Cool Blue Easy

#1 is a cheapie silk top I found at TJ Maxx with my sister. I wasn't 100% sure, but she encouraged me to get it, and I like it a lot after its test drive. Slipped on scarf in #2 for to-and-from-the-car time since it was a bit breezy out. 

#3 is not my favorite outfit; I should have just worn my cropped sweater again, but I don't hate this. I wish the sweater would stay more closed over the bazooms, because I feel like it looks like they are bursting out and trying to get away. Maybe I'm just uncomfortable with bazooms. o_0

Anyway, it's been a stressful time... lots of things in limbo, which is the one thing that can make my teeth itch like no other. But I'm keeping the good thoughts and soldiering on! Trying not to forget or neglect my fashion BFFs. :)


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You know you're really into fashion when...

... all your sweatpants are too upscale to lounge in!

Yeah, somehow I became that person. Came home dog tired, looking for something soft to cuddle up in, and did not even consider the sweats. Those are my business sweats, thankyouverymuch. 

Ladies, help me feel a little less ridiculous, will you? How would you finish the title sentence?


Same Old Casual Favorites

Wore these out to take the cat to the vet, and I was just so pleased to have three comfy pieces that worked together on the first try after my struggles earlier in the week. I wish this jacket had come in more colors; I'd be hunting them down like a rogue assassin with a personal vendetta. 

And for those of you who have these jeans: are you as addicted as I am? It's not just that they're stretchy... they are the perfect light weight for spring with enough fading to brighten my outfits a tick, and the elastic hems go so well with sandals and short booties. I choose them over my other BF jeans all the time these days.

Anyway, it's nothing especially new or trendy or different, but it feels flattering, adequately tomboyish, adequately edgy, and just spring-y enough. Good enough for getting an abscess drained!

Lululemon Urbanite blazer - Lulu
BR tank - Hand-me-down
Rag & Bone Pajama jeans - Intermix
Worishofer sandals - DNA
Kate Spade satchel - Ebay 


The Day I Couldn't Get Dressed & Gentle Souls Birki Update

Man, I couldn't do anything right today! I'm almost embarrassed to show you these since I could not make myself happy, but as it turns out I really do have no shame... 

It took me well over an hour to limp through #2-4 before totally giving up and throwing on the dress and random cardi in #1 (which I still didn't love together). I started with #2, but once I saw the photo realized that I wasn't doing myself any favors adding multiple chest flaps to my bust while over my ideal weight. I should have either stayed with #3 or switched to black jeans instead of dress pants, but I couldn't get over feeling like the top half was discordantly casual compared to the bottom half. #4 I actually went to Trader Joe's in, but something still nagged at me as wrong. 

The day didn't get any better from there, and I just felt like I did a poor job the whole way through. It's such a weird and ugly feeling when you want to do your best but just can't perform!  

In other news, I wanted to let you know about my sad parting with the Gentle Souls platform Birk-esque sandals... after only 2-3 wears, the patent leather started peeling off at the back heel. The rubber tread does not extend completely to the edges of the sole, leaving maybe 1/4 cm of exposed patent on the business end of the shoe - never thought to look for that before, but it's a pretty decent sized design flaw. Thankfully, they were returned without issue. :(

Anyway... how about you guys? Do you ever have those days where you can't even get a FFBO right and nothing goes your way?? Please tell me I am not alone!


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Testing My (Theyskens) Theory

Felt the urge to wear white jeans today, so I tested out my recent idea that I like light outfits more when there is a dark element to one of the pieces. I felt comfortable in it, and DH said he liked it much better than my normal work outfits... (insert eye roll at DH's foot in mouth syndrome here). Overall, I wish the jeans did not have yellow stitching, but I would wear this again. :)

I will break out of my dark color rut yet!

Also, my white Theory suiting blazer arrived in two sizes... but it's going back in exchange for the linen version. The suiting version looks way more stiff, has no stretch so it's less comfy, and it does a very strange puckering thing at the shoulders. I'm kind of sad and impatient to wear the darned thing, but at least Nordies is still price matching another sale. 

Theyskens Theory top - Rack
True Religion Cameron jeans - Ebay
Kate Spade bag - Ebay
Mens belt - flea market
Crocs sandals - Crocs


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Blushing Tiger, Hidden Agenda

I have been sitting on my this blush/gray striped skirt for months and months now. I got it to replace a gray/black striped tube skirt that was terribly pilled, but somehow this one did not function the same way. Nothing I tried with it seemed to feel right.

I belatedly have realized that 1) I generally don't feel as great in a column of light color as I do in a column of dark color and 2) I like my light colors much better when there is some kind of dark print involved (e.g. the black stripe in the original gray tube skirt). Anyway, this black top with light/pale colors seemed to be just the thing. I will have to remember to keep an eye out for more contrasting prints so that I can wear them with either type of bottom.

In other news, the reason I was asking for good thoughts the other day is that DH and I had just put in an offer on a condo! The offer was accepted, the inspection is finished, and we're in escrow. Twice the size of our current place, in a really nice location, and our monthly expenses will be lowered. We are both on kind of high strung, half expecting something to still derail this, but we are allowing some excitement to creep in around the edges. Oh, and I would have two large closets and an extra shoe closet all to myself. :)  Hopefully talking about this the night before a major holiday will reduce the possibility of a jinx, because I really needed to let all that out! *knocks on wood, throws salt over shoulder, and crosses self*


Tiger print top - Argentine store
Hard Tail skirt - Hard Tail
Kate Spade satchel - Ebay
Matisse booties - Zappos


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Muted & Moody Color Mashup

If not for the black bag and jacket, nothing in this outfit would match - thought about switching out to my green snake bag to coordinate with my shoes, but I felt more edgy and tomboyish in my mishmash of colors: black jacket, gray top, navy pants, green shoes. 

Went to my class today and felt just fine in the outfit - I think the fact that all the colors pretty much have a similar color value helps it to look intentional. Plus, I've always been a fan of asymmetrical and off-balanced outfits for some reason. I even tend to stand a bit lopsided. ;)

How strong is your matchy gene? Would you feel okay in a mashup of unmatched colors?

In other news, DH and I have been off on a top secret adventure the past few days. I don't want to reveal too much for fear of The Jinx, but we are excitedly holding our breath/stressing/planning/etc. So if I have seemed extra abrupt and lacking in comments, that is why. If you happen to follow my Pinterest, you might have raised an eyebrow lately. I would not turn down a few extra crossed fingers!

Lululemon jacket - Lulu
J. Crew linen blend tee - $1 at fleamarket
Vince pants - Rack online
Ash sneaks - Lord & Taylor
D&G zipper bag - Ebay


Another Bomber-Alternative Ensemble

While technically a moto style, I think this purple jacket has enough drape to fit it into the Pencil Midi and Bomber Jacket outfit category. 

Went matchy-matchy with purple jacket and purple pencil skirt. Not-so-plain white tee, tortoise necklace, and calf hair leopard booties to dress it up a tick. And of course, le zipper tote (which, hm, I haven't put down since I started using it). Next time I want to try it with my citron bag, but I needed to fit my lunch in here today!

I have been feeling out of my outfit groove a bit lately, so going back to my trusty knit pencil skirt was brilliant. High happiness factor today. The tee is a dupe of one I already had in navy - I think I need more of this Aiko brand in my life. :)

Zella moto - Nordies
Aiko tee - TJ Maxx
Purple pencil - H&M
D&G bag - Ebay
Matisse booties - Zappos
Tortoise chain - flea market
Sunnies - Nordies


JFE, Dress Over Pants, + The Other White Blazer

I didn't get a photo of yesterday's dress-over-pants outfit, but as I uploaded my phone pics I found I had taken a photo when I tried on the so-not-on-sale white Theory blazer (no, I have not bought it...yet).

 This is the cut that got me stalking white Theory on sale in the first place (this is the unlined, linen version, but there is also a suiting version... suiting may be better for potential pit stains). After seeing this pic, I've decided to return the other one for sure. I feel so much better in this one. Now the questions: linen or suiting? ebay selling blitz or sale stalk? o_0

Picture #1 without the blazer for yesterday's WIW. DH really loved this one!

Picture #2 is an outfit I wore recently, but I left the jacket open this time. Wearing the jacket open felt much less buttoned up, but it also removed any waist definition. The loose waist with the linen pants and draped tee felt kind of wide as I moved around, but I did get a compliment at work, and I feel better after seeing the photo. Hopefully it is JFE (just flattering enough, as Shannon abbreviated it). 

Feedback welcome... I have been trying new things and have been in the discomfort zone as a consequence!


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Quick Shout-Out to Elie Tahari

I just wanted to share a quick and pleasant story about my recent customer service experience with Elie Thari!

Most of you must be familiar by now with my sand colored draped leather jacket (which I copied from Zap, old photo below). A couple weeks ago I noticed that, after having it for only about 3 months, the leather had torn significantly underneath one arm. I wrote into both Bluefly (where I had purchased the jacket) and Elie Tahari themselves. I was hoping to get a partial reimbursement to take it to a leather repair shop. 

While Bluefly stood by their policy of a 14 day return policy, Elise from Elie Tahari asked me for the style info on the jacket. After sending in some photos and providing the information and delivery date on my original receipt, Elise informed me that they were actually able to replace the jacket completely! She also gave me further information on the leather (Goat Nappalan skin... it only says "lamb leather" on the tag) and explained that it is more delicate than regular lamb leather.

The new jacket arrived today, and it's indeed the exact same one, in perfect condition. 

I had to share this with you, because I have already raved about the jacket. I'm so happy I don't have to eat my words. Thank you, ET, for standing behind your product! I will continue to adore my jacket... although I won't plan to wear it on highly physical appointments anymore. ;)