Musing: Why new flared jeans aren't for me... yet.

I've been excited about the return of flared jeans. I love how long my legs look in them, especially when I wear monster platforms hidden in the flare, and I love that DH thinks they make me look slim. I had tons of fun wearing bootcuts and flares in college! I'm dying to recapture that feeling. 

But I'm in a bit of a different place with my style right now. I'm always a tomboy at heart, and right now I'm not into running with 70s-influenced surfer dudes or bohemian/maximal glam rockers. Also, on a professional level, the "boyfriend" brands I'm supposed to reflect at work aren't showcasing many flared options, either. Not yet, anyway. 

I'm sure I'll come back to flared/bootcut jeans. They were so prevalent for so long that they are bound to saturate the market again, and hopefully there will be some modern/artsy/minimal guys out there wearing them and inspiring me. When that happens, I'll happily part with a few clams. 

There is a part of me that thinks that I "should" pounce on the trend right as it is emerging, to "prove" that I Know Fashion Things. But For now, I'm thinking I'll spend on other things, keep one lonely old denim pair at home, wear my classic flared wool trousers, and wait for the right time to strike. 

*cough* But if you come across any great manspiration flare photos, you know where to send 'em. ;)

I remember Denise saying she returned the flares she bought. Is anyone else having a hard time recreating the magic? Anyone else out there not interested unless the boys are wearing a version? 


My (Jacket's) Name is Mud

Remember when I had such a hard time buying piles of leather jackets and never wearing them? I think I must have cracked that nut - at least the "never wearing" part. 

I spotted this jacket late at night while watching Elementary online - I had been drooling over Watson's wardrobe for some time, and when she popped up wearing this jacket, I had to pause the show and scour the net for it. It was far too expensive, and I was between sizes anyway. But! There was one on Ebay being sold because it had stretched out too much for the original owner... elementary, indeed. I'm crazy about the light weight, minimal moto styling, and the ephemeral gray/olive/brown/mud color. 

I think I liked yesterday's styling better (pic 2 from YLF meetup), because of the higher contrast between top and jacket. This realization is leading me to see that I need more light/white tops. But anyway, I still liked the dark, tonal look a lot. Just wish I had switched out the bag, to match the low-contrast outfit. 

I've been feeling a little ragged and, thus, absent from the forum. My oldest friend lost her father, so I stayed with her family for a couple days. Before that were two solid weeks of jam-packed triple-points appointments. There was also a new systems training in there somewhere. And a lot of stress eating. :T 

Bonus addition: the screencap that launched my priority mail package. 

Mackage "Kenya" jacket (Aritzia exclusive) - Ebay
J. Crew linen blend tee - $1 at flea market
Free People mini - Nordstrom
Old West cowboy boots - gift from stepmom
Brahmin satchel - Nordstrom


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Debuting the Birkenstock look

I hemmed and hawed about these sandals, trying to decide if they were a real "need." Well, turns out a chunky, heavy, weighty sandal helps me feel balanced when wearing my leather jackets with skirts and lighter-weight bottoms. Fells summery without feeling top heavy. Total need after all. ;)

I feel a tiny bit like I fell out of a Helmut Lang catalog today, but I like the outfit anyway. Ironically, I still don't own any Helmut Lang...

Veda "Boss" leather jacket - Rack
J. Crew tank - $1 at flea market
Forever 21 (Helmut knockoff) twist skirt - $15 at F21
Gentle Souls "Jahzara" platform buckle sandals - Nordies
Not pictured: B. Makowsky snake satchel - Ebay



I've honestly been wearing some version of this exact outfit my whole life: destroyed denim shorts + plain fitted tee + neutral sandals + neutral shades. I do believe I've been wearing these exact shorts for some 2+ years, too. 

Something about that combo is so quintessentially SoCal I can hardly stand it... a very can't-be-bothered weekend daytime look. Not a look I sport much anymore since I work most weekends, but it was a nice standby for a day at the flea market and a nap in the park. 

Bonus pic of a weird bug spotted at the park.

Shades - Nordies
Linen tee - Madewell
Unbranded (asian) shorts - $1 at flea market
Kate Spade satchel - Ebay
Worishofer sandals - DNA footwear


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Asphalt Ballet

Another try wit my flared skirt. Last time, I wore it with a sweater vest and Anna astutely noticed it didn't look like me. Hoping this is better, but if it continues to feel weird it was only a $5 experimental divergence from tube skirts.

Worn with a sweetheart tee to help balance bareness of legs and with booties to help balance weight of leather moto.

Muubaa jacket - Ebay
B44 tee - Rack
H&M skirt - H&M
Report booties - Amazon
Anya Hindmarch bag - Ebay


Harem Skarem

Yesterday's outfit: silk paneled Aiko tee with harem pants - I think it was Janet who introduced us to Aiko at Marshall's last Shoptoberfest? I didn't end up pouncing on the sweater that day, but I found this tee while browsing around last week. Perfect for busy days running up and down the stairs. 

You've seen these harem pants before, but last time I wore them scrunched with tall boots. Here they are in all their full-length glory. I really, really dig the heavier crepe fabric of these much more than the thin silk harem pants I had previously. I feel more "dressed" somehow. :) 

Aiko tee - Marshall's
Vince harem pants - Rack
Pearl bracelets - $1 for the pile at flea market
Crocs sandals - Crocs


Rebel Without a Thing to Do

Another day off, and I wasn't sure what to do with myself. I wanted to go out so threw on my raw wash jeans and a plain white tank. I always feel pretty James Dean in plain jeans and a plain tee! All I did was grab lunch at Del Taco and wander aimlessly through TJ Maxx (not a single purchase or try-on, I am definitely doing better about that!) and rock out a little in the car. 

Now I am home, and I'm going to put on my swim suit and read in a lawn chair outside. :)

Had a hard time with harsh midday light again, since I can only prop the camera up in a few places. I like the shots I got of my accessories, though.

PS: I still cannot stop raving about ImPress press-on manis and pedis! I am totally useless to give myself a pedicure, and I am too cheap to have them done on a regular basis. Plus, I destroy all nail polish within 1 day and end up wearing chipped, horrible nails until I can garner enough will to sit down and scrub off the polish with acetone - doesn't sound like much, but for me it's A Chore. The ImPress go on in seconds, look perfect for a week, and then come off in seconds with no color bleed or yellowing of the nails. THIS is the reason my sky is falling down - I am finally okay with wearing open-toed sandals. 

If you are interested, please buy some up so that they never stop making these! ;)

Tahari linen tank - $1 at flea market
Getwear custom jeans -
Anya Hindmarch cat bag - Ebay
Worishofer sandals - DNA Footwear
Navigator sunnies - Nordies
ImPress pedi - $3 at flea market


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Dressed Up Pajama Jeans

Third day straight! Maybe I am boring you guys with them, but my love is going strong. A customer asked me about them today - so bummed Nordies is sold out! Ehm... Ignore the double chin I seem to have in this angle.

Dressed up with silky blouse, cutaway blazer, and fever pink toes.

And you know what's fun? DH noticed these jeans right away and asked about them... Turns out he much prefers them to my regular bf jeans and totally gets why the screen print tickles me. Score!

Rag & Bone pajama jeans - Intermix
Trouve blazer - Nordies
Sole Society sandals - Nordies
Leopardite bracelet - Argentina
White blouse - $5 at H&M
Cat bag - Ebay
Brahmin clutch wallet - Ebay


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Waxy and Sweaty

Met a friend for lunch today, and she said she was wearing her sweats straight from the gym - so I threw on some sweats as well. ;) 

The other pics are close-ups from yesterday after my hair appointment. Nothing no big changes, but she did get a new "whipped wax" in that I really liked. Really light, matte, and non-greasy. I liked how moldable it was and how my hair moved with it in. Just thought I'd share since we have a lot of short-haired lasses here!

Three dots sweatshirt hoodie - 50 Cents at swap meet (years ago!)
F21 linen tee - F21
Rag & Bone Pajama Jeans - Intermix
Ash leather sneaks - Lord & Taylor
Anya Hindmarch cat bag - Ebay


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Aha moment: Logic has no place in my fitting room

I purge frequently, and this time around I also made a couple of larger purchases at the same time. The contrast between the "meh" going out and the "omg-love!" coming in made it pretty clear that I am Team Emotional Shopping, full stop. 

One of my goals this year and last had been to work off a list to keep my purchases down. It was a great experiment! But as I look at the things going out - and the things languishing in limbo - and the things working hard year after year - a lot of those targeted, practical items didn't get much play and didn't really ring my bell when they did get worn. Conversely... did I need or plan for pajama jeans and another leather jacket? Nope. But they make me so darn happy that I know I'll be strutting around in them all the time. Other good examples of successful emotional purchases:

  • sparkle booties
  • TR Camerons
  • Tahari jacket I copied from Zap
  • Lulu Helmut Lang lookalike jacket
  • Striped Brahmin 
  • kitty flats

Exceptions are items purchased to go with my emotional prizes and make them work better/longer/harder. Simple linen tees to support statement jeans and jackets, dainty sandals to offset baggy pants. 

So my new plan of attack is this: 

  1. Lust and freak out over item...
  2. ... then evaluate possible redundancy or budget crash
  3. If not eliminated by #2, try on/order
  4. If lusting and freaking out even more, continue to #5
  5. Create outfits, evaluate for "missing links" that would be needed
  6. Keep or return based on cost/benefit ratio

This way, it all starts with the magic moment when I get really really excited! Note that this does not mean "when I get really really bored" and start browsing to kill time (that was a different bad habit I had). 

How about you? I know Anna is also an emotional shopper. Anyone else Team Love Will Find a Way? Or are you Team Plan of Attack?

ETA: I do not mean for this post to be instructional or didactic! Clearly not everyone can function in this way. I was just curious what factor weighs more heavily for you guys.