Antique Fashions in Ohio

DH wanted to stop at a couple antique malls on the way in from the airport yesterday. I did not buy anything, but there were a couple fun things to see.

  • Woven b/w purse
  • Bolero style tie/necklace
  • Leather leopard cuff
  • The Cutest Stove in the World! Not fashion, but it SO reminded me of MaryK's TCPITW!
  • Old timey trunks, that would have been fun to pack on a trip way back when. 
Today I am wearing my silk shorts with a rust linen tee and my white-on-white H&M tiger sweatshirt. No pics yet, but I hope to con someone into snapping one for me while we are out and about. :)

Miss you guys! Hope to continue to comment on the forum a bit here and there. 


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Fire Walk with Me

Another post at lunch time for me! My cat blouse was such a hit yesterday that I wore my cat pendant today... Funny enough it helped me bond with a customer today because she has an all-white cat. The firey pants are the ones MaryK inspired me to get at Shoptoberfest. Sore feet inspired the Crocs, but I think they look nice with the blazer.

Blazer - Modcloth
Black cami - Christmas gift
Jolt jeans - Marshall's
Crocs super molded flat - Crocs
White watch - Big Lots
Zella tote - flea market


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meow mix

happy holiday to the US contingent! I am working, but at least I can take my cats with me. I hope some of you can have a burger and a cool beer in my stead!


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Urban Warrior Pearls

It is nice and cool outside, yet it is boiling at work. Trying to go without a jacket when possible, so I modifies an outfit from a while back. Worn with a stack of pearl bracelets and my ever-fab UWP necklace made by our very own Aida, who was my Secret Santa the first time I participated on YLF. :-D

Cha Cha Vente dress - Macy's
BB Dakota vest - thrift shop
Report booties - Amazon
Zella bag - flea market



We had a theme dressing day at work yesterday - "caliente," based on the vacation spread in this month's catalog. We were tasked with wearing red and bold florals (though if there are two things I don't have much represented in my wardrobe, it's red and bold florals). 

Found this red shell amongst my Ebay items and paired it with my black skirt, which seemed more summery than pants. I needed a jacket, since we aren't allowed to go sleeveless, so this jacket was really my only option. It sort of brings the pattern element into play, and it's sort-of-kind-of blue. Softens the red, at least, and the tie dye says vacation in my mind. I originally planned to do black strappy sandals, but the weather was anything but caliente

Although I wouldn't have chosen this outfit by myself, I do like how it came out. That is the fun of a challenge, I guess!

Classiques Entrier silk shell - $1 at flea market
Ella Moss moto - Nordstrom
Olivia Moon ruched skirt - Nordstrom
Dr. Martens "Marcie" boots - Shoebuy
Zella tote - flea market
Nixon wrap watch - $1 at flea market


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10 Days of Summer in a 20" Carryon (pic heavy)

Hello, all! A lot of us are busy packing for our warm-weather trips right now, so I wanted to share my travel capsule (and capsules within the capsule) and no-check packing plans. 

My trip to Ohio will be 10 days, and the temps will range from about 80-90F in the day to 50-60F at night. There will be thunderstorms scattered throughout, and we will split our time between three relatives. We will have access to laundry facilities, so you can see I don't have a wholly different outfit for every day. 

I decided to plan based on the temperatures, since the high heats really dictate my levels of (dis)comfort with certain items. Next stage of planning took into account night and other events. 

For packing, I started with the heaviest items on the bottom and worked my way up to the very lightweight and more damage-prone items. 

On to the photos!

  1. Lower 80s capsule - short shorts, linen tops, and my H&M tiger sweatshirt to throw over in the morning or inside with A/C. Can also be topped with the citron sweater in #3 instead of the sweatshirt.
  2. Upper 80s capsule - breezy dresses with a scarf for A/C. Can also be topped with the Ella Moss moto in #3 instead of the scarf. 
  3. Nighttime capsule - jeans to replace shorts in case of night outings to casual dinner etc. though we'll probably stay home for the most part.
  4. Emergency dress-up capsule - I don't know of anything planned, but I figure I can wear these all together or mix and match to fit the event. The fancy coat could go over my dark jeans, for example, or the Ella Moss moto could go over the black dress. 
  5. A variety of sandals, a must-have to switch up the wear and tear on my feet. 
  6. Layer 1 in my 20" carryon: Shoes and shorts. Shorts were stacked, then rolled together. 
  7. Layer 2: Jeans and coat. Folded individually.
  8. Layer 3: Dresses. Stacked at full length with the heaviest dress on bottom. Folded in half. 
  9. Layer 4: H&M sweatshirt. I didn't want to fold any areas with the faux leather design on it, so I just folded the sleeves and bottom back.
  10. Layer 5: Linen tees. Folded individually. I would have liked to fold these with something heavier to help with wrinkles, but I think they'll steam out easily. 
  11. Layer 6: Ella moss moto. This is only on top because I have to wear it to work tomorrow. 
  12. Layer 7: Swim capsule, pills. Not pictured is my swimsuit, since it hasn't arrived yet, but you can see there's plenty of room left in this layer. 
  13. Layer 8: really just my zippered pouch of liquids (BB creams with SPF, hair wax, moisturizer, toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup setting spray). 
  14. Inner flap compartment: unmentionables. And my umbrella. Cuz that's totally the logical pairing.
  15. All zipped up! You'll notice I've not yet used the front zipper compartments. This is where I'll store my pajamas, which I still need to wash before I can pack them.
  16. All the sundries to pack in my Personal Item. The brush, wallet, phone case, and lotion will go into my Zella frame bag, as per usual. The makeup goes into my kitty makeup bag. The scarf and dressy bag will be separate. 
  17. All packed up!
  18. Worn on my person for the flights to and from: trench (also useful in the event of storms), dark wash jeans, linen tank, cashmere sweater, and Report booties. 

A note on my luggage: I just bought this new citron baby off of Ebay to replace my old suitcase, which did not have spinner wheels and drove me crazy every time I bonked it into my ankles turning a corner. DH's American Tourister has really held up well, so I chose the same brand for myself. The 20" size is a fair deal smaller than the limits for most American airlines, but I wanted one that would also fit most International requirements. It is still too big for some Euro airlines like Alitalia, but I felt this was a good compromise given my infrequency of my International excursions. 


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I'm on Nordstrom's Instagram!

Ok, so it's not the Official Nordies Page, but it I am on the page for my Westside location! I hope I'm not being too silly for sharing this, but it totally tickles me to see my picture somewhere other than my own posts.

I wish I could say I was chosen for my devastating good looks, but the deciding factor was really just that my legs were recently shaved. ;) I didn't choose the outfit, but I ended up in my favorite shade of orange - yay! 

Thanks for indulging me!

Oh, and if anyone is interested in sizing, I'm wearing all XS here.


Faded and Torn

 On my way out to the Women's Half Yearly Sale at work! But this is what I wore yesterday morning to a new botanical garden with DH. See you at lunch time! XO


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Surf, Sand, and Stone

Kind of a beachy theme today even though I'm doing the exact opposite of relaxing at the beach. Tried a pearl bracelet first, but I liked the bits of black in the tortoiseshell and in the stone necklace better. Picked up the stone earlier this year and strung it on a cord, because it looks like a heart. <3

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See my vest, See my vest

It's not made of real gorilla chest, but it is a nice vest. It was a dollar find that I was never able to style to my liking before. I am still not 100% sure it is me... What do you think? Should I keep it or try to sell?