For those interested in Buenos Aires for travel

A couple of people mentioned on my Fashion Report that they might consider BsAs as a future destination, so I thought I'd share my photos so that you might get a better idea of the area. 

The waterfall photos are from another city, Puerto Igazu. We had to take an extra flight there - about 2 hours of travel each way. But! Very worth it. If I were to do it again, I'd spend more time here. 

My 2 cents on BsAs: if you have been to Rome and have limited opportunities for International travel, you can probably skip Buenos Aires... it is very, very similar in feel, just on a slightly smaller scale and without the Colosseum. Lots of Roman-type pizza, pasta... even the same general vibe going from the touristy center to the upscale residential areas with the pretty parks. Of course, if you love Tango or Argentine wines, that is another case. 

We didn't get to go here, but looking back it would might have been cool to do Bariloche and Puerto Igazu. Bariloche was recommended highly by a client of mine - great Euro vibe in South America, only Swiss instead of Italian. 

Hope this might help someone in the future!


Swap Party in Simi Valley?

Not sure if this was on-topic, since it's not really a YLF event but...

Ladies, some of you might remember my very good friend Stella from when Mary-Lou hosted the Pasadena Swap Party a couple years back... well, we got her hooked on the idea, and she would love to host another swap at her home. She has asked me to invite the SoCal YLF peeps because she wants to return the favor of everyone welcoming her into her very first swap now that she has the space. Date is Jan 26, Sunday.

The only downside is that it is not in the usual LA area - she just moved in with her husband in Simi Valley, off the 118 straight north of Agoura. 

Would anyone be interested in going? I know it's a long way, but maybe there is an opportunity for carpooling? 

In case anyone feels weird about going to a non-YLF-er's home, I have known her for over 5 years and will vouch for her being totally non-threatening. 


Seriously Irritated with Pinterest

Just had to vent... Pinterest has now started suggesting pins with the tag "we thought you'd like this." Holy cats, there are a lot of them - there are more suggested pins than pins from those I follow! I try to follow carefully, and this is totally cluttering up my board. There is no way to turn the suggestions off. You can tell it to "show me less like this" but then they just suggest other things instead!