Wear or return? Photo print BFs.

Well I only went shopping because traffic was so hideous, but what do you think of these pants? I adore the print something fierce, and I think they are flattering enough, but not the most flattering. They are very light weight, which is super comfy but does not drape as nicely as my heavier BFs. 

Was not able to find the jeans to add to Finds, but I did find the silky pant version below.

ETA: Natural light photo with Brahmin bag. :)


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At the Rack. In the clutches of a Veda...

Jade green, cotton lined, soooo comfy. Having a hard time taking it off mid weight, not hot. thoughts? Am I allowed? Crazypants deal.


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K/R: ALDO Sparkly Armored Disco Boots

I went bananas over these when I saw them online, and even further bananas when ALDO revealed that they do not ship from the store. But Kristin SF came to my rescue and very very kindly picked them up and shipped them to me! 

I just got them from the PO Box today, and although they are pretty darned awesome, they are a fair bit more sparkly than they appeared online. Not that I dislike that at all, but it's a little outside my comfort zone... although that might be good to dress things up a bit?

Returns are to original form of payment, so I am posting this under "urgent" thinking if you hate them I would return to Kristin's card in lieu of messing with Paypal-ing back and forth. 

I have been a bit under the weather, so there was not tremendous styling effort here. I think a silk blouse would also look nice to echo the sheen on top.

What do you think?


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Latecomer: Ash sneakers in red, black, or green?

I guess the red is more like a burgundy. 

I've slowly been coming around to the look of the Converse Hi-ness and other wedge sneakers on y'all, and DH surprised me by saying he likes it when girls wear the converse style shoes. 

Eh, sounds like an excuse to get a pair to me!

But I have to move fast if I want to nab a deal, and I don't want to pay full price for this shoe experiment. 

The question is: what color?? I know both black and burgundy would work in my wardrobe, but I don't have any green. Green might function as a taupe... 


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Update at bottom: For Una! Preliminary Ugg Boot Findings!

They came just as we were about to go out, so a real K/R with stylings will have to wait... but I could not help at least putting them on! TTS with room for socks built in. No need to size up. 

My size 9s are 16" tall from back sole to top. about 18" from arch to top on the sides. So they are kinda tall. But with the V shape they do not interfere with my knees at all. DH says they look good, so I take that to mean they are not too tall for looks - will have to evaluate further myself. 

I do like both versions. The chelsea boot looks totally good by itself, though again I want to see em with BF jeans etc. 

They are fairly easy for me to put on, even with the tall shaft attached. The chelsea has an elastic opening so you don't have to take the tall part off to unzip the low boot or anything like that. High insteps may have to pull/shimmy more (can't remember what your instep is like). 

More tonight!


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K/R: ASOS Photofloral Dress

I ordered Ceit's awesome marble print dress from ASOS (not a k/r, to debut soon!), and this one fell into my cart for good measure. Great price, great comfy fabric for work, fits well. Would be a total keep, except I'm unsure about the pattern placement of the red roses. Are they too weirdly smack-dab-in-the-center?



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What would you do? Free haircut offer

So I was approached buy a stylist looking for hair models today. He says he has 7 years experience and works with Vidal Sassoon. Said he wanted to shape the back a little and he knows I want to continue growing into a bob.

Part of me wants to be loyal and safe and stick to my current gal, but it is hard to turn down a free cut when working on a 6% commission.

What would you do??


Too casual for casual Friday? Citron Safari

Is this too casual for work? For an idea, others wear medium-light wash jeans. Untucked shirts are the norm on Fridays, some chunky sweaters, boots... no blazers on most. Hoping the blouse, dark denim and pumps do it.