Just for fun: share your imaginary Bespoke Burberry Trench

I had too much fun with Anna's link in her bespoke post:

I was shocked to find that my trench would be fairly classic: olive, gunmetal hardware, throat latch, black liner, cursive monogram.

Of course, if the options were infinite, you might be looking at something totally different. Paprika pony hair? Citron? Paprika pony hair with a citron plaid leather undercollar?

I'd LOVE to see what variations we all came up with - please post some pics if you can!

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  • K. Period. replied 7 years ago

    I would, but how did you get it to save your pictures? I can't seem to do that.

    And you did see this with ponyskin sleeves, didn't you? http://us.burberry.com/store/w.....earch=true

  • Aida replied 7 years ago

    Rae that's almost the same as mine, except I did a different lining (and obviously something else since the price was a bit less; no monogram for me, that might be it). Too fun ^^

  • Jjsloane replied 7 years ago

    Ooh Fun. I ended up with a $8000+ Navy Abingdon with removable Finnish Mink liner. Awesome. Never happening. Could not figure out how to save photos. I'm not a fur gal, but it was Finnish (which I am) and imaginary so why not?

  • rae replied 7 years ago

    I just took screen captures of the images, no saving required. :)

    K, I love the color of the coat in that link, too!

  • catgirl replied 7 years ago

    I love the term "throat latch" - it sounds like something a knight would wear into battle. Will have to share mine -I created an account and saved it!

  • Gaylene replied 7 years ago

    Obviously I'm going to have to postpone my retirement. Too easy to spend $5000, but if I live to 113 and wear it every year, my CPW will be only $100 a year...

    I do realize that I probably won't look much like the model, especially in the last few years of my wearing this coat but, on the other hand, a 50 year-old leather coat will probably have a few wrinkles and age marks, too! :)

  • rae replied 7 years ago

    Can't wait to see yours, Una! I agree that throat latch is awesome.

    Gaylene, I love that you went with the full leather. With a coat like that, you would find a way to make it to 113, just to keep wearing it! ;)

  • catgirl replied 7 years ago

    I couldn't figure out the screen capture but here's a link to my saved post:


  • Gaylene replied 7 years ago

    Hey, I'm all about the Euro-minimalist wardrobe where you intend to wear your clothes for several years. I've just never contemplated a 50 year stretch until now...

    Una, I love that coat--especially those sleeve tabs.

  • catgirl replied 7 years ago

    I'ts like buying kitchen cabinets - every single change is a minimum of a few hundred dollars!

  • Julie replied 7 years ago

    Hey, everyone. To save the pictures posted here, you must first right click on the thumbnail, then on "Open Link in New Tab/Window". Once the window or tab opens, go to it and right click on "Save Image As".

    Hope this helps.


  • rae replied 7 years ago

    Ooh, love it! Great color, and I love the double belt, even though I don't have enough waist to double-belt myself.

    Here's a screencap of Una's just to have it here on the thread. :)

  • Diana replied 7 years ago

    Here is mine. Not sure you can read the details, so it is:
    Wellclose zip 84 cm
    Black cotton gabardine
    classic check lining
    red cashmere liner (only available for some reason if you choose the classic check lining)
    classic check undercollar with throat latch
    leather overcollar
    wide belt
    total just under $3000 - a bargain! ;)

  • Diana replied 7 years ago

    oops - double post

  • kkards replied 7 years ago

    i'm glad to know that i'm not the only one who does this. every 6 months or so, i build my dream coat....then look at the price....google trench coats to see if there is anything out there that i might like at a price i might want to spend....and then give up...

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