NotAS - but I have this on hold...

I've always had trouble shopping NAS because we don't get much F/W here, and now that I'm moving about all day I can wear my warmies even less. SO, even though there are a few things that have me drooling, the only thing I am considering is this Haute Hippie printed silk anorak - marked down to Rack price, summer weight, can be worn as a jacket or dress, and it's got this crazy ram skull print in the back that feels very McQueen in a way. I'm leaning toward returning a cotton/leather-sleeved jacket I bought and getting this instead. Thinking the lighter weight will be more wearable? Sorry no pix on me, but the coworker whose style sense I trust most gave it a thumbs up.


Quick Shout-Out to Elie Tahari

I just wanted to share a quick and pleasant story about my recent customer service experience with Elie Thari!

Most of you must be familiar by now with my sand colored draped leather jacket (which I copied from Zap, old photo below). A couple weeks ago I noticed that, after having it for only about 3 months, the leather had torn significantly underneath one arm. I wrote into both Bluefly (where I had purchased the jacket) and Elie Tahari themselves. I was hoping to get a partial reimbursement to take it to a leather repair shop. 

While Bluefly stood by their policy of a 14 day return policy, Elise from Elie Tahari asked me for the style info on the jacket. After sending in some photos and providing the information and delivery date on my original receipt, Elise informed me that they were actually able to replace the jacket completely! She also gave me further information on the leather (Goat Nappalan skin... it only says "lamb leather" on the tag) and explained that it is more delicate than regular lamb leather.

The new jacket arrived today, and it's indeed the exact same one, in perfect condition. 

I had to share this with you, because I have already raved about the jacket. I'm so happy I don't have to eat my words. Thank you, ET, for standing behind your product! I will continue to adore my jacket... although I won't plan to wear it on highly physical appointments anymore. ;)


Spinoff: What are you NEVER in the mood to buy?

Spinning off of Una's post on what you always love to buy: what are those things you can barely force yourself to buy, even if you desperately need them?

Me, I really really really hate buying underwear. There, I've said it. I wait and wait and then buy a huge, hulking, bulk utilitarian stack of them to replace the whole lot at once. I simply cannot be bothered with clothing not visible to the public. 

I also hate buying basics. They are the hardest thing to source for me, because without all the bells & whistles, they have to hide all my flaws and keep me comfy with very little to go on. PLUS they are so dang boring to look at. I only force myself to find them after the discomfort of going without reaches critical mass. 

Warm weather clothing. Makes no sense living where I do, but summer clothing bores me to tears, and I take it as a personal affront that my body instantly becomes my main accessory. I am hardly willing to part with any moolah for summer wear... in the land of endless summer. o_0

Over to you - what do you procrastinate on buying?


WIW... in my ears! & K/R Tortoise Print Top

I can finally use the phrase I need X like I need a hole in the head - because with these two new ones in my ears, I'm all full up of the necessary holes. lol. 

I had pierced my ears at the mall once when I turned 13 and got the most horrible infections. I had been seriously put off ever piercing ever since. But how about this? I turned 13 on Friday the 13th, and I will turn 30 this Friday the 13th, '13. Time to try again! But this time we went to a place listed in the Association of Professional Piercers, an organization dedicated to top-notch sterilization in an autoclave, use of implant-grade metals, and general expertise in piercing. My piercer, Ron, was super patient, answered all my paranoid questions, and did an amazing job. I highly recommend the APP for finding top-notch piercers. 

In other news, my Nordies Employee Discount order arrived today, and most everything is going back (still no light colored dress pants for me!), but how about this blouse? Even with my discount, it was not a cheap shirt, but the silk is of amazing quality, and I love the wrinkle-and-tummy-disguising print and colors. The downside would be that it has a sort of bell sleeve that cannot be rolled or scrunched. I am pretty set on keeping it, but this is one item I had been stalking since it first came out... please talk me down if it is not perfect. I've added a lot of nice things this year, and it won't kill me to pass if it isn't a 10. 

Thank you for your time - I have been scarce here because of splitting up birthday time between different people, but I have been YLF-stalking you all!


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What I kept for F/W 2013 overhaul (long, wordy, and pic heavy)

Shannon, Suz, MaryK, and everyone else reviewing their seasonal spending inspired me to do the same and take a serious look at the damage I have done this season. Some of you know it was a hard year for me in more ways than one - I went through a traumatic event, changed jobs drastically, and changed many of my wardrobe needs in the process. My shoe collection especially needed an entire revamp. Note that many items I bought for S/S are still getting lots of wear because of our weather here.

So, looking back at my receipts to make sure I didn't miss anything, I've kept these clothing items:

  1. Dark turquoise leather moto (won out over rose gold Muubaa and galaxy moto - both returned or resold)
  2. Blood red Guess moto (lucky find bought for wear-red days at work, replacing blush Muubaa as it is less $$ and a more needed color)
  3. Vince Camuto citron silk shirt (replacing old poly Ann Taylor shirt)
  4. Tahari leather jacket (Zap copycat, replacing United Face outdoor jacket. Price offset by reselling)
  5. Vince Camuto green draped blouse (replacing the silk one that fell apart)
  6. Theory lanai Blazer off Ebay (replacing AllSaints denim jacket)
  7. Theory taupe blazer from Marshall's (replacing taupe cutaway blazer)
  8. Lululemon Urbanite blazer (replacing cutaway Gibson blazer)
  9. Madewell blue colorblock dress
  10. Theory new recovery navy pants (replacing cobalt Sloans)
  11. Halogen cashmere blend hi-low sweater

*Also sold and purged much more that were irrelevant to new activity levels to further offset spending. But it seemed to make more sense to only list the direct replacements.

And these footwear items:

  1. Ash green leather wedge sneaks (partially funded by reselling worn 80%20 calf hair wedges. fits nicely into work footwear capsule)
  2. Vaneli cat flats (replacing Crocs flats)
  3. Paul Green Optimist boots (funded by replacing tan lace-up Fryes, cognac platform Timberlands, and tan Vic Matie boots, all resold)
  4. Ugg Cortona convertible boots (funded by replacing chocolate brown Frye boots, chocolate Apepazzas, and black Gidigio buckle boots)
  5. Oh! Shoes black platform dress booties
  6. Earthies burgundy pointed toe pumps (replacing gold glitter pumps that no longer fit and were too high for work)

Honorable mention:

  1. My olive Burberry trench (which doesn't really count since it was from windfall money and also my milestone birthday gift to myself, which I have not yet "received" since my bday is in December!)
  2. Purple Zella coated jacket, which was bought for warmer weather but has seen lots and lots more use in Fall. 
  3. Anthro brocade pants, which were bought with a gift card but are still part of the F/W acquisitions.

On one hand, this kind of gave me the heebie-jeebies and made me feel like a glutton to type up, because I spent much more than in the past. On the other hand, it's refreshing, because I've actually accumulated less stuff than in the past - and for possibly the first time, I've actively replaced an item that has worn out, rather than getting sick of it first and donating. On the other hand, if we're going by Mo's theory that we don't need any more than 6 items in one category, I've almost bought an entire season's wardrobe here! But on the other hand, well, it makes sense to buy a new wardrobe for a completely new lifestyle (from 99% sedentary to 100% active). 

So, to heck with it, I'm going to call it a wash on the wardrobe morality scale (it almost was a wash monetarily... almost... almost... I still have a few more things I might sell). It actually doesn't look so bad when it's put in terms of a wardrobe overhaul, right? And I've been using the heck out most of these items already. 

I am very curious to see how this wardrobe holds up over time - this is by far the happiest I have ever been with mix-ability, re-wear-ability, and comfort. I feel like these pieces should get me far and allow me to purchase less next year, provided that I don't have anymore career upheavals. But since I've never done this before, it's all simply hypothesis. 

Do any of you have greater perspective on this? Has your wardrobe been a well-oiled machine one year and completely broken down the next (because of changes in fashion or personal taste)? Or is it true that, once you get in a good tune-up, you can get by with proper maintenance? 


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Galaxy Moto is here - now with DAY lighting

So to be honest I wasn't expecting to like this when I ordered it. So many times I'll order and it will be easily eliminated. 

But this jacket is really well made. Similarly to the neoprene Zara I tried on at Shoptoberfest, I like how crisp it is. The lining is also more of a mesh; not that sticky polyester garbage bag feeling.

Styled simply as if for work... what do you think, honestly? Do I come across as too silly or out there? I would probably also style it with navy and charcoal gray. 

There are two prints: one with more citron, one with more pink. DH likes them but doesn't like the pink as much. For reference for anyone else mulling it over, I got the size M. I probably could also wear a small, but the M gives more ventilation. 

ETA: I'm open to returning both if it looks too teenybopperish for me.

EATA: Here are some pics with an actual, well-powered light source. The jacket colors are much more true to life here. I have eliminated the other pattern because my gut tells me hot pinks and blues are way less me than the oranges and yellows in this one. 

Please excuse the mirror spots that seem to appear in one pic and (see, cameras reveal all where the naked eye FAILS!)


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Cosmic Print Moto - for Una? Me? ...?

Came across this crazy galaxy moto. Not sure what my intentions are for it, but I had to share it!


K/R Kitty Flats (waving at Vicki)'cat_face'_slipper:575383&cm_pla=shoes:women:flats&cm_ven=Google_Product_Ads&mr:referralID=3da2e3b5-4339-11e3-bae4-001b2166c2c0 I had been all agog over the Charlotte Olympia cat flats when they first came out. 

But not even I am willing to spend $700 on cat flats. Knock offs surfaced, but always at a poor quality level. 

Enter these Vanelis, which Zappos says are leather lined (though it does not say on the actual shoe what they are made of). 

You guys know I always feel stumpy in flats, but these might be a more fashionable alternative to my Crocs when I need a break from heels. 

What do you think? Cat goggles?


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Ugg Cortona Convertible Black - decision made

They are mine, all mine!

DH really likes them, the heel is perfect for both my arch and the ball of my foot, and the black makes them just subtle enough. 

As DH put it, I don't feel like I'm walking with a sign saying, "Behold, citizens! I am wearing tall boots today!"

The even better news is that now I am probably breaking even on them or even making a little petty cash. I finally had the epiphany that I just don't enjoy styling my tall brown boots, so I'm going to sell those and some tall black ones that will be redundant with the Uggs. I will have to get my dose of brown in my shorter boots.

The exception will be my triple lace boots, which a) count as art! and b) are easier to style because of the great, wide expanse of black laces. 

*clapping hands* I love it when things start making more sense...


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Romancing the Stone

Two appointments yesterday were for dressier, romantic styles, so I wen't dressier and more romantic - not a RATE element to be found!

This BP necklace is my attempt and prolonging the life of the spiked one Una found for me, off of which I have managed to wear most of the gold plating that touches my neck. I really like it for adding modesty to my low-buttoned necklines while not shortening my short neck. 

This shirt is a new Trouve I got while I had an extra discount but, although I was madly in love with the style, I have stopped recommending it. This is the first outing, and the back seam ripped almost all the way down. It was not tight in the shoulders, and you can see it did not gape in the bust. I had to exchange for the size up since my size was not in the store, and I didn't want to run about nekkid. The size up is not bad, but it doesn't make me want to prance like my regular size did. :(

I know I'm yammering on, so I'll just do a fast shoe update: for major, hard wear with lots of speed, turns, and quick stops, these Earthies were only good for 3-4 hours. They are much better for slow days. :T

Trouve blouse - Nordies
BP necklace - BP
Gap jeggings - ebay
Brahmin bag - Nordies
Earthies Saravena - ebay