PSA: Taupe UWP Trench on sale at ASOS

draped UWP trench that even looks fun closed up. I would totally get this for myself - except y'all already beat it into me that I don't need another mid-toned trench. :)

The photos show it as more of a tan color, but the runway shows it as a color that looks just like the Brooks Brothers. Color listed as "taupe," so the video should be correct (styled photos always get Photoshopped, anyway). 

$127.28 + 10% off with code: TAKE10


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Can't-Be-Bothered Casual Dress and Crumbling Sandals

I can't really call this a Fast Fall-Back Outfit, because I took my sweet time zombie-ing around the apartment this morning, but it's not something I would normally wear, either. Not much thought went into it except that, hey, it's too hot outside for pants. 

I wore this to go return the Brooks Brothers trench to Beverly Hills (had to learn the hard way the other day that Century City no longer offers any free parking duration at all). Amy, the wonderful sales associate who helped me order the size 2 and even got me free shipping on it, was there. I felt bad telling her that the 2 pulled across the hips, but what can I do except request her the next time I order from BB? Now that I'm in sales, I feel a definite need to be loyal to good service. 

After that, I got some groceries at Trader Joe's and came home to take my pills, which I'd forgotten earlier. I still want to go back out and get away from the house, but I'm not sure what to do with myself, lol. 

We'll see what shakes loose!

P.S. You can see I'm still wearing my Worishofer wedges, which have chunks of cork missing. The comfort is far superior to my Luckys, unfortunately. I wish I had seen this gold version earlier!

Michael Stars dress - handed down
Madewell cat pendant - Madewell (My best Shoptoberfest 2012 purchase!)
Worishofer sandals - ? 
B. Makowsky "Shimmer" satchel - Ebay
Spy "Siouxsie" sunglasses - Ebay


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Steampunk Princess

Found this LAMB blouse on clearance at TJ Maxx, and then found some bras to sell at a closing Loehmann's - free blouse!

I absolutely love the swashbuckling, steampunk vibe of the top, but I don't want to feel costumed, so I went for modern bottoms and girly shoes. Will also definitely wear this with pencil skirts.

LAMB top - TJ Maxx
BR Sloans - Banana Republic
Jessica Simpson wedges - Marshall's
Nixon watch - $1 at flea market
B. makowsky bag - Ebay


Trippin' on Menswear

Menswear-inspired from head to toe today... worn out in a futile search for a lightweight, curved-hem cardigan for work. Instead, I found a really killer white blouse for a super deal, plus some bras at a Loehmann's closing sale that I can sell to pay for the blouse. 

I wore a similar outfit last summer with short shorts, but I wasn't 100% happy with today's version. For one, I think I've moved on from this top, which looks better with exposed legs. Also, it's a bit too short when I sag my BF jeans to the low hip. Boo. 

Next - and this is really embarrassing to admit to my Fairy Godmothers - I keep tripping over my feet in these shoes! If you have ever wondered why I don't wear them more, that is why. I have seriously taken a legit, arm-flailing, nosedive at least once every time I've gone out. *shame face* Is there a way to learn how to walk in pointy toes, as one would learn to walk in heels? Cuz y'all know I can do heels... and it's seriously bumming me out not to wear these oxfords more! :(

Rogan for Target vest/top - Goodwill
Men's belt - flea market
J Brand "Aidan" boyfriend jeans - $1 at flea market
Miista oxfords - Solestruck
B. Makowsky "Shimmer" satchel - Ebay
White watch - Big Lots


PSA: Real leather Bebe-ish jacket in black for $73

Not sure how it happened, but when you add this draped leather jacket to your cart, it drops from $134 to $73.24. I don't know what the lining is made of, but for a solid thirty clams less than the Bebe jacket, I had to try it. 

Came across the jacket on Running in Wedges (first pic from her site), where she says she is a total leather jacket snob and still thinks everyone should own the Spiegel one... between that and my love for my Bebe, what could a gal do? 

I guess this means I really, really have to wait for my b/w Brahmin bag to go on sale... 

Last pic is me in the Bebe. Instant hourglass!


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Tokyo Sniff

Worn into Little Tokyo Westside to pick up a purse atomizer and some garlicky ramen! All familiar workhorses here, and pretty much my signature casual look for this S/S: BF jeans, booties, trench, satchel, and a simple top.

New atomizer is filled with newly-Ebayed Dolce & Gabbana The One, which I have wanted since November and finally got a great deal on.

BDG tee - Urban Outfitters
TR Cameron jeans - Amazon
Men's belt - flea market
Report Marks booties - Amazon
Sealup trench - Yoox
B.Makowsky shimmer satchel - Ebay


No Sweat

This post title started out as a cute sweatshirt pun, but now it's literal... I sweat so. darn. much. on the first night of NAS after all the running around, up and down the escalator, down into the shoe stocks! I was beastly. For real. Even with my Nexx blouse sleeves rolled up. So today I went for short sleeves and lots of leg ventilation. This really is like my Olympics!

Copying MaryK and her fab sweatshirt-pencil-skirt combo (*waving at Mary*). I added my chunky tortie necklace, delicate tortie bracelts, dainty watch, and ballet flats to add some extra dressy feel to the sweatshirt mix. 

White tiger sweatshirt - H&M (Has anyone seen these online? I keep trying to find it to get a backup, but it eludes me).
Olivia Moon ruched mide - Nordies
Tortie necklace - $1 at flea market
Tortie bracelet set - old gift from mom
Chainmail watch - gift from a friend
Crocs Supermolded flats - Crocs
B. Makowsky Shimmer bag (not pictured) - Ebay


Get NASty

Sorry for another bad photo - a little blurry and with plenty of harsh shadows. :T I am still trying to dodge remodel trucks and workers while renovations happen in our complex. 

This is a very casual outfit worn on a day off. Went to return the Brooks Brothers Trench in size 2 (it is now at the Century City location, FYI), and then stopped by work to research shoes and accessories for The Big Day tomorrow!

You all are well aware that NAS starts tomorrow, but it is also the first time I get to act as a Personal Stylist! My position is still the same (a regular SA), but I am also on what they call a Go-To Team of associates who get to handle stylist appointments as well. I am very nervous but glad I have my Dress for Success experience to look back on. 

I personally think this year's sale looks better than last year's, and if I had last year's salary, I'd be buying a lot more. For now, I will live through my customers and spend tonight planning the finishing touches for my fitting room setups. I felt like few people wanted to be tied down by appointments, but those who would commit really wanted to come on the first day. I am coming in early and am booked through closing - whew! I hope some sizes are left by the time my Stylist appointment comes in... 

Cue "Chariots of Fire." ;)

Foreign Exchange tee - Foreign Exchange (this tee has lasted forever!)
Aldo belt - flea market
True Religion Cameron jeans - Ebay
B. Makowsky shimmer satchel - Ebay
Lucky Brand Moran sandals - Amazon
Spy Sunglasses - Ebay


Scorched Floral, Alt Shift

After the post on Alt's uniform, I started noticing that I have also been really formulaic lately. Definitely not VB in as chic a way as Alt, but maybe there is something to a go-to uniform of sorts. In my case, it has been a slim column topped with a jacket or vest with a feminine shoe that has chunky heels.

Today is the debut, of my floral River Island dress. At first, I wanted to wear it with my olive vest, but the beige jacket won out because it highlights the brown tones in the dress, giving the flowers more of a dried out quality that I love.

Gold tooth necklace - Una via Nordies
RI dress - ASOS
Nixon watch- Rack
Blazer - Modcloth
Report Marks booties - Amazon
B.Makowsky bag - Ebay


Black Tide

Darn, I didn't realize this pic turned out blurry! That is what happens when you rush around... I even took one outside, but it's too horrible to post. 

Anyway, nothing really new about this outfit except it's the debut of my Timberland Stratham Heights black boot, which is filling my plain, dressy boot hole. I am starting to transition to more Fall-like items since NAS is just days away! I am enjoying how this dress is able to pair with both light jackets and dark.  

Gibson blazer - Rack
Michael Michael Kors agate print dress -
Timberland boots -
White watch - Big Lots