Awkward in the Wild

Waiting for the elevator on the way home, hoping to high heaven that no one catches me taking an outfit photo. Can you tell Relaxation is my middle name??

I decided to wear my 2nd ModCloth Airport Greeting cardigan as a pullover cowl-neck top today (the first pilled up and died after only a few wears... making me somewhat regret buying this one, but now what can I do except wear out the other one, right). Also wearing my custom jeans again - liking them a lot more rolled up for some reason.

In other news, Anna had got me thinking about more closely mimicking what we have on the sales floor, so today I had the Helmut Lang Sonar cardi and the Joie Dark Indigo blue jeans in mind when I got dressed.

I think I'll continue to try and find analogues like this for the rest of the month - I hope the links won't be annoying since it seems like a good way for me to keep aware of our stock and also play a little non-shopping fashion game with myself. :)

Draped hi-low cardi - Modcloth
Getwear custom jeans -
Brahmin satchel - Nordies
Oh! Shoes booties - Amazon


Basically Casual

Do you remember these jeans I had custom-made from I have not been reaching form them since I left the office, but today I pulled them out when I was looking for something tapered yet not tight (not in the mood for a BF cut, but also not in the mood for a super skinny cut). These fit the bill perfectly, and they still feel interesting because of the copper button fly. Yay for oldie-but-goodies!

Rolled up the hems and went for a very simple, pseudo-Greaser, tomboy look with v-neck tee, aviators, and slipper flats. Hopefully the cat faces and printed satchel keep it from being too masculine. ;)

I was happy to be able to move about and finish some furniture we'd been neglecting for ages (storage trunks and cat litter hideaway) without having to revert to ugly sweatpants. 

Linen tee - Madewell
Button fly skinnies -
Men's belt - flea market
Aviator glasses - The Rail, Nordies
Vaneli flats - Zappos
Brahmin satchel - Nordies


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Rise of the Leathers

After having so much trouble with my leathers, it is super gratifying to feel completely awesome wearing my leather jackets to work. This department is cooled to the perfect temps and does not require me to do as much physical labor. Vive leathers!

Muubaa - ebay
Silky blouse - h&m sale
Gap jeggings - ebay
Oh! Shoes - Amazon


Lost Outfit Roundup

1-2 is what I wore today. Started in #2 to get a haircut... I couldn't decide whether it just needed re-texturizing to account for regrowth or if I needed a full cut. Got tired of thinking and just asked to re-cut it back to the same length as we did 6 weeks ago. Looking back, I kinda wish I had just thinned out the ends of my hair, but oh well it will be back to the way it was in just 6 weeks, lol. Came home, did chores, left again in #1 to pick up lunch. 

#3 is the Allsaints sweater that bunches, but I had unexpected errands on the only day I had free to return it, and now I'm stuck. It actually isn't so bad half tucked... maybe it anchors it and helps keep from pulling up on my chest? It still does it a little, but I don't have to bend and reach and stretch as much in my new department, so it is not as annoying as projected. 

#4 was for using our season passes to Universal Studios. Almost exactly the same as 1. Filed under Can't Be Bothered; Letting Clothes Do Work. 

Lululemon Urbanite Blazer - Lulu
Big Star straight legs - Nordies (gratis)
Timberland booties - Sierra Trading Post
Burberry thermal - hand me down
Brahmin - Nordies
Brazillian BBQ - Pampas :)

True Religion Camerons - Amazon

Allsaints sweater - Allsaints
BR cream jeans - BR
Report Marks - Amazon

Tignanello crossbody - $4 at flea market
Ash sneaks - Lord & Taylor


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Colorblocking for the Introvert

I am having kind of a down day today, so I am officially escaping into YLF land for lunch.

Color and colorblocking has been coming up on the forum lately, so here is a take that feels colorful to me without making me feel too loud, too cheerful, or too girlie. Eggplant with blood red and heather gray. No jewelry.

On a side note, these skirts are on sale at H& M for $5! My old ones are completely stretched out at the bottom, so I got two of these in each color. Adjusted budget accordingly. E.g. less to spend on sandals this summer.

Guess jacket - ebay
Madewell tank - Madewell
H&M skirt - H&M
Report booties - Amazon


Spinoff: What are you NEVER in the mood to buy?

Spinning off of Una's post on what you always love to buy: what are those things you can barely force yourself to buy, even if you desperately need them?

Me, I really really really hate buying underwear. There, I've said it. I wait and wait and then buy a huge, hulking, bulk utilitarian stack of them to replace the whole lot at once. I simply cannot be bothered with clothing not visible to the public. 

I also hate buying basics. They are the hardest thing to source for me, because without all the bells & whistles, they have to hide all my flaws and keep me comfy with very little to go on. PLUS they are so dang boring to look at. I only force myself to find them after the discomfort of going without reaches critical mass. 

Warm weather clothing. Makes no sense living where I do, but summer clothing bores me to tears, and I take it as a personal affront that my body instantly becomes my main accessory. I am hardly willing to part with any moolah for summer wear... in the land of endless summer. o_0

Over to you - what do you procrastinate on buying?


Fashion Games

When Angie wrote her post on goals for 2014, one of the things I put down on my own list was to entertain myself with non-shopping fashion games.

Usually, I really love the challenge of HEWI Easter-egg hunts. Except... I've gotten too good at them, and now most of my elusive items have been found. Great! But my brain just wants to keep thinking up more elusive things to hunt. So unless I want to beggar myself, I want to channel this energy into other things.

What other types of fashion games do you like to play? How do you challenge yourself? What makes you happy when you spend a day playing in your closet? 

Inquiring minds want to know!


Camo & Gold

I almost forgot to take a pic again and had to hastily re-pin my jacket, but this is just about how I looked today. I started with the jacket open, but I didn't realize how much my not-quite nude bra would show through this linen tee. Anyway, I felt good in the resulting look and also found out that these cat shoes are a great conversation starters with the younger kids coming through with their moms (this from someone who is terrified of children... I will take all the help I can get!). 

Trouve blazer - Nordstrom
Linene tee - F21
Liz Claiborne belt - $1 at flea market
Allsaints pants - Allsaints
Kitty flats - Zappos
BP Necklace - Nordies via Una!


Styled by Zap (a.k.a shameless copycatting)

So not only did I straight-up carbon copy two(!) Zap items from Shoptoberfest (the jacket she wore and the boots she inherited at the swap), but I also followed her brilliant advice to wear the two together. Instant understated luxury, and with many happy memories built in. <3 <3 <3

I chose a super simple black skinny and white tee, which I liked best for a few reasons:

  • a white tee and black jeans both feel laid back
  • the simplest of neutrals fall in line with my 2014 goal of being less busy with my outfits. The jacket and booties can be the stars.
  • the b/w combo feels both current and progressive since it looks like it will still be around for Spring. 
My only accessories today were my wedding rings, rhinestone studs, and my uber dainty snake necklace. 

After about 20 years of obsessively filling all my belt loops, I am finding I like the belt-less look more and more. Maybe it's because semi-tucking effectively hides the belt loops, or maybe less leather seems softer. Not sure, but after so long it's fun to switch it up.

I'm also surprising myself by being much more into dainty jewelry lately. For a few years, I thought I was completely over delicate chains and worried that I would never be able to pull off such wispy things on my solid frame. But now the barely-there sparkle seems like the perfect... "understatement jewelry."

How do you feel about teensy chains? Is the rest of the world still on Team Statement Necklace? I am seeing mostly chunky collars and pendants, and there are a few delicate long chains, but those seem to be meant for layering.

Ellie Tahari leather jacket - Bluefly
Tahari linen tank - $1 at swap meet
City of Others jeans - $2 at swap meet
Matisse Nugent booties - Zappos
Snake necklace - gift from a friend
(not pictured) Brahmin satchel - Nordies


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Swap Party in Simi Valley?

Not sure if this was on-topic, since it's not really a YLF event but...

Ladies, some of you might remember my very good friend Stella from when Mary-Lou hosted the Pasadena Swap Party a couple years back... well, we got her hooked on the idea, and she would love to host another swap at her home. She has asked me to invite the SoCal YLF peeps because she wants to return the favor of everyone welcoming her into her very first swap now that she has the space. Date is Jan 26, Sunday.

The only downside is that it is not in the usual LA area - she just moved in with her husband in Simi Valley, off the 118 straight north of Agoura. 

Would anyone be interested in going? I know it's a long way, but maybe there is an opportunity for carpooling? 

In case anyone feels weird about going to a non-YLF-er's home, I have known her for over 5 years and will vouch for her being totally non-threatening.