PSA: Target Tailored Ankle Pants very similar to BR Sloans

I went to Target for cat litter yesterday and obviously had to stroll through the clothing before I left. 

These ankle pants caught my eye and were a nice surprise! A lot like my favorite BR Sloans in fit and fabrication, with legs just a touch slimmer - I ordered the "earthworm" taupe color to be my khaki alternatives instead of the butternut Sloans, which DH did say looked too much like a nude on me. I don't recommend the whites, as the pocket linings do show through significantly. Lots of colors for $27.99 Also in two-tone army green, navy, and white (cannot find the navy and white online). 

The printed ones are also on clearance for an extra 10% off of $19.58

The 2nd pic is me in a size 2. Didn't get a pic of the size 4 since they only had the white ones, and they were not a good representation. 3rd pic is me in the Sloans.


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PSA: Taupe UWP Trench on sale at ASOS

draped UWP trench that even looks fun closed up. I would totally get this for myself - except y'all already beat it into me that I don't need another mid-toned trench. :)

The photos show it as more of a tan color, but the runway shows it as a color that looks just like the Brooks Brothers. Color listed as "taupe," so the video should be correct (styled photos always get Photoshopped, anyway). 

$127.28 + 10% off with code: TAKE10


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PSA: Real leather Bebe-ish jacket in black for $73

Not sure how it happened, but when you add this draped leather jacket to your cart, it drops from $134 to $73.24. I don't know what the lining is made of, but for a solid thirty clams less than the Bebe jacket, I had to try it. 

Came across the jacket on Running in Wedges (first pic from her site), where she says she is a total leather jacket snob and still thinks everyone should own the Spiegel one... between that and my love for my Bebe, what could a gal do? 

I guess this means I really, really have to wait for my b/w Brahmin bag to go on sale... 

Last pic is me in the Bebe. Instant hourglass!


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Gorgeous, Slouchy Crossover Pants and Shorts on Etsy

I'm not shopping right now (repeating for conviction: I am not shopping right now!), but I spotted these cool pants and had to share them with you. From the photos, they look like the perfect drapey trousers for Fall. Not too baggy, not too thin, fluid and not crinkly. I emailed the seller for a little reconnaissance, and she replied quickly and clearly. 

#1 comes in many colors.  
#2 is a great charcoal stripe
#3 comes in heather gray, which really helps make the draping stand out. 

The downside is that the seller is in China, but she has completely 100% positive feedback through over 400 transactions. Anyone feel like venturing out? :)

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Old Navy Boyfriend Capris

I had been sitting on a low balance Old Navy giftcard for almost two years - so when these boyfriend jeans were on clearance with an additional 25% off during ON's anniversary sale, I took my chance to get rid of it without shelling out extra cash (SYC preserved this time).

I sized up to an 8 in the Old Navy version and the fit feels just like my Gap Sexy Boyfriend jeans. These feel like they have more stretch, but the weight is like my lighter weight Gaps, too. I see there aren't many sizes available right now, but it is early in the season, so I have a feeling they will restock. If I wasn't shopping my closet I'd check out the boyfriend khakis, too. :)

If you're on a tight budget, or if you're realllllly unsure about the trend, it might be worth taking a look at your local brick and mortar store.

Left pic: Old Navy Boyfriend Capris (size 8, unbleted)
Right pic: Gap Sexy Boyfriend Jeans (size 6, belted)


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Another Rick Owens jacket look at Bebe

When I bought my Bebe faux leather jacket, someone mentioned that it looked a bit like a Rick Owens. In my travels, I came across this jacket that is similar to mine and looks a lot like another Rick Owens style. Bebe's online photos are always pretty terrible IMO - looks way better in person and in the September catalog. Reviews say the same. $159 vs. $3,720.


Rick Owens:


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PSA: Amazon will start charging CA sales tax on Sept. 15!

So get that tax-free shopping in now, California. :0

I was going to hem and haw and try one size of boots at a time, but when DH reminded me about this, I just ordered both sizes straight away. They are also offering 20% off when you sign up for shoe/clothing emails. So for me it was kind of like a 30% off sale... who was I to argue?


Adorable floral moto jacket

I think I'm in love with ASOS!

I just received the dress in #2 last night, and I didn't even bother with a K/R, because DH and I both love it. I will style it up for you when it's a little less hot/humid.

I was also eyeballing this floral print faux leather moto in #1, but I don't think I'd wear it often enough to justify it. It's so cute, though, so maybe one of you can wear it for me?

Extra 10% off sale prices with code: 10SALE.


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Idle hands part deux: Desigual Wantsies

I stop by these websites every now and again to see if any of their great prints feel like me - and woah! They have so much gorgeous stuff right now!


I really really like #1, but I have a lot of coats nowadays. I wonder if this could be used as a dress?


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Time to harvest those crops! Memorial Day sale

If you've been looking to try out a super cropped look, Forever 21 has the most numerous, shortest selection of crops I've seen. They are having big sale - up to 80% off, plus an additional 15% off with code EXTRA15, free shipping on $50.