Silver Chandeleir

Nothing special, but it's a combo I haven't worn before. I think I would prefer it without the necklace, but it looked dressier and more Holiday that way. 

Next up is three days off to celebrate my birthday!

Theory blazer - Marshall's during Shoptoberfest
Linen tee - Madewell
Charlie trousers - Anthropologie
Oh! Shoes booties - Amazon


LOL: Layered Over Leather

I remember a time when I was young and naive and never dreamed of layering a coat over a jacket. Back in those days, the insides of all buildings were heated toasty warm, and I never went anywhere I would require both coverings at the same time. A jacket was just something that you wore when it wasn't cold enough for a coat. 

Cut to today: rainy, frigid, beachy winds, and an ancient elevator leaving us all waiting forever on the rooftop parking lot - and later, when we went to our favorite hole-in-the-wall burrito place, and I realized that hole-in-the-wall joints don't heat their dining rooms and have actual, drafty holes in the walls (well, a door that doesn't close all the way, at least) - I was so grateful I'd planned to be able to layer my trench! I did not wear my beanie to work, but maybe I will next time. :) Honestly, I was too residually chilly to take it off for pics. 

And yeah, no comments about being a wuss about the cold needed, lol. In my defense, colder parts of the world probably don't think they can get away without using heaters!

Muubaa dark teal leather jacket - Ebay
Pleione racerback tank - Nordies (gratis)
Gap 1969 Legging Jeans - Ebay
Ombre beanie - $2 at flea market
Burberry trench - Ebay
Timberland waterproof booties - Sierra Trading Post


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Purple Bruise

That's kind of what this combo of plum, navy, and black reminds me of - which is a good thing in my UWP/tomboy book. :)

Unfortunately skipping another picture challenge because I used up my one red item for the week.

Also sporting some trusty old boots I could not part with despite similarities with my Cortonas. A super comfy 3" heel is just too nice to pass on, and these are much slouchier, which I like to balance the width of the blazer.

I wish I had the option to lengthen the chain on my pendant a tick, but I guess I am spoiled by my other adjustable chains.

Theory Lanai - ebay
Vaneli sweater - $1 at flea market
Theory new recovery pant in black - ebay
Apepazza boots - Amazon
Bullet crystal necklace - gift from a fab friend
Brahmin - Nordies


The Dark Side of... Everything

The lighting would have been perfect when I got home from work, except that the car in front of me could not set off the traffic sensor exiting the parking lot. We were stuck at a red light forever! So instead of Magic Hour, I arrived home about 15 minutes too late. Humbug.

At least it sort of fits with the Dark Side of the Moon theme for today. o_0

My first idea was to wear all black with my galaxy oxfords, but my feet were being much more fussy about the cold than my knees were this morning. So I bundled up in Smartwool socks and tall boots, threw on my galaxy-ish dress, and popped a pullover sweater on top. The triangular configuration of the necklace represents the prism on the album cover, while the dress represents both the rainbow of color and the general outer space/moon theme. The Brahmin is there because I was too lazy to change it out, but it conveniently mirrors the striations of the rainbow and the black/white motif. 

Necklace - BP
Pullover - Rack
Nicole Miller galaxy dress - $20 at flea market
Timberland boots - Online Shoes
Brahmin - Nordies


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Jagged Little (red and black) Pill, Indeed

Not exactly inspired by the Alanis album cover (today was my store's Holiday Party, so dressing for that took first priority), but the whole outfit is a jagged pill for me to swallow. To be succinct: I hated it. 

  • This B44 skirt looked so good when I tried it on but it rides up all the livelong day - even without hose! Ack!
  • This jacket looked charmingly boxy in the mirror, but seeing it in this photo, I think it just looks BIG. Must investigate further... I can maybe still get the right size. I think the main thing is that the sleeves are baggy. 
  • These tights were too hot for the event, and I had to strip them off before the party started. 
  • I honestly couldn't find my Pleione hi-low racerback tank, which I would have much preferred. 
  • And yes, here I am wearing red and black after that whole discussion on Dr. Who. And I didn't feel any better about it... really should have worn a different color on bottom. In theory, I had hoped that the "dirty" black wash on top of the red would help things out. 
  • Even the photo looks awkward and blurry. 
Sigh. Mama told me there'd be days like this. 

Any suggestions on if I should go 1 size down on the jacket or 2? I bought this one based on measurements, but if I go by the size chart I should get XS. It's a really stretchy denim. 


Picture Perfect Challenge: Abbey Road

A fitting Picture Perfect Challenge for a post-and-run day: the crossing-the-street Abbey Road photo! It's my day off, so I wore this to get my hair cut, and now I'm hoping to rest up for a busy holiday season. 

Inspiration came from the overall colors of the photo. If I had been at work, I might have gone for a suit look with flared pants, but that was not in the cards for today's activities. I chose my faded black wash skinnies for the asphalt, army green jacket and sneaks for the trees, and Precious for the crosswalk stripes. I would have liked to throw in some light blue, but nothing I have worked well. 

Bonus hair pics - we went a little more razored and wispy with the ends this time. There's too much wax in it right now, but I like it a lot overall. In other news, recording my last trim on YLF came in handy today when I pulled up the post to reference for today's cut. A picture is worth 1,000 words, and YLF officially improves every aspect of life involving style!

BCBGeneration Jacket - Amazon
Black pullover crewneck - Rack
1969 Jeggings - Gap
Ash sneaks - Lord & Taylor
Brahmin bag - Nordies
Cat pendant - Madewell


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