Speaking of watches... fit rules for bracelet styles?

Inge's Link Love posts regarding watch trends reminded me of a question that's been niggling at me: is it ok to wear "boyfriend"/ "bracelet" style watches loose like a bangle bracelet? Or must they be fitted, lest I look like a complete watch amateur? 

I have never bothered to shorten my watch straps, because I prefer the look of the chunky watch hanging low on my arm - as opposed to adding bulk to my dainty wrists, which I like to show. 

Is there etiquette for this? Or even if there is, any chance it's like wearing white after Labor Day?
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  • Diana replied 6 years ago
    I don't think there's really an etiquette.  Personally it annoys me a lot to wear my watches loose because they rotate and bang on everything, plus they are in the way when I type.  I like to wear my watches tight above my wrist bone where they are out of the way.  I don't really like to wear loose bangles either for that reason.  I think it looks cool though!
  • Hil replied 6 years ago
    I seem to remember reading somewhere, when I was debating the purchase of my current, large boyfriend style Fossil, that they are meant to hang loose, which is kind of how I prefer my watches anyway. I did remove one or two links though... I have quite skinny wrists. If only the rest of me were as skinny! :)
  • Transcona Shannon replied 6 years ago
    I wear different styles of watches different ways. If the strap is leather and  buckles up, I wear it fairly snug above the wrist bone. If it's a metal linked bracelet on the watch, I wear it loose and let is slide around. I'm guessing there's no real rules to follow - just personal preference.
  • Tina.b replied 6 years ago
    I wear a men's watch and I like it a bit loose so it can slide up and down a bit. But not so loose that it could flip around.
  • Sara L. replied 6 years ago
    I wear my watches snug no matter what the style of the watch is, because I find it annoying when they slide around and bang on my desk and keyboard.  It's think it's really up to personal preference though.  Both loose and tight look fine to me when I see them on other people.
  • Aida replied 6 years ago
    Hmm if there is I don't think I follow it! I like oversized watches, and if the bands are metal (as I prefer) there is often just no way the band will get small enough for my wrists. The big rose-gold watch I wear every day is VERY loose, loose enough to slide 1/3 the way up my arm, but it doesn't spin around. My husband tells me the watch should fit more snugly for 'proper fit', and he's probably right about that (he knows such things). Leather banded watches I will wear more snugly because the bands are easier to adjust. My wrists are quite bony, and a sung fitting watch is either pushed against my hand, or pushed back away from my actual wrist heh. As you say, having the watch band looser allows wrists to show much better than if it were tighter, which I also like. I don't think you need to worry about it Rae! Plus, a looser watch plays perfectly into your style personas.

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