Fire Walk with Me

Another post at lunch time for me! My cat blouse was such a hit yesterday that I wore my cat pendant today... Funny enough it helped me bond with a customer today because she has an all-white cat. The firey pants are the ones MaryK inspired me to get at Shoptoberfest. Sore feet inspired the Crocs, but I think they look nice with the blazer.

Blazer - Modcloth
Black cami - Christmas gift
Jolt jeans - Marshall's
Crocs super molded flat - Crocs
White watch - Big Lots
Zella tote - flea market

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  • Thistle replied 6 years ago

    So fab and so put together! I love the personal touch of the kitty necklace!

    Yeah for comfy shoes and happy feet!

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Interesting to think that in your outfit planning, you might be incorporating conversational pieces in a new way. I wonder if that is true? Great outfit, by the way!

  • replied 6 years ago

    How do you find those crocs? I need to replace my ballet flats and I like the look of these!

    You look great!

  • Karie replied 6 years ago

    The kitty necklace adds the perfect final touch to a fab outfit!

  • shedev replied 6 years ago

    The kitty pendant is really cute, and I'm surprised by how nice those crocs are.

  • Sara L. replied 6 years ago

    Those crocs are really cute.  I didn't realize they made anything that looked like that.  I like the neutral basics with the colored jeans.

  • MsMary replied 6 years ago

    Well hello there, ombre jeans twin!!  I love how the crocs bookend the blazer in this outfit!  And the kitty pendant is fab!  You look awesome as usual!!

  • Caro in Oz replied 6 years ago

    More surprise that crocs can look so cute :)
    Love the jacket - such a great shape on you.

  • annagybe replied 6 years ago

    Love this!

  • K. Period. replied 6 years ago

    You look damn fine! Now excuse me, I need to go find a damn fine cup of coffee and slice of cherry pie. 

    ETA: MaryK, I couldn't help it! You can't make a Twin Peaks reference in my household without getting d-f'ed. 

  • MsMary replied 6 years ago

    That's a damn fine comment, K!  ;)

  • ElleH replied 6 years ago

    Great outfit & the crocs look fine. They are no different to Melissa shoes really. It is the original crocs that shouldn't be worn in public other than beaches, gardening etc. 

  • rae replied 6 years ago

    Ceit, they are sold out on the Crocs site, but greatly reduced on Amazon!

    Diane - oops, I mean K! - I'm glad you got the reference. ;)

  • replied 6 years ago

    Well that makes one of us! 

    But I love your outfit and I'm glad you got some kitty love out there today. This has to be one of the best burgundy jeans outfits I've seen (and a great color for you I might add). I love the cut of that blazer on you, too! 

  • Angie replied 6 years ago

    Earthy Chic and you have beautiful lips!

  • Transcona Shannon replied 6 years ago

    Love this colour combo and wow, those Crocs go great with the blazer. And thank goodness, they don't LOOK like Crocs - lol!

    Gain and Dusty Bottom wanted me to tell you they love your kitty flair :)

  • replied 6 years ago

    How do you find they fit? They are so cheap I might just order both sizes!

  • Hil replied 6 years ago

    Those ombre jeans are amazing! I worked in retail as a decorator for a short stint once and my black croc ballet flats were an absolute life saver! Yours work perfectly!

  • krishnidoux replied 6 years ago

    Like, like!

  • TraceyLiz65 replied 6 years ago

    I agree and love the way the blazer and shoes are bookends.. I have long been a crocs hater, but might have to revesit that!

  • rae replied 6 years ago

    Ceit, they ate a tad on the wide side for me. I was between an 8 and 9, so true to size. I went for the smaller though after finding posts online on how to stretch them to fit.

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