Linen N' Things

This is the second time I've written a big, long post and had it disappear on me... I keep closing the window without choosing my category, boo... 

Anyway, I wore the yellow linen sweater today, and it didn't feel fab at all. Is it possible for linen to stretch out? It just felt huge by the end of the day. Might have to return both the yellow and the blue, even though the blue is a size smaller. Also, I really have to find an outdoor spot that gets nice late-morning light, because these photos stink. :(

On a positive not, though, I got a good compliment on my ombre skinnies from a gal in the dresses department. She even found me again today to ask where I got them - so glad I didn't purge these back when I considered the gray version. 

Olivia Sky linen sweater - Rack
James Perse tank - flea market
CK belt - Marshall's
Gap Really Skinnies - Ebay
Born pumps - Nordies
Cat pendant - Madewell

Abound pullover - Rack
White belt - flea market
Jolt ombre skinnies - Marshall's
80%20 booties - Karmaloop
Snake necklace - gift from friend

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Rain or Whatever

I thought I heard rain this morning, and I worried it would return by the time I left work, so I threw the new trench on over my dress and leather jacket. My makeup looks completely washed out in this light, but I was sadly unable to take another. Hoping I looked better in real life!

Big thanks to the forum for helping me choose nearly every item in this ensemble. Thanks to you, the trench's sleeves are slimmed, the dress is wearable to work, and the leather jacket is out of the holding zone. I received lovely compliments on both my dress and my boots today. :)

Bordeaux dress - Anthropologie
Men's belt - flea market
Nine West bag - flea market
Black leather jacket - flea market and DIY zipper installation
Sealup trench - Yoox
Dr. Martens boots - Shoebuy

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I wanted very badly to wear my new Bedstu boots to work, but the first outfit I picked felt very wintery, what with the paisley and olive and black. I changed to this outfit because I always love some graphic b/w in spring. So in the end, there are a few levels of contrast here: dark and light, distressed ans pristine, and masculine and ladylike. I struggled for a bit to try and bookend the RATE boots with another distressed item, but finally decided the linen shell and pseudo-wrought-iron-looking cuff were enough. Happiness factor is sky high! I feel modern, chic, and slinky, yet approachable and capable.

Gibson blazer - Rack
Olivia Moon skirt - Nordies
Linen shell - Madewell
Bedstu boots - Zappos
Cuff - Rack
Chainmail watch - gift from friend
Nine West bag - flea market


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itting here waiting for a stuffed jalapeno at the sushi place that has taken a good 40 minutes and counting... What to do but post on YLF?

Wearing a random and comfy outfit because I didn't want to think too much.

Hudson jeans - Marshall's
Hoodie- flea market
Dr.Martens Marcies - Amazon?
WWF - tank flea market
Nine Wesr bag- flea market


Outfit Roundup - Inspired by Ornella, Krista, & Suz (pic heavy again)

Ornella suggested in a recent post that I should do a roundup of my recent outfits to examine how my style has developed. I kept meaning to do it, and now that Krista and Suz have done their 100-outfit retrospectives, I thought it was time to give it a go.

I didn't know how far back I should start, so the first photo is one of the last ones I took before I left The Rack. In fact, I lost one of the gloves I'm wearing in that pic to the crime scene. :T As I look through these and see them all together, I'm noticing I prefer much less going on in my outfits. More neutrals, more classics/basics, more simple cuts like crewnecks. Maybe the stress has aged me, lol. More seriously, I think being away from the uniform shirt was a good thing. No pressure to pile on personality, if that makes sense. #15 looks good to my eye, but it felt to ALGO for my strained senses.

The other major factor is definitely the super short hair that starts in pic 16. I definitely feel more of a need to have feminine touches in my outfits (hello ladylike white bag). I'm even favoring skinny pants a little more than BFs, weird as that is! I also suddenly cannot leave the house without at least blush, mascara, and lip color. Thank heaven I took a chance on that mascara with a cat shaped lid, or my eyes would be irritated all the time!

Things that have NOT changed are my signature colors and core identifiers. Even though I am looking for less complicated combos, I still love my tropical colors, dirty UWP colors, and steampunk boots.

It's been a difficult and angst-ridden transition, so thank you for putting up with my railing, complaining, analysis, binging, purging, and duh moments. I am definitely still adjusting to my new job - and I'm sure there will be more fashion uncertainties - but I have calmed down a little. For now. :)


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BF Slacks and Blue

Sorry for all the restroom pics lately! It seems like the alley is half shrouded in shadow whenever I go out these days.

Found these Hugo Boss pants for $20 while tagging along to Dh's fave flea market. Also, check it out: wearing my Doc Marcies to work! My heels are back, baby!

Hugo boss pants- flea market
F21 blazer- YLF party
James Perse tank- flea market
Docs- shoebuy
Ted Baker bag, flea market


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Whitecaps on an Emerald Isle

I must be feeling the oceanic influences lately, because today's outfit reminds me of the beach as much as the previous one reminds me of sharks. I really wanted to see if I could make my bootcut Sloans work for a day of retail (the issue was that I prefer how they look with a 3" heel, so I refused to hem them), so I paired them withy my comfy 80%20 hidden wedges. The white jacket fell into place as a bookending element.

Although I was very pleased with the look of the outfit, the Sloans, and the shoes (woohoo! I can do at least one high heel at work!), the jacket was horrifically uncomfortable. The faux leather did not breathe enough for me, and I felt clammy and stuck to the jacket lining all the livelong day. Real bummer, because I did good business in this outfit! I will have to keep an eye peeled for a natural fiber substitute for work.

ETA: a photo of the 80%20 Rinas I found online.

Faux leather jacet - Bebe
Emerald cami - flea market
Banana Republic Sloans - BR
80%20 Rina booties - Karmaloop
Silver necklace - Ebay
Tiger charm - Florence, Italy


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PSA: Nude Trouve-ish/Rick Owens-ish leather jacket under $300

Ogled this in the store today, and thought of how popular the navy Trouve was a while back.The description says "taupe," but it is more of a nude IMO. Really cute with all the spring brights and neons, but also pretty with black. Just sayin' is all.


Shark Week at Work

Post and run from the lunch room!

When I first got this jacket, I could not help but be reminded of shark skin...

So today, I have paired the Ella Moss moto with cobalt blue and light gray in order to play up the effect. I enjoy how the jacket works with button fronts! I feel it will be a workhorse this year for work and play alike. The colors are just dark enough to be moody, but not so dark as to ne depressing in s/s.

Ella Moss moto - Nordies
Olivia Moon skirt - Nordies
Theory shirt - flea market
Rockport boots - Ebay


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Urban Arbor Day

DH and I were thrilled to meet up with YLF's own Cocolion (Denise) for a cool stroll through a local arboretum today! Strangely, we did not stop at all for any real outfit shots. This one with DH is the only one that really shows what I'm wearing.

My new trench is still at the tailor's shop getting the sleeves slimmed and epaulets installed, so I'm wearing my old, non-breathable Norma Kamali trench. I wore a thin cotton layer underneath to try and mitigate the steam factor, but I was still a little glad that DH slowed down for us girls and I didn't work up too much body heat. I did enjoy my Zella tote, which I used for the first time today. It was fun to have a really lightweight, nylon bag that I did not have to worry about in the event of rain.

Norma Kamali trench - Ebay
Gap jeggings - Ebay
Apepazza boots - Amazon
Gap longsleeve tee - Gap
Zella "Gathered Tote" (hidden behind DH)- flea market


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