Crop Top w/ Blazer

I was blessed with tandem open parking spaces when I got home from work yesterday, so I was able to get a quick outdoor photo - yay! Not too special of an outfit, but I am still a bit in FFBO mode. 

Handmade (not by me) crop top - flea market
Trouve blazer - Nordies
Madewell linen tee - Madewell
Big Star jeans - Nordies
Kelsi Dagger bag - flea market
Tsubo wedges - flea market
Varvatos sunnies -

I think I prefer this particular crop top with baggy jeans, but meh... next time. :) I need all the sale madness to be over so I can start having fun with fashion again!


Reverse hi-low open back wildcard

2nd day off in a row... much needed. Just a day to bum around and do errands.

This wrap-back top is a total no name brand bought for 0.50. I did not know if I would feel comfortable with the exposed back, trim waist, and longer front, but it is a fun change. I worried about my prominent backside being exposed, but I used to wear my tops much shorter back around 2000 and soon felt comfy again. I feel like I could wear this with a draped skirt and feel very Helmut as well. I can also wear it backward for a cropped wrap effect.

Paired with Big Star jeans from Nordies and Tsubo sandals and Kelsi Dagger bag from the flea market.


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Urban Warrior Mermaid

A real, honest-to-goodness day off! And I get two days in a row for once, without having to injur myself...

Dressed for the Botanical Garden, Lowe's, Ikea, and general loafing. Vince linen joggers from Ebay, Young Fabulous and Broke tank from Marshall's, and
Mackage Kenya jacket from Ebay. Croc's mini wedge sandals, Pewter Wolf necklace, and flea market Kelsi Dagger bag for accessories.

Beachy and aquatic items have been infiltrating my look lately. I do not know if the influence is summer or my new residence, but you may see more of the UWM!


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Playfully Divergent

Labor laws are forcing me to take a break today, lol. It's about time I had more fun with fashion for myself... a couple people mentioned today that this was a different look for me, but the DH said it was playful. :)

Happy NASing!


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Smart Casual Coattails & Caviar

DH went on a bike ride this morning, so I was able to make some time for outfit photos! Yay!

New T Tahari wrap back blazer and John Varvatos men's sunnies bought during Clear the Racks online. I didn't think the jacket looked that great on the model, but I adore it in person. Very Helmut Lang to my eye, and with my discount I think I paid all of $30 for it. Bwahaha!

Worn with new-to-me damaged HL tank - bought for $2.50 a while back at the flea market. Came with a large rip/hole in the back, so I decided to rip some more holes in it and call it "destroyed." I'll wear it with the destruction on display some weekend for you. :) Threw my caviar sandals on bottom to bookend jacket and also because I hurt my back the other day and needed a very low and stable shoe. 

Bonus 6-7 wide legs from the flea market. What do you call those in 7? Gauchos?? Culottes? o_0

Taking some deep, healing breaths today before the mad rush to pull for my first NAS appointments! *wheeze, wheeze* 


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