With a Little Help From My Friends

Huge thanks to those who helped me choose an outfit for today!

The citron turned out to be a good call, since we did an outdoor shot in front of a shrub and the skirt and shoes were not in the frame. It's one of my best colors, and people always comment when I wear it. I also took a second pic wearing all current store garb for a "Come get styled by..." shot for our store's FB page (not yet posted). 

Showing off my ticket into the pointy-toed pumps club in pic 2. It's an old style, but I got a few compliments. :)

Thanks again, ladies! 


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White Jeans - and OMG, check out this Zella Warrior wrap!

I had a bunch of errands to run today, including getting my bridesmaid's dress hemmed and returning the gold OTBT booties. :_(

But the good news is that I sold a bunch of stuff so I was able to take advantage of an extra % off and browse around... I was intrigued by this Zella "Warrior Wrap" - it was just. so. ugly. online, but in person it was soft and a nice light weight. After playing around with it a bit, I became a little obsessed. Am I wearing gimmick goggles, or does this thing look cute a bunch of different ways? I think my favorite is #6's over-the-shoulder military cape/sari vibe. 

Also: finally thrifted a pair of white skinnies that don't make me feel like I'm in a 49er's long underwear. $1 Abercrombies. Hopefully they last a while so I don't have to actually visit an Abercrombie in the near future.

BCBGeneration jacket - Amazon
Madewell tank - Madewell
Men's belt - flea market
Abercrombie jeans - $1 at flea market
Silver leaf necklace - $2 at flea market
Report booties - Amazon
Brahmin satchel - Nordies


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FS: B/W two tone pumps size 9

Brand new in box. Just looking to get my $35 back out of them (would have to spend $10 to return them). There were wonderful reviews online, and they feel okay except the toe box does not work for my very long toes. I think normal toes would fit fine. 

If anyone is interested, I can see if they will fit into a flat rate box without the shoe box... that would help keep the shipping down. 

Specs and reviews here:



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A Break from the Pills

No, not those kinds of pills! 

I'm giving my pilling cardigan a rest, and not wearing it every day like I have been. I considered purging this Ella Moss moto for a time, feeling it was not dressy enough for work, but I'm liking it with this flea market skirt. 

Also sporting a new $1 find in this brushed stainless steel watch - I'm sure it is a fake, but it says Cartier on it... ooh, lala! Whatever, I don't feel like I injured Cartier's business any buy buying this from a big watch tangle for a buck. o_0

Signing off for a bit to crash after a long DFS day... 

Ella Moss "Frankie" moto - Nordies
Madewell linen tank - Madewell
Classiques Entrier skirt - flea market
Gray beaded necklace - $1 at flea market
Worishofer sandals - DNA footwear


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Snake, Crocodile, and Bad News Layers

I was both sad and happy to discover that the sun no longer stays up past store closing on Sundays - sad because I could not take a better outfit pic, but happy because that means Fall is getting closer!

I really loved this outfit - new $2 flea market necklace, btw - but I am super bummed to report that this cardigan is already pilling. Shame on you, Modcloth. Shame!  >:(

In better news, everyone in the shoe department complemented these old Fergie Major boots while I was running around down there. 

Snake dress - Rack
Cardi - Modcloth
Brahmin satchel - Nordies
Fergie boots - Nordies
Chainmail watch - gift from a friend
Necklace - flea market


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#1 - Worn to DFS today. Midi-gating the heat by rolling the waistband on this gray midi to make it below-the-knee length. Unfortunately I noticed a strange oil-like stain/spot all up one side of the leg today. Not hugely noticeable, thank goodness, but that's the end for this skirt. I wonder if a chapstick got left in the wash?

#2 - What I wanted to wear (but was too hot to wear)... $1 Bebe shadow stripe dress pants with rose gold Muubaa. Tried on the pants after washing, and both DH and I really like them. I hope bootcuts and flares do make a comeback, because I honestly did feel much taller and slimmer than normal here. Will have to rely on sparkly jacket for the trend factor until then. 

PS: I feel bad for posting when I have been so scarce - I think I mentioned before that I am playing Diablo 3 with DH as part of his birthday gift. It is super fun, but it is cutting into my fashion time fo sho! I am coming for a peek here whenever we take a break, lol. 


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$1 Khaki Test Drive

I never found the perfect pair of khakis, so when I found a pair at the flea market, I figured I could experiment with those instead of experimenting with a not quite right pair at retail price. Styled based on a Pinspiration oufit.

Phone battery is low, but I will come back and read forum posts tonight!


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Got Bite

Sharkbite hem tank (via Una, at last year's Shoptoberfest!) and a bite to eat for the kitties (huge bag o' cat food).

Worn for the ridiculous heat to go to the flea market, grab a morning In 'N Out burger, pick up cat food (obvs), and drop off a return to UPS. I am so totally over summer in every which way... I want to go back to work just to bask in the almost-cool air! I had to switch out to my nylon Zella tote today (tucked behind my left shoulder) because I knew my hands would get sweaty holding leather. :P I also started the day wearing my mini silver pulley on a bead chain, but my skin doesn't like touching metal when it is hot, and I had to rip it off mid-flea. 

Must remember for the future: black tanks are great for the heat and show no sweat marks!

Freeloader tank - Una via swap party
Lucky Brand shorts - $1 flee market DIY, chopped down from long pants
Worishofer sandals - DNA Footwear
Spy Sunglasses - Ebay
Zella tote - flea market


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Labor Daze Feline Neutrality

This weekend was action packed for me! I wish I could have commented more here, but hopefully I can catch up on some reading (at least) when I am off work tomorrow. 

Out of order, but: 

#3 was what I wore to the bachelorette party for my good friend. Korean spa day that lasted a good 6 hours! Kogi on premises. Awesome. 

#1 was worn to work the day that Adelfa came to visit. I think I've worn this exact outfit before, but it's a good FFBO. 

#2 was worn for work today. I think it was Rachy who suggested a soft blouse under this dress, and I love it! Wish I had a solid version of this blouse; it is one of my all time faves for more reasons than the print. Also? The Reports still get compliments to this day. :)

NOW, it's off to play Diablo III with DH as part of his early birthday gift. Hopefully see y'all more tomorrow. Happy Labor Day!


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