Shapeless Sack Dress & Other Swap Meet Outfits (pic heavy)

Oh, what a difference some good light makes! I really must start leaving work on time on a regular basis so that I can take my outfit photos the right way (yes, it turns out I am really vain and want my schedule to revolve around self portraits). 

Anyhow, I have been lax about both posting and commenting here, so I wanted to catch up a bit. DH and I hit up a swap meet a couple of times - twice on our own and once with our favorite double-date couple. Consequently, I am sporting the results of our post-retail therapy these days. 

#1-3 features a new-to-me silk/sequins Matty M dress, $0.50. It is technically too big, as I could fit a whole extra bazoom inside, but I think that makes it look more modern. Odd poses while I try to convey the swishy-slinky drape that prevents this sack dress from feeling like a sack of potatoes. 

#4 is just something I threw on for the flea market. Nothing new. 

#5 shows the top I wore on my airplane rides. Young Fabulous & Broke for $0.50. Paired with F21 mini. 

#6-7 center on this sheer, emerald plaid... blazer-ish... thing my friend Amanda convinced me to buy. I was unsure of the oversized look, but I came to like it. I really love the color and, at another $0.50, it's a fun experiment. Target brand. 

#8 I have not really debuted yet, but it's a fun photo inside a flea market tent. I have this soft, printed blazer slated for an outfit real soon. Also originally from Target, also $0.50. 

And that was my escapism... we are still in our apartment, still living with all our stuff packed in boxes, still waiting for a move date. Long story short, we are buying a unit in a co-op, and so the loan process is extra annoying. Sigh. I hope it will be over soon. :T

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  • MsLuna replied 4 years ago

    Your outfits are amazing! I'm especially a fan of that swishy dress in 1-3, but maybe because I just like the drapey + rate aesthetic :)

  • Day Vies replied 4 years ago

    #1 is my favorite. I love the seaming on that white jacket. Plus a black white and yellow combo is just SO striking!

  • Susie replied 4 years ago

    You put together the most interesting looks! The dress is such fun and I love the black and white jacket.

    I think I have that same bag, though mine might be smaller. I love it with black and white!

  • rachylou replied 4 years ago

    #1-3 blow me away. Fantastic.

    I have that Target suit. We're twins :)

  • Adelfa replied 4 years ago

    I love you in the blue-greens of 6/7!!!

    My house took forever to close, but it eventually did. Hope yours does soon.

  • jackiec replied 4 years ago

    I love the first outfit so much I can't stand it! You look like the cover of a magazine! The crisp white blazer against the loose dress is amazing. Plus the shoes, plus the bag. Wow. All I can say is wow :)

  • rabbit replied 4 years ago

    loving 1-3 (want to see the detail of the dress) and #5

    Also you look great in sea-glass green/blues.

  • Missey replied 4 years ago

    Rae, you are lovely, as always!  Your flea market finds are amazing!  I always find it so hilarious when you post flea market and swap meet finds because they obviously vary drastically by location.  In central MN a swap meet or flea market will turn up some old farm equipment, "collectibles" (a nebulous term), canning supplies, etc.  No fashion to be found.  However, there is usually a church fod tent that is worth checking out ;).  And, the people watching is unparallelled.  I say this with love  and respect, because this really is where I live :)

  • JulieJohn replied 4 years ago

    He he, extra bazoom. Snicker.

    I am enjoying all of these. You look great in both jackets, I especially like the second navy/white one. You are playing on the cheap, and I am doing it even more cheaply by vicariously watching you. The savings here are incredible! (Girl Math and then some)

  • Karie replied 4 years ago

    What fabulous finds! Looks like you had a great time at the flea markets and came up with a lot of goodies! My fav is the sequin dress, it's swishy and fun. 

    And I had to laugh when I read your comment about selfies - it's true for me too, since the lighting is usually so bad around here. In fact, I need to hurry up right now because the best lighting for my morning selfie is about to pass me by - and oh yeah, there's that "I've got to get to work" thing ;)

  • Aida replied 4 years ago

    You're looking great as usual Rae! FUN sequin dress, I hope we can get photos of that in all its sparkly glory soon. The casual outfits are fab. The BIG roll looks so perfect on you, I haven't mastered it yet. I can't believe that #5 isn't a dress, what a perfect match! Also fun flea market finds, I remember those tents ^^

    (Gogo co-op board! Don't they know they can't leave you in boxes!?)

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