Rough Retailer

I am continuing on with my efforts to bring my favorite rugged elements to the workplace while still editing outfits down to a more classic feel. Allsaints denim jacket with Hugo Boss seasonless wool trousers, Brochu Walker silk tee from the flea market with Rich & Skinny rust jeans and huarache sandals. I'm wondering if maybe I just don't like color as much right now?

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Into the White

Can't hitch a meteorite
Into the white
-- The Pixies, "Into the White"


Just a very short test run of my white jeans, worn on a jaunt to Trader Joe's. I actually got an even better deal on these than before, as I noticed a spot of discoloration and wrote to the seller. I got 50% off, and the spot washed out. Deal!

And, now that I've had 'em on, I have to say I'm smitten with these babies. Wow, just like my destroyed Camerons, I can hardly believe I considered returning them. Really loving how the yellow stitching goes with tans and browns. 

Sealup trench - Yoox
Madewell linen tank - Madewell
Tan belt - flea market
True Religion Cameron jeans - Ebay
Map print bag - $5 at flea market
Report Marks booties - Amazon

PS: I wish I had bought more colors of these Report booties while they were around! They are so comfy for walking and for standing at work. I wish I had a black pair, too, but now they are g.o.n.e. in my size. :T

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Out of the Weeds

Post and run! Loved this outfit and went a bit photo crazy... Sorry for the indulgence!

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Simple Citron

This is the blouse I bought to replace my poly Anne Taylor one that I wore till it was full of snags. The tuck looks better IRL; I think the breeze caught it a bit in the picture. Went really simple with BR Sloans and a tiny bit if flair via dalmatian shoes, wrap watch, and oversized belt buckle. And of course the ombre bag.

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Man Appeaser

It's no secret that DH is not a fan of boyfriend and skinny looks, and he always compares new jeans to the Good Old Days of bootcuts. In fall and winter, I can argue that skinnies with tall boots are much warmer and safer from the elements, and in summer I can argue that boyfriends allow more airflow, but it seems spring in LA provides perfect bootcut weather. I busted out these engineer striped Hudson Hendrix bootcuts just for DH - and good boy, he noticed and complimented the choice. :)

There's a weird shadow on my tummy that sort of gives me a potbelly, but I really don't think that was there IRL. Since the jeans were striped, I wanted the rest fairly "classic" - which in my world apparently includes cropped military jackets (the military has been around a long time, right?). Brought my DIY ombre Marc Jacobs Stella to brighten things up for the season. 

Victoria's Secret 4-in-1 cargo jacket - ebay
Hudson Hendrix jeans - ebay
James Perse tank - $1 at flea market
Men's belt - flea market
Madewell cat pendant - Madewell
Report Marks booties - Amazon

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I just can't get enough...

... of my True Religion Cameron boyfriend jeans. I'm totally in love with the comfort, drape, and destroyed wash. So now that I have a day off, here they are again. In yet another casual outfit - at least I left off the trench this time.

I pulled out my Victoria's Secret convertible jacket. When I worked at the bank, I would only wear this with dresses due to the cropped length, but the white in the jeans allowed for a column-of-color-like light vertical continuum, which I thought worked almost as well. Since DH and I were off to play with an RC car today, I did not want to carry my usual size of bag. Instead, I baptized my souvenir from my Dad's wedding: this Nine West Mini Tech Crossbody. I could not for the life of me find the striped version online, but here it is in orange

I know it's a good piece, because even my furdaughter could not stay away. ;)

I find it so interesting that, while I love pretty much everything in my closet, there are some things, like the jeans, that I could almost wear every day. This is a fairly new phenomenon for me. The jeans, my brown trench, my Report booties... is this how one ends up with a small wardrobe? Lack of variety still scares me a bit, but perhaps it would not scare me as much if everything were this easy and mentally comfortable to wear. 

Aside: Holy cats, am I glad I ordered my jeans early or what? I can't believe how much the price jumped up!

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Danier Debutante

We finally got some cooler weather today, and I was able to introduce my beloved baby to society. ;) For my daytime shift and the spring season, I ran with the sporty influence going for a bright cami and sttiped jersey skirt. To balance the weight of the jacket, I wanted to wear boots. I considered my burgundy boots, too, but went for my Docs instead. Ms. Danier is already showing signs of popularity and is very comfortable in the workplace!

Black Hole Bombshell

Inspired by, our resident Business Bombshell, MaryK, I tried out my bodycon Nicole Miller galaxy dress for work today. Hoping to get outdoor pics later, but I will add them if it happens. I like the effect of the long back of the blazer with this dress - really helps tone down the sexxay factor, and no one commented negatively at work. Also happy for another way to wear my burgundy Timberlands, which everyone mistakes for Fryes! Great look-for-less moment. :-)

Edit: Outdoor pic added! The dress colors came out much more clearly, but the burgundy boots have proven really hard to photograph. Added a snap of them from a past outfit. 

Nicole Miller dress - flea market
Gibson blazer - Rack
Timbdrland boots - Amazon
Nixon watch - Rack
Nine West silver bag - flea market

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Space Normalcy

Quick post and run from my lunch break! Kind of a down day, bit I'm trying to fight those returns on my record. Went forward with my idea of classic UWP-Steampunk-Scifi and paired my "Han Solo" tux pants with a random $1 white blose from French brand The Kooples. Someday I'd like a slouchy white blouse, I think. :-)

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Travels, Trials, Theories, Thoughts, and the Fine Line Between Gamine & Tomboy (long)

Sorry I don't really have any photos from my trip for Dad's wedding (too much fun for photos! And the professional ones aren't in yet), but aside from the actual party outfit, I wore some version of this trench-skinnies-boots combo the whole time anyway. And then I proceeded to wear this exact outfit for three more days after I returned home. So you really didn't miss much. :)

Although I haven't been feeling creative (the side effects of meeting and quickly leaving a new, large Italian branch of the family... then coming home to the Boston tragedy on top of my own PTSD issues), I don't count this as much of a style "funk." I've felt appropriate, together, and very much like myself during my time away from work - which has been a relief and a blessing. I sort of realized that I haven't been feeling much like myself, even though so many of you have been excited by and encouraging of my work style. The good news is that I am beginning to understand why.

First, this pixie haircut thing is not for me. I do think I look good in it, but I feel far too gamine. This has definitely influenced my workwear, and I think that is part of why I feel off. As my Dad's lovely wife said this weekend, you wear your hair every single day - far more than any blouse or dress you can buy. I cannot believe I never set my haircuts as a priority before!

Second, as I continue to go to Krav Maga class, I notice that I look a lot different in skin-tight workout wear. There is no draping or skimming or cinching to be had. No optical illusions. All there is is my frame... and I'm not happy with it. I know I'm not a large person, but I'm also not a fit person. I used to be much more active and have a more athletic figure - as someone with "warrior" as one of her main style descriptors, it makes me feel much less confident - and darn near fraudulent - to realize that my body is no longer sporty or warlike at all. This needs to be a priority for me from now on, just as much as the hair. 

Third, I am getting a clearer picture of the next leg of my style evolution, and it's a lot. more. classic. There, I said it: classic. But still in an Urban Warrior Princess/Steampunk Girly Tomboy way, if that makes sense. Inspired by men's traditional basics (and imagined traditional basics, as seen from the perspective of a fictitious future dystopia), set in contrast to feminine cuts and details, with a dash of utility/militaria thrown in. 

To sum up: I'm still very much in flux. With my job, my style, my body, and my general lifestyle. I wish I wasn't - it'd be nice to settle down and turn on the old auto pilot - but what can be done? For now, at least I've got a direction to plod in. 

And if you've stayed with me for this long, thank you! For your infinite patience, I've added some just-for-fun pics of my first baseball outing of the season - some horrible base-running tonight, but a nice night for a game all the same. :)


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