Ruh-Roh... Unplanned Rose Gold Muubaa ETA styled pics

One of the perils of buying and selling clothing... eventually there will come a time when you want to keep something. 

Had bought this rose gold Muubaa at a really fab price to resell on Ebay and make a quick little profit to put into my clothing fund. But it is much lighter weight than expected, so I slipped it on... 

It would actually be a great topper to wear with my bridesmaid dress in September (outdoor reception at night), and with the cotton lined body and scrunchable sleeves, I can wear it to work, too. It's much less shiny than in the modeled pictures I had seen. 

What do you think? I can shift it over to the "wedding outfit" budget and be good accounting-wise. Thinking of it with plain tops and solid bottoms for work. Maybe my sloans, midi skirts, Boss slacks... 

ETA: Close up on face and a couple styled photos. Nothing too warm, unfortunately, since it's 95 here with no a/c. DH says the color is good... maybe it's not the same in pictures? A la what Angie says about her ability to wear beige as long as it is shiny?


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Fell off the wagon & got dragged along behind it

Well, I made it all of... two weeks without placing any orders or buying anything new. But I guess the title of this post says it all. o_0

My SYC transgressions from yesterday, per my original plan to return only and not repurchase:

- Exchange: Very sadly returned my Topshop hi-low shirt dress because the fabric will. not. stay. ironed. And I was even willing to iron it rather than steam! Ordered a BB non-iron shirt dress off Ebay for less than half the cost. 

- Exchange: Returned the Modcloth cat dress, as I felt like I was settling for "good enough." I want to hold out for a cat dress that I feel as great about as the Equipment cat shirt. The failure, though, is that I love my Airport Greeting cardi so much that I ordered a duplicate in burgundy. 

- Possible Exchange: Sold an unworn jacket on Ebay and stupidly started browsing utility jackets, thinking I was safe since I hadn't seen one I liked online in a couple years. But then I saw this BCBGeneration version that looks perfect in the pic and says 100% cotton, and it was only available at one retailer. I even called in to ask about the lining material, hoping a poly lining might deter me, but they said it was cotton. With extra $ floating around, I could not help but at least give it a try for something I've waited 15 years for. 

- Finally, I straight-up cracked and ordered the Ara black patent booties after seeing them on Shannon and nursing my sore feet for the Nth week in a row and finding them at an extra 20% off. BUT this literally kept me awake last night, and I emailed the company asking for a cancellation. They are working on it, but they may not be able to stop the process in time. Very small victory for SYC.

So, I came out at a wash monetarily (assuming the Aras can be cancelled), but it is a little bit of a mental disappointment. I wanted to be able to say I could pass up anything this time. Objectively, the first year at a new job is not a great time for a shopping ban, and two of these items will make existing wardrobe items work for work. But still... you know. 

I am not looking for floggings this time around, and I know that I am the one who has to want to do a thing in order to do it. All I can do is reset the X-days-since-last-purchase counter and see if I can beat my previous score.
I hope that, as I iron out the kinks in my wardrobe for on the job comfort and function, the days between orders will gradually increase. 

Words of wisdom and tips welcome - how do you go about changing old habits, editing and re-editing in a new environment, or sticking to a goal?


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K/R: Divergent Panther Dress - ETA another possibility at bottom.

The packages from my last round of orders (the ones that spawned my I've Got to Stop Ordering Stuff post) are making their way in. 

I know this dress is not typically my style, nor is it 00Noir or UWP. I knew that when I bought it, but the panthers still called to me. I have been looking for a fun cat dress for years and haven't even tried one since the disastrous hospital gown look a year ago. Most cat dresses feature either ugly cat images or Way Too Frilly design elements or baby powder pastels. 

At least the colors on this are somewhat sober. And the fit-flare skirt doesn't give me the usual pooch enhancement. 

My main question: does this look too young for me? I'm not built as delicately as our resident fit-flare queen, so I'm not sure if it just looks silly on my body type, too. 


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K/R: dressy-ish black boots

I noticed that a big wardrobe hole is a dressy-ish black boot that I can wear to work. I was initially thinking to go for a Report Marks alternative, but the Clark's I ordered with that in mind didn't work for my feet. I also would have loved a black version of my Frye Julias, but those aren't around anymore. These are Timberland, and super duper comfortable, just like my other Timberlands. 

Do you think the slight ankle bagging makes them too casual or stompy? Or just unflattering? I want something really simple and sorta sleek to go with outfits like this, which can't handle a lot more personality. 

You'd think I'd be able to tell for myself, but I have notorious boot blinders. 


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True Religion Cameron Missouri Fit Review

I love 100% cotton distressed jeans, and I wanted a slim BF jean that DH might not hate so much, so after Angie and Mo's success with the cameron, I gave them a try in this super distressed finish (Missouri wash). DH did not end up liking the rear view or the whiskering, but I thought I'd add some pics to the forum for anyone else who might consider the fit.

I really love the wash! The fabric is soft and comfy, and the blue has that absolutely perfect, lived-in look. 

The fit is strange, though, compared to what I've read about the Camerons. 27 is my normal size in fitted jeans right now, and these are hardly boyfriend fit at all - just a bit of room in the thighs, and that's it. I think a 26 would fit like a regular skinny. I might have actually tried the 26 to see if DH liked the rear view better, but they were sold out. 

Anyway, there it is! Beware of varied washes! And if you aren't sure, order multiple sizes before they're gone. :)

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PSA: Nude Trouve-ish/Rick Owens-ish leather jacket under $300

Ogled this in the store today, and thought of how popular the navy Trouve was a while back.The description says "taupe," but it is more of a nude IMO. Really cute with all the spring brights and neons, but also pretty with black. Just sayin' is all.


For the Canadian & EU Ladies - Awesome Custom Trench Site

I was devastated to see that they do not service the US. Choose colors, stitching, trim, contrast patterns, collar style, length, and more. Similar to the bespoke Burberry site but way less expensive!


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K/R: North Face Allena Trench Initial Review (pic heavy)

Zappos never lets me down - I received the North Face "Allena" trench today and popped it on immediately to see how things went.

Color: Somewhere between SSB and caramel. Not the worst beige on me, but not the best color ever. Would be better with a flattering colored top or scarf.

Form/Fit: I followed the North Face sizing chart, and I'd say it is perfectly true to size. It does not look gigantic on me, yet I can layer a thick polar fleece jacket underneath with no pulling or strain. I like that the waist sits lower than my J. Crew trench. Sleeves are nice and long, too. The back is also pretty nicely cut and does not form a huge, baggy bubble as many trenches I tried last year had done. It does however feel big when left open, probably due to the fabric. Drapes like gear, not like fashion.

Function: I believe it is truly breathable. It is 70F here today, and I did some pushups and crunches in it without feeling clammy. I also like the zip pocket placed between the inner zipper and the buttons (pic 4). This would have been *wonderful* for travel, providing for security but also allowing access to quick cash or a Metro pass without opening up the coat all the way. The hood is good and doesn't feel like it will slide off while walking. The real major downside is that the belt is way to short to tie in a slipknot the way I like. Seems like it stays okay with just a quick twist, but not sure if it would after continued movement.

Compared to color of the J. Crew Icon trench shown in pics 6-7.

Overall Impression for Me: I am very torn. It won't pass as a Burberry or anything, but it's so functional and fits well. Part of me wants to keep it, but not so much that I don't want to get the olive one I've bid on. This one would be perfect for Serious Rain, I think, but how often do I encounter that? And is a hood and extra breathability enough to make it my Only Trench, bumping out the J. Crew and my rust Scottevest trench? I just don't know.


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impulse buys - silver python and more

Tagged along on dh's flea market trip "to get some air." Just to prove I am sometimes full of it I left with two bags! 2 for $20, how could I say no? Fist is a snake leather bag by Nine West, second is a nylon Zella that will be wonderful when I need to give my arms a rest. I will make room bypassing on older bags. Excited to try an outfit with the silver especially!


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Glass Slipper Hunt Results Are In...

Robert Clergerie rafia sneakers were eliminated quickly (#2). They are the correct size, but my toenails catch on the rafia (gross), and my bare feet stick to the soles and make a yucky smacking sound when I walk. No point in rafia shoes you have to wear socks with.

Dansko sandals (#3-6) are soooooo comfy, but I didn't feel like any of the outfits were as good as or better than their versions with the galaxy shoes (although I do love the look with midis and skinnies). The toe box looks a teeny tiny bit bulbous on my narrow foot, and I don't think the bright color works for me in this style. If a discounted pair happens along my path in black or brown, I may snap it up for sore-footed work days, but it is not my Glass Slipper.

So there you have it! Galaxy oxfords win all the way, baby. (#7) Low contrast to the leg, functions as a neutral by going with so many colors, DH likes them, and they're comfy. YLF Forum approved *and* not a duplication in any way. Unique with a great story and symbolism. Hard to argue with that!

Most importantly, I can't tell you how thankful I am to the Fairy Godmothers who made this slipper hunt possible. Beside the thrill of a new pair of shoes and the warmth of a wonderful gesture, this has been something to keep my mind occupied and focused on the future - new outfits to create, a new chapter in the job story, Spring, Summer, and all. I will get the warm fuzzies and an off-the-charts happiness quotient each and every time they come out to play. <3 <3 <3 XOXOXO


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