Wore all white to get my hair cut at the Vidal Sassoon Academy today.

My stylist is actually a very seasoned dude who used to cut for Paul Mitchell and also currently cuts at the Vidal Sassoon salon in Beverly Hills. He is actually training to be an instructor! He was super duper nice, and I hope they "vote him in" or however the instructor selection process goes. 

I have to say I am a little sad to see the length go. But apparently this is going to grow into a bob, whereas what I had before would grow into a mullet. I kinda see the truth of this since the hair in back starts very low on my neck. By the time the front is the length I want, the back should be the same or very close. 

Fingers Crossed!


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June Gloom Trench...

...and why it't not my North Face Maya.

I mentioned this on Diana's trench post, too, but I returned the Maya! So sad and frustrating, but it really, really attracted lint. Hadn't even worn it, my other blacks are fine, and in a house with three cats, I just couldn't see keeping it.

Cut to a recent post about another special trench quest. I was settled in to wait months and years for one I was sure was not a knockoff, was sure would fit, was not an 80s cut, and was affordable. I started watching one with a decent starting bid, even though I was sure it would get bid up. The seller had perfect feedback, I'd seen the style before, there were lots of online pics and stats to compare to verify authenticity. They auction end date came, I bid the lowest amount... And for the same price as the Maya, I now have a Burberry Harbourne with cotton/viscose lining and a novacheck undercollar!

It is not 100% waterproof, but it is resistant, and I have had way more foggy mornings than downpors and whale watching trips. I think this will actually serve me better. I am already getting more use, as you can see.

The rest of the outfit emerges bright and sunny, as I know the day will despite the fact that I'm stuck inside. :-)

Wearing Una's necklace yet again!


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What would you do? Free haircut offer

So I was approached buy a stylist looking for hair models today. He says he has 7 years experience and works with Vidal Sassoon. Said he wanted to shape the back a little and he knows I want to continue growing into a bob.

Part of me wants to be loyal and safe and stick to my current gal, but it is hard to turn down a free cut when working on a 6% commission.

What would you do??


Cats cats cats

Just a simple outfit of black pants and statement cat shirt. Added cat ring for fun and crocs flats for comfort. I cannot decide whether I like it best tucked to show the neon belt or untucked for a longer line. What say you?


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Space Pirate Princess

Still going through forgotten flea market finds, and today I found this olive Ralph Lauren top, which con eniently matches my Han Solo pants. Paired them with hot pink wedges and girlie jewelry to counteract the casual feel of army green skinnies. Much less rugged than usual, but still enough to make me smile.

Also trying a more fluffed up hairdo, since I have to wait till next week to see my stylist. Thumbs...?

Tan blazer - Modcloth
Ralph Lauren top - $1 at flea market
Hudson tux jeans - TJ Maxx
Calvin Klein belt - Marshall's
Jessica Simpson wege pumps - Marshall's
Ted Baker bag - flea market


Piggybacking off Suz: What are your surprise "WILD horses" this season?

If you have a better term for the opposite of a wardrobe workhorse, please feel free! lol 

After reading and answering Suz's post on unexpected workhorses in our wardrobes, I got to thinking: what items didn't work out? What new things do I put on and struggle with over and over, like I'm beating a dead horse? 

For me:

  • The Kooples plain white shirt. I thought it'd be the perfect, slightly oversized fit, but the sleeves are too wide and the mandarin collar isn't basic enough for me. 
  • Ella Moss moto jacket. I do LOVE this jacket! But it's not quite as fitted as I like, so it feels more casual and is harder to build a dressy work outfit around. Only worn a couple times this season. 
  • Silky trousers. I was so hot for these last summer, but either I've moved on or the job has changed me. My customer base is pretty horrified by baggy bottoms. 

So over to you? Did you buy anything expecting a workhorse and find you didn't use it that much after all?

EDIT: Thanks to Vicki for coming up with "wild horses" as the inverse of "work horses"! The wild horse fights you and refuses to fall in line, while the workhorse is reliable every time. Perfect analogy!


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Modern Mixology

I very clearly remember growing up knowing never to pair navy with black, brown with black, silver with gold, or racerback tops with regular bras. I may have even thrown a tantrum or two when my dad tried to rush my outfit process by insisting those things were okay... Yet here I am today, wearing all these combinations quite happily. How the times do change! Sorry, Dad, I had no idea you were so ahead of your time.

Also included is a close-up of the necklace Una sent. :-D

Banana republic tank - handed down
City of Outsiders skinnies - $1 at flea market
Men's belt - flea, market
Gold necklace - Una via Nordies
Report Marks booties - Amazon
Ted Baker bag - flea market


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Draped and Confused

I have had the yen to wear shorter skirts, so when my BFF offered me this dress, I gleefully accepted. It has draping under the arm area that I am not used to, but I am enjoying a change from more bodycon dresses.

The confusion came a bit after I got dressed today. Angie's voice was ringing my ears when I was unsure what to pair with it, and then the classic button front jumped out of the closet. But after I had everything on, I felt very bank appropriate. Hmmmm... That has never exactly made me happy before. I also notice that I have very little interest in either pair of my slouchy silk pants. It seems my style is still not done evolving for the year. I am curious to see where it takes me.

Tangent: these Frye Julia boots turned out to be great for work! I had been scared to wear them but, even though they are higher than other heels, they are among the most comfy. Woohoo!

Splendid dress - handed down
Theory shirt - $1 at flea market
Frye Julia boots - Dillard's clearance
Ted Baker bag - flea market


With Gold Teeth

Our ever-thoughtful and kind Alaskagirl sent me a gold "shark tooth" necklace just like hers. It arrived, and what could I do but wear it immediately? 

I wanted to run with the gold theme, so I paired the necklace with my citron blouse and gold belt. The silver shoes seemed like the obvious choice at the time to keep with the metallic theme. However, if I could go back in time, I might opt to leave off the belt and go untucked... I feel like this outfit is kind of widening now that I see the photos. 

Pic 3 is an outfit from earlier in the week, which I really liked at the time - it drew some compliments IRL, but I don't like how it photographs at all. I think it might be that I'm craving more structure on bottom? 

Of course it could also be that I'm officially at The Awkward Stage of Hair Regrowth, and I genuinely wince every time I see myself in pictures. Sigh... o_0

Anyway, the GOOD part of the day was definitely the necklace. It is heavier than I imagined and feels nice and substantial around the neck. The shade of gold is really pretty, and the length is adjustable, allowing it to work with many necklines. FAB. I am sure it will become a workhorse for work and beyone. Thanks again, Una! XOXO!


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