Coats and boots for a dark time

Well, one coat, and one pair of tall boots. But I was very excited about this. 

#1 Fawn-in-headlights look is from yesterday, worn to work for a party dress appointment. I have had way too much of a spare tire these days to wear this dress on its own, so it was nice to revive it with a light jacket.
- Tahari leather jacket - bluefly
- Asos midi dress - Asos
- Timberland black boots -
- Kate Spade satchel - ebay

#3 Acid Rain look is from a couple days ago, worn to make a return in Santa Monica and scope out Crocs for travel sandals. Ended up removing the Zella because it warmed up, but it was still fun to swoosh about in a trench during the day. I have been wearing my Burberry in black regularly to go out at night. 
- Sealup trench - Yoox
- Gap jeggings - Gap
- Zella jacket - Nordies
- Timberland booties - Sierra Trading Post

I am kind of escaping by writing about clothing today as it's suddenly become a stressful time... I am gearing up for vacation in mere days, with lots still to do, but I just heard that my best friend from kindergarten's dad was just hospitalized and diagnosed with aggressive leukemia. He is responding to chemo, but there is a toll taken on his organs. If anyone has positive, healing thoughts to spare, I'd definitely appreciate anything. On top of being upset about the illness, I'm also so upset that I won't be here in the coming weeks whatever the outcome. Hopefully I'm not taking this post to OT land, but I guess it's fitting to have been wearing somber colors and posing in dark alleys lately...


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SoCal Safari

My first instinct was to wear this jacket with black skinnies, since it's a fairly bulky cotton. But I had some moving around to do today (Goodwill donations, shopping for storage bins at Big Lots, carrying packages to the post office, et al), so I decided to run with the baggy linen track pants.

In the end, I actually quite like the effect and think it's probably more forward-looking than my standard, go-to skinny choice. I have always thought that this jacket was too rugged for work, but then maybe if I dress it with these pants and some dainty heeled sandals, it might work. What say you? 

In other news, I might be commenting even less than usual since I'm gearing up for a much-needed vacation. :D I am still reading a lot, though, but mostly on my phone when I'm too lazy to type a lot... I really love seeing what everyone is choosing for Spring!

On-the-job inspiration:
Joie Fatigue Jacket (not yet on Nordies Online, but we have it in store)
Vince Linen Joggers
Vince, Marc by Marc, and Joie linen tees (they are everywhere!)

On me:
Superdry Japan army jacket - Ebay
Linen tee shirt - F21
Vince linen pants - Ebay
Kate Spade satchel - Ebay
Aviator sunnies - Nordies The Rail
Matisse Nugent booties - Zappos
Snake necklace - gift from a friend


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DIY Instant Crop-Top & More Foot Bling

I had to wear my sparkle boots again so I could take them to work with me! They sure did capture a lot of attention. Between these and the Matisse leopard booties, I may be earning a rep. as part of Team Shoe...

I wasn't sure what to wear on the rest of me, but I had been playing around with the idea of cropping this tunic sweater when I realized I did not have to physically crop it in order to get the look. Instead, I used a thin waist belt and then bloused the sweater over the belt until the "bubble" portion in the middle hung lower than the hem. Instant crop top, hooray! Layered over my hi-low shell for a mixed-media look. Holding the trench because OMG it rained a few days ago, and the night air has been significantly cooler when I leave the store.

I was going to switch out my bag, but I ran out of time - and now I rather like the effect. It is like a brighter version of my citron-raisin combo. Plus, I just might be on Team Citron Matches Everything. :)

On-the-job inspiration:
Vince purple hi-low muscle tee (so cool with everything!)
Theory Testra stretchy ankle pants
Burberry London Double Breasted Trench

On me:
Valette sweater - $3 at flea market
Pleione racerback tank - Nordies (gratis)
Theory Estela New Recovery pant - Ebay
Herringbone chain - handed down from Mom
ALDO booties - ALDO (via Kristin SF)
Kate Spade satchel - Ebay
Burberry London Trench - Ebay


Slouchy with Foot Bling

Speaking of Team Wear, here is my to-date favorite way to style my new ALDO booties, procured by the amazing Kristin SF! Worn yesterday to return (read: exchange, who am I kidding?) a blouse at The Rack, then on an impromptu hike. More on the Rack goodies later. ;)

I felt pretty darn cool despite wearing a loose sweater, loose cami, and loose jeans. I guess the heel height and shiny studs gave me enough mental femininity to rock some volume on volume without my usual discomfort. :)

Jody, if you see this, these are the Big Star Kate straight leg jeans I was telling you about. These are my normal size, and they stretched (not bagged!) out enough for a fab slouchy fit that even DH likes. Made by the same people as AG.

In other news, I really really wish I knew who made this cashmere sweater I am wearing in this photo. It was $1 at the flea market and had clearly been used - and now I've used it hard, wearing it as everything from PJs to holiday wear, and it only turned up a couple minor pills when I put examined it before wearing it again yesterday. The pills were easily shaved off with a disposable leg razor, and it is off to the races yet again. Angie, per your post today, I guess this is a Hard to Replace item I did not ration and did not recognize as HTR to begin with!

Cashmere crew - $1 at flea market
Pleione racerback - Nordies (gratis)
AG Kate straight legs - Nordies (gratis)
ALDO booties - ALDO
Kate Spade satchel - ebay
Aviators - Nordies The Rail


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WIW for Mary: Pinspiration + more good authority says Leopard is a neutral!

I went to a product knowledge meeting this passed Wednesday, and our surprise guest speaker was none other than famed former stylist and ALC designer Andrea Lieberman! But that's not the best part. I was tickled pink when Lieberman, while showing us her new leopard handbags and jacket, used the exact words our own MaryK used years ago, re-asserting that leopard is a neutral!

Is YLF on the cutting edge of fashion or what? 

So in honor of that shout-out, here is my Mary Outfit. Piggybacked from her Pin board (#2), solidly on Team Wear (new citron bag!), and rocking the leopard with some matchy tortoise bangles. 

PS: Thanks to everyone who chimed in when I posted this Kate Spade satchel after spying it at the outlet mall! I found it for even less online, and that sealed the deal. I feel great about choosing structure and less-dainty handles; I think it looks proportional to my own build, and I love that I can stuff my lunchbag in there with no lumps or bumps. 

On-the-job inspiration:
Vince linen joggers
Vince "cape-like" tee
Coach & Burberry bags
Vince Camuto booties

On me:
Allsaints Blaye sweater - Allsaints
Vince linen pants - Ebay
Matisse booties - Zappos
Kate Spade Alessa - Ebay
Bracelets - handed down from Mom
Sunnies - Nordies


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Looks are Deceiving: citron, grape, and black edition

Ran out of the house for an 8am meeting... Result is no time to retake with a smile and no good light to show the dark grape color of the skirt. Bummed because I really really loooove today's outfit and wanted a happy face to go with it. :)

PS: I was wrong about never wearing the jacket zipped.

Current & Elliott jacket - Ebay
Michael Stars tank - $1 at flea market
Purple skirt - $5 at H&M
Report booties - Amazon?
Brahmin - Nordies

ETA: Pic of the colors next to one another. :)


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Avant-Garde Layers

Well, this pose makes me look like I've got my nose stuck up in the air, but I'm happy to see my dress blowing in the wind!

I last wore this dress last NYE, so I was very happy to dig it out again for some layering action. I didn't have a tunic sweater I liked with it, and it has its own layers built in anyway, so I went with my dark teal leather moto, simple black pants, and a necklace to raise the leg line.

I am also very excited to report that my 4" block heel spat boots are totally comfortable in my new department. Yay for tall Rae! This falls in with my personal challenge of wearing all my short boots during transitional weather.

Muubaa jacket - Ebay
Soprano dress - Rack
Banana Republic Sloan crops - Ebay
Herringbone chain - handed down from Mom
Brahmin satchel - Nordies
Aviator sunnies - Nordies
Fergie Major boots - Nordies