Stone Rose

Ugggggh, long movie line! But that gives me some time to post, anyway.

I really wanted to wear my rose gold leather jacket today, but the weather was so hot and humid it withered that idea away. So I dug out this old duster instead - it is more of a taupe but it does have a slight rosy undertone. I had forgotten how fun this duster is to swoosh around in. Charcoal jeans and tee to edge it up a little. Some of you won't like the bright bag with this, but I get a kick out of the one spot of saturation floating in the dust. Desert oasis!

And now... Guardians of the Galaxy! Wooot!

Free People duster - flea market
J. Crew tee - flea market
Gap jeggings - Gap
Varvatos sunnies - Rack
Tsubo sandals - flea market
Marc Jacobs bag - purchased at flea market and DIY at home


Blackfoot Bombshell

I think I mentioned this in the other thread, but I am keeping both colors of boot! Test drove the black ones today to be sure, and they are divinely comfy, so I'm sold. The leather is also much, much thinner than any of my other boots, making them perfect for S/S wear in CA. Maybe even year-round, to be honest. 

I had a hard time dressing this morning, so I ended up letting the boots be the star and wore them with my Free People mini and a super baggy tee to tone down the bombshell factor. Agate necklace to soften everything up and hopefully turn things more toward Urban Rock Sprite than Daria (not that I am against channelling Daria; it's just not part of my business persona). 

I am looking forward to stomping around in these with leggings and skinnies when it cools down!

DIY Marc Jacobs bag - bag found at flea market
Free People scrunch skirt - Nordies
Heather by Bordeaux tee - Rack
Sunnies - Nordies
Zinda Boots - Yoox
Agate necklace - Rack


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Perforated Peds & Baby Bangs

I posted my post-salon hair pics on yesterday's thread, but here is my new cut home-styled. In the future, I need to tell her I don't want the bangs to stick up; she cut a shorter under layer that pushes them up. Other than that, the cut is growing on me - and I think will look better as it grows out. It has gotten mostly positive reviews at work, although one client seemed to be politely silent after noticing I'd done something different... o_0 I think I will sweep the bangs to the side eventually, too. Just because my eyes are pretty darn asymmetrical, and that fact stands out more with the symmetrical bangs. Creeps me out!

The only other new additions are my Tsubo perforated sandals from Ebay. I am getting ready to sell a few pairs of shoes, and Tsubos are replacing them. This after wearing my tan wedges for days on end regardless of how well they did (or did not, waving at Anna for telling me like it is) go with my outfits. 

Not a super duper creative outfit, but it was comfy and felt edgy enough. I had the sleeves of the jacket down most of the day, only rolling them up at the very end when I had to do some circus-like balancing of shoe boxes up and down the stairs. 


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Out of the Sky, Into the Dirt

Arrived early at my hair appointment feeling shameless enough to take a selfie in the parking lot. :)

I feel like these pants are so out they're back in again. Satin khaki seamed bootcuts... so much wrong it's awesome. Paired with an oversized silk top to take the pants out of 1999. Pumps because it is Saturday and I like to feel dressed up for work on weekends.

Pants 50 cents at flea market
Top via Marshall's
Okalas from Zappos
Necklace from the Rack


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Flowy Mackrel

I guess green is officially my color of the season, although I definitely did not plan it that way. Went to return boots to the Rack and left with this Becca tunic. I think it is technically a swim coverup, but there seemed to be none the wiser when I wore it to work. The print kind of makes me think of the back of a mackrel - perfect for Urban Warrior Mermaid!

It is sheer, so I wore a matching Nike sport bra underneath and aimed to keep it dressy in my Okala pumps. I also tucked in one side of the tunic/coverup to give it the illusion of a decorative drape. Very comfortable on a HOT day. I will definitely wear this again.

Becca coverup - $15 at the Rack
Nike bra - Rack
Kelsi Dagger bag - flea market
Big Star jeans - Nordies
Vince Camuto necklace - Nordies

ETA: Added inferior indoor pic to show side tuck better.


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Linen & Leather

This is from yesterday, but I wore the same top again today. Finally calmed down enough to wear a topper to the store. Fell in love with this Veda jacket all over again... found a L available here, just in case. ;)

Trying out an indoor outfit spot, too. What do you think? 

Veda Boss jacket - Rack
Joie tank - Savers
Vince linen joggers - Ebay
Tsubo sandals - flea market
Varvatos glasses - Rack
Kelsi Dagger bag - flea market


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"Pregnant" Mermaid

A dear diary moment: my very first, "Are you... *nudge nudge*?" Sigh. I guess it's my fault for gaining weight, but it doesn't feel very good. 

But DH liked the outfit, and my coworker said I looked like a mermaid. So maybe that averages out? -_-

Millau mesh metallic sweater - $1 at flea market
Max Studio hi-low mesh dress - $1 at flea market
House of Harlow pendant - $20 at the Rack
Tsubo wedges - $10 at flea market


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WIW to geek out over old-time baseball uniforms

DH and I made it up to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on my day off, so we finally got to see their baseball exhibit! Big fun!

My outfit shots are from the flea market we hit up on the way - I did not end up buying the booties, but this vendor had a nice selection. 

The baseball exhibit drew me in with all the fabulous uniforms they had on display. From the 1700s cricket uniform in #9 to the 1940s satin Dodger's jersey in #13 (I want me one of these!). I bought DH a cashmere shawl collar sweater a couple of years ago, and we have plans to do it up a bit like #7 for him, only he wants a Detroit Tigers' patch. :) *Waving at Aida!* #3 is a Ty Cobb ad, because I love Ty Cobb. 

I was surprised to be quite interested in the rest of the museum area as well, which focused on Ronald Reagan. They had a full-sized replica of the oval office as well as a full-sized, shoulders-up, rideable model of RR's horse. DH took a pic of me on the later, but he doesn't have time to send them to me yet. :(
14 - Straight jacket used on Cold War political prisoners (I think. Should have taken a pic of the plaque)
15 - RR's riding boots
16/17 - First Lady style!
18 - Air Force One

I hope this wasn't too off-topic - sporty looks are in, right??


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These PJ Jeans never fail! Although they were a total impulse purchase, they are definitely an MVP item this year. I needed soft, comfortable items after so much running about the store, and these came through for me. Paired with other workhorses: my bulletproof Pleione tank and soft Tildon crop top. 

The one thing I am not happy with is the shoes. My foot now shoots straight through the front band, which leaves my toes hanging off and the edge of the shoe digging into me. Hopefully I can resell them for a little something as they are still in pretty good condition. One of the downsides of low-volume feet. :T


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Crop Top w/ Blazer

I was blessed with tandem open parking spaces when I got home from work yesterday, so I was able to get a quick outdoor photo - yay! Not too special of an outfit, but I am still a bit in FFBO mode. 

Handmade (not by me) crop top - flea market
Trouve blazer - Nordies
Madewell linen tee - Madewell
Big Star jeans - Nordies
Kelsi Dagger bag - flea market
Tsubo wedges - flea market
Varvatos sunnies -

I think I prefer this particular crop top with baggy jeans, but meh... next time. :) I need all the sale madness to be over so I can start having fun with fashion again!