Quick Hello & WIWs

Hello, lovely fashion friends. A few of you have sent really sweet messages, and I know I have not responded to everyone. I am on new meds and feeling things out. Not as sad-sad. But still very in my head and reclusive feeling. I hope I don't lose touch with the group here, though. I have been reading and keeping up with posts and lurking. :) Anyway, just letting you know I am still alive and stuff. Xoxo


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Cool-ottes & Crop Top

Wanted to be a little more dressy yet wanted to avoid the warmth of slacks. Enter some $1 culottes. With the linen tank under the thin crop top, this was fairly easy-breezy and comfortable. 

As I said in my other thread, it was a really draining day, but it's better to have a draining day in a put-together outfit. 

Some may prefer culottes that are baggier in the hip and seat, and I did pick up a pair of denim ones, but I am not reaching for them. DH says those loose ones remind him of frumpy people in ill-fitting crop pants. Probably would be better in a dressy fabric if I want to go super loose. 


(Mostly) Covered Up in the Heat

Drat, I did not get a picture of this shirt's cut out back! It's so light weight and the cut out makes it edgy enough to feel right with my bottoms. 

It has been such a stressful and draining couple of days, but at least I could stay cool. 

What do you think of the filters on the photos lately? I mostly play with them on my phone out of boredom, but I can nix them if you find them annoying or too Instagram-y. 


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Bionic Barracuda

I wore my "fish print" "top" again, even though it feels like I just wore it

This time, I wanted to go a little tougher - barracuda vs. mackerel. ;) Punk-ish zip skinnies on bottom, black sandals, and even more zippers on the bag. I did not break the mold with this one, but these sheer tops of mine sure do come in handy on our hot summer days!

Becca tunic - Rack
Kelsi Dagger bag - flea market
F21 layering tank - F21
sunnies - Nordies
Current & Elliott jeans - http://www.liketwice.com (fun resale site!)
Tsubo sandals - Ebay


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Stone Rose

Ugggggh, long movie line! But that gives me some time to post, anyway.

I really wanted to wear my rose gold leather jacket today, but the weather was so hot and humid it withered that idea away. So I dug out this old duster instead - it is more of a taupe but it does have a slight rosy undertone. I had forgotten how fun this duster is to swoosh around in. Charcoal jeans and tee to edge it up a little. Some of you won't like the bright bag with this, but I get a kick out of the one spot of saturation floating in the dust. Desert oasis!

And now... Guardians of the Galaxy! Wooot!

Free People duster - flea market
J. Crew tee - flea market
Gap jeggings - Gap
Varvatos sunnies - Rack
Tsubo sandals - flea market
Marc Jacobs bag - purchased at flea market and DIY at home