K/R: ALDO Sparkly Armored Disco Boots

I went bananas over these when I saw them online, and even further bananas when ALDO revealed that they do not ship from the store. But Kristin SF came to my rescue and very very kindly picked them up and shipped them to me! 

I just got them from the PO Box today, and although they are pretty darned awesome, they are a fair bit more sparkly than they appeared online. Not that I dislike that at all, but it's a little outside my comfort zone... although that might be good to dress things up a bit?

Returns are to original form of payment, so I am posting this under "urgent" thinking if you hate them I would return to Kristin's card in lieu of messing with Paypal-ing back and forth. 

I have been a bit under the weather, so there was not tremendous styling effort here. I think a silk blouse would also look nice to echo the sheen on top.

What do you think?


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Boot Challenge: Report Marks in Sand

Long day, short post: 

Madewell two-tone dress worn with mantis brooch at neckline and Report Marks booties in sand. Wore blue with tan for a presentation today showing off trends from the January catalog.

Off to eat and catch Zs before a friend's birthday party tonight! 


Boot Challenge: Gray Western

I forget the brand, but I'll check at home. Continuing my quest to wear all my short boots. These are mid calf but count as short to me. Awesome gift from my stepmom. :)

Worn with all black to do kind of a rock n' roll vibe. Wrap watch, stingray bracelet, bullet crystal pendant.


Self-Imposed Ankle Boot Challenge: Matisse Leopard

My car was parked on the wrong side this morning, so I am backlit! Doh!

But in other news, I decided to (partially) solve my Fall-boredom-Spring-jumping-the-gun ambivalence by celebrating one of my favorite transitional items: booties. To do this, I'm going to try and wear a different pair of short boots every day until I run out and have to repeat. Soon, it will be Time to Wear Sandals (so many of my inspiration outfits use a simple black sandal!), so I wanted to let all my booties have their time in the sun.

Since the outfit pic is lightened so much, I included stock photos of my pieces.

Anyone care to join me in celebrating ankle boots?

Hudson Collin Signature Skinnies - Rack
Matisse Nugent booties - Zappos
Muubaa Nassau jacket - Ebay
B. Makowsky Shimmer satchel - Ebay
Michael Stars A-shirt - $1 at flea market
Belt - flea market
Navigator sunnies - Nordies


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Return of the Snake Satchel, and Fondling Kate Spade

No work today, so DH and I had lunch out and then took a stroll at the outlet mall looking to stock up on his favorite shoes. 

I am still nowhere near tired of my Brahmin, but I have been itching to change things up, so I pulled out my recently neglected snake satchel for the day. Paired with my favorite jeans and a breezy sleeveless top. It is fun to look at the outfit photos and see a much softer overall effect without the bold stripes of my bag. I guess I am still a bag lady at heart and still believe it can change the entire vibe of the day!

While DH was shoe hunting, I peeped into the Coach, Michael Kors, and Kate Spade factory stores. Nothing caught my eye at the two former, but this little citron Kate Spade lured me in enough to get me to note the details and take a photo. I didn't buy it since a citron bag has been a long term hunt for me, but what do you think? I also am curious about the Coach in #4, although that one is significantly more expensive.


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Succumbing to Transitional Sweatpants

Since we barely had any winter at all here in LA, I feel as if I've been wearing my same Fall formulas since July, when we first started selling Fall items at NAS. My boredom with my Fall clothes finally won out over my perverse desire to get more wear out of my now-obsolete winter items.

Soooo... these sweatpants came out to play earlier than expected - with black and with booties for now (I'll save the whites and sandals for nearer to the 2nd quarter).

Inspired by Vince's current line:


As an aside, I was super happy to nab these sweats on sale and with a Nordies Note, enabling me to stretch the Spring budget. Woohoo!

My favorite way to wear these pants is with my dark turquoise Muubaa, but I thought I had to save that for a blue focus at work (I was mistaken, but I found that out too late). I do really like the extra soft effect of all the flowy pieces together, though!

Tahari leather jacket - Bluefly
Go Make Noise sweats - Nordstrom
Pleione racerback tank - Nordies (gratis)
Oh! Shoes booties - Amazon
Chunky chain - Ebay
Tiger charm - Florence, Italy
Brahmin bag - Nordies
Silver cuff - handed down from Mom


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Why did I wear this? I must have gotten cocky to try and wear every single widening, leg-shortening thing I own all at once - without any traditionally flattering things to combat them.

Flats? Check. Mid-calf boots? Check. High contrast between boots and legs? Check. Big, billowy hip thing? Check. Pant-semisheer-top-bra grinning situation that draws the eye straight to my gut? Check and check. 

I felt so. darn. uncomfortable. all. day. Super glad to be home!

FWIW, here was my on-the-job inspiration, although at least this one has a heel!:




Is it okay to wear Spring looks yet?

Talk about seasonally confused... this year I'm finding myself in the dead of winter calendar-wise, but in heat like the summer, and surrounded by spring fashions on the sales floor.

I am not sure what to do - insist on getting wear out of my sweaters and boots while I can get away with it? Go with the flow and pretend it's summer? Embrace a role as a walking catalogue and stick with the spring items on the shelves? I don't want to get bored with my S/S capsule before S/S has truly begun... but let's be honest, it feels totally weird to gear up in woolies in these temps. And I am kind of itching to bust out my new spring digs.

Anyone out there have opinions or experience with this? Denise? Mo? 

And as an aside... anyone in for a Pinterest challenge coming up??


With thanks to Janet...

The outfit is from a few days ago, but I'd forgot to post the pic - this is Janet's sheer print top from the Style Exchange a while back (waving at Janet!). I had Big Plans to debut this with either cream jeans or some light gray dressy sweatpants, but life had other thoughts on the matter.

I'd already worn my other blazers earlier in the week and needed something slightly dressier than usual for a Theory-based appointment. The sheer print and longer length felt very nice with my Theory skinny pants and was comfy and well-ventilated. Win!

Trouve blazer - Nordies
Bellatrix sheer top - Janet (fairly sure this was once sold at Nordies) - most similar current work item here.
Theory Estela New Recovery pants - Ebay - similar here
Brahmin satchel - Nordies - similar here
Timberland booties - Sierra Trading Post - similar here (also comfy but order 1/2 size up)

Thanks again, Janet! Looking forward to wearing this a lot to add a dressy, feminine feel to a variety of more casual bottoms, too. :D


Ghostess with the Mostess

the camera was being held stationary but somehow I still turned up with this ghostly blur... I am going to say it's a cool editorial effect. ;)

On the job inspiration:


The E&J tunic has a similar shadow-pattern, and the Joie jeans are a lovely, creamy white. I found the placement of the cargo pockets super flattering on my thighs and might have to pounce on the mink color.

LAMB top - TJ Maxx
BR jeans - BR
Report Marks booties - Amazon
Brahmin - Nordies