Spring Travel Capsule: Italian Edition

I was very taken with Steph's recent link to The Vivienne Files' post on packing for uncertain weather - so much so that I couldn't wait to try out the exercise with the items currently waiting in my suitcase. The forecast for Italy in Spring is changing daily so, each day, I figure I need to have options for 70-degree sun to 40-something-degree rain).

Here's how it all seemed to work out: I have 9 "looks," which could get me through as little as three days, depending on the weather and how much it fluctuates between morning and evening. The long sleeve tees are my version of lightweight cardigans, since I don't really own any of those. I also have a puffer coat and three more colors of thermal (not pictured, as they are already folded and packed up, borrowed from fab MaryK), some fleece-lined tights, and a super-fun, citron Totes umbrella (Angie-recommended and scored for $8 at TJ Maxx!). I think it's pretty decent for a single carryon suitcase and a 9-day trip.

The one thing that still niggles at me is whether or not I need to carry all the cold-weather items with me throughout the day. We won't be coming back to the hotel for pit stops, so it could be pretty cold at times. However, the sweater-thermal-scarf-hat bundle is a little more than I'd like to carry for ten-odd hours at a time. I hope we will be able to get on the internet and at least determine the expected lows and chances of rain!

Am I missing anything? Am I bringing too much? Do I need a bigger day bag to haul my warmies about?

One-Dollar Wonders
Gray layering tee
Jade green l/s tee
Gray striped F21 sweater dress
Navy F21 turtleneck sweater dress ($0.50)
Citron l/s tee ($0.50)

Honorable Mention
Destroyed Hudson Jeans - ~$2.50 via Goodwill Clearance Center
Teal scarf - free with purchase via Foreign Exchange
Red fishtail anorak - via ON clearance

Scottvest paprika trench
Dr. Martens Marcie boots - via Shoebuy
Apepazza boots - via Amazon
Guess daredevil jeans - via Guess 10 million years ago
Red scarf (gift)


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How to wear popped collars with long hair?

I love how Angie and suz look with their collars popped and flared. I have also really liked having some crisp shirts with collars that stand up, but I've only been wearing them very straight up, very close tot he neck, almost like a turtleneck, because this seems to interfere with my hair the least (pics 1-2).

Is it also okay to wear the collar wide with the hair down (pic 3)? Or does the collar look like some strange, winged creature is emerging from living in my 'do?


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