PSA: Taupe UWP Trench on sale at ASOS

draped UWP trench that even looks fun closed up. I would totally get this for myself - except y'all already beat it into me that I don't need another mid-toned trench. :)

The photos show it as more of a tan color, but the runway shows it as a color that looks just like the Brooks Brothers. Color listed as "taupe," so the video should be correct (styled photos always get Photoshopped, anyway). 

$127.28 + 10% off with code: TAKE10

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  • replied 5 years ago

    Cute find!

  • Transcona Shannon replied 5 years ago

    Nice jacket!

  • Marley replied 5 years ago

    Wow!  Love this!  However, I have pulled out two  - yes TWO - trenches from my closet since the YLF trench coat frenzy a few weeks ago - and neither one of them are 'right' for me - but I'm not sure what's wrong.  It may be that I just don't have the body for a trench coat - I just don't know.  I am ashamed to admit that one of them is a Burberry that I got at NAS 5 years ago, and still paid over $700. for - and I've worn it once - yep, once - and felt frumpy in it.  Something about the fit is just wrong.  So, before I go buying/trying  another trench I've got to figure out what to do with the two that I have - the other one is a Michael Kors and the fit and feel on me is much better than the Burberry - I should probably put it into my "wear" closet this fall and start getting some use out of it.  In the meantime, the Burberry is really nagging at me.  Rae - should I try to sell it on EBay?  What would you recommend?  I guess I could bring it to the Shoptoberfest and let everybody take a look at it and help me figure it out?  I don't know - but SEVEN-HUNDRED bucks!  Ack!!!!

  • rae replied 5 years ago

    Ack, Marleeeey! You have a secret Burberry languishing? Hm, 5 years ago... yes, bring it to Shoptoberfest (or post here beforehand) just in case you are crazy and it looks great on you. ;) You could sell on Ebay, but I am not sure what you'd get. My black one was only the price of a North Face coat. 

  • Marley replied 5 years ago

    Yes Rae - I do.  I'll try to post here this weekend (I think our camera will be here - we use it at work, so its almost always there - but I'll ask DH to bring it home this weekend.)  I am sick about that Burberry - what the heck what I thinking?  I promise it doesn't look good on me - but, I'll post pics just to let you all confirm that I'm right about that.  (I'm kind of pouting about it ;-) - boo-hoo!)

  • Vicki replied 5 years ago

    Marley, I would suggest selling on eBay, too.  You could probably do very well with it, since it's hardly been worn, and the photos will tell the story.

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