Asphalt Ballet

Another try wit my flared skirt. Last time, I wore it with a sweater vest and Anna astutely noticed it didn't look like me. Hoping this is better, but if it continues to feel weird it was only a $5 experimental divergence from tube skirts.

Worn with a sweetheart tee to help balance bareness of legs and with booties to help balance weight of leather moto.

Muubaa jacket - Ebay
B44 tee - Rack
H&M skirt - H&M
Report booties - Amazon
Anya Hindmarch bag - Ebay

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  • mrseccentric replied 6 years ago

    hullo rae!!  well, you alwasy look adorabley tough and chic so there's that. On this look i'm noticing that it's kind of cut off halfway between light and dark and i'm thinking you usually lean more towarads one or the other.  i do think this skirt is really cute and pretty on you, so here's some ideas i had where you mite like it more....

    I'd try styling it in a monochrome/tone type look as one idea. Mix it with bone, ovory, cream, taupe, griege, whatever, and i do like those nude booties with this skirt too. Maybe show more of your arms/neck/shoulders (or any combo of same) to bring that 'nudity' or Angie would call it structure up towards your top half to bring things together more.

    i'd also consider shortening the skirt just an inch or two - you can be lazy like me and just fold the waistband over once or twice to see how you like the look.  You could also try it with a tailored/close fit tee or cami with a cropped topper with elbow length or shorter sleeves (could just be scrunched up).  Or go the other way and wear a slouchy, looser fit short/cap/sleeveless tee (like your madewell linen vee-neck) and a big scarf around your neck/shoulders. Keep your arms and legs free of covering so you don't look overwhelmed.

    Another strategy, and if i recall correctly you're no stranger to this, is to dye it darker so it 'blends' more with your larger darker wardrobe. At the end of all this what's most striking to me is that it's a lot of really light so you're having a bit of a think as to how to get the proportions of value how you like them.

    Anyways, hope this inspires a fun idea or two. Have a great weekend, and thank you for giving me brain a bit of exercise :) steph

  • Joyce B replied 6 years ago

    I think it looks very nice. You always know how to put great outfits together.

  • rae replied 6 years ago

    Thanks, Steph. I don't mind the dark/light thing, but I know what you mean. I could try it with a light top for a more tonal look. I guess what I was asking is if a flared skirt in general is too femme for me. 

  • Adelfa replied 6 years ago

    I think it's fun. When Spring comes I always want a casual, feminine skirt.

  • fuzzylogic replied 6 years ago

    The boots and moto jacket 'toughen' up the softer style of the skirt, while the pop art handbag adds a modern element! I love well thought out contrast in an outfit and I think this works!!! But it still has to feel like you.

  • mrseccentric replied 6 years ago

    "I guess what I was asking is if a flared skirt in general is too femme for me.

    now i feel like a goof :)  but i know how to deal with that! :)

    good heavens no! you could get away with wearing a ball gown, for goodness sake!  your whole face and body is very femme, so there's no contradiction there at all.

    like fuzzylogic points out, the crux of it is if you feel it or not.  I am wondering if you're asking your question like, in general ever, or if you're trying for a degree of style consistency and want to add some item like this in that context? I'm just curious.

    also, if you end up not too excited about this skirt, as you know the devil's in the deets on these things. I of course thought of you in a leather gored/flare silhouette skirt, which then got me thinking about a leather supplier i know of and how much would that cost....lined with cotton/silk sateen, oh yeah baby come to momma! (again - obvious bias on my part!)

    at any rate, have fun and Happy Sunday!  i always love seeing your outfit posts, i must confess they're one of my favorites :)  steph

    nice everyday leather skirt found on The Day Book Blog

  • lyn* replied 6 years ago

    I think the leather skirt in Mrs Eccentric's post is very Rae!

    Good for you for trying new cuts of skirts - I just kinda rely on the old standby these days :)

    Love the booties!

  • Angie replied 6 years ago

    How fun to see you in a little flared skirt, Rae. Lots of sartorial change in your life since you became a SA at Nordies. Been fab seeing your look evolve to the next level. Loving the sweet skirt matched with the leather jacket and booties. xo

  • rae replied 6 years ago

    Steph, I should have said before, but I really appreciate all the thought you put into this! I do like the skirt a fair bit - I think you have touched on something in that the skirt is a divergence not only in shape but also in color and fabrication. Seems like it is not the end-all-be-all of all flared skirts for me. Maybe I will investigate a leather skirt for FW... :)

  • rabbit replied 6 years ago

    I like the skirt too,  I think I looked at that one at H&M and was thinking about tall black flat boots and a black short sleeved turtleneck. Whenever I try a new proportion there is a bit of experimentation to figure out how all the other parts work around it on my body, rather than an abstract figure.  Your look to my eyes is often so sleek and lean along with the drape and tailored bits that fullness in a light color around the thighs is different and offers different possibilities.   I like this look as well as the earlier one with the vest and long shirt (even though it was a departure style-wise).  I look forward to watching you style it (or another flared/pleated skirt) some more.

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