed in the Association of Professional Piercers, an organization dedicated to top-notch sterilization in an autoclave, use of implant-grade metals, and general expertise in piercing. My piercer, Ron, was super patient, answered all my paranoid questions, and did an amazing job. I highly recommend the APP for finding top-notch piercers. 

In other news, my Nordies Employee Discount order arrived today, and most everything is going back (still no light colored dress pants for me!), but how about this blouse? Even with my discount, it was not a cheap shirt, but the silk is of amazing quality, and I love the wrinkle-and-tummy-disguising print and colors. The downside would be that it has a sort of bell sleeve that cannot be rolled or scrunched. I am pretty set on keeping it, but this is one item I had been stalking since it first came out... please talk me down if it is not perfect. I've added a lot of nice things this year, and it won't kill me to pass if it isn't a 10. 

Thank you for your time - I have been scarce here because of splitting up birthday time between different people, but I have been YLF-stalking you all!


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