WIW: Getting Away with Rae, Shift Five, MIA Buckaroo

Last shift, I was introduced to a coworker who had been with the company for a few years, and she was wearing a really pretty pink scarf with her uniform tee - so of course I am being a hardcore copycat today and trying a scarf for myself.

Historically, I don't wear scarves often at all, because I hate having to take them off and re-arrange them when I go in and out, and I don't like the way one "tail" always seems to creep down to my legs if I leave them on during the day. Well! Remembering the infinity scarf, I took this scarf my aunt recently gifted me and tied the ends together, infinity-style. Hopefully this means I can leave it on all shift without it tangling in my legs and killing me. :)

Will update with foot pain review after work tonight.

Hollister jacket - DIY dye project
Turquoise scarf - gift from auntie
Hudson Collin skinnies - Nordstrom Rack (my first buy with discount!)
MIA Buckaroo boots - Amazon
White watch - whopping $6 at Big Lots
Men's belt - flea market

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  • Marley replied 7 years ago

    Wow! This is cute - I love the citron with the turquoise - and what a great idea to tie that scarf up "infinity" style! You look super cool - and can't wait to hear how the footsies hold up today!

  • Angie replied 7 years ago

    We will make a scarf lass out of you yet :). That's the way to do it!

    How are your feet?

  • MsMary replied 7 years ago

    OMG so adorbs!!

    And also don't forget Angie's sneaky trick of tying your scarf the way you like it and then safety pinning it in place!

  • Mo replied 7 years ago

    What a happy coincidence that the uniform shirt is a lovely color on you, and mixes so well with your citrons!

  • JulieJohn replied 7 years ago

    That looks really nice. What does your interesting title mean, I am stumped, and that is after two cups of tea!

  • Sylvie replied 7 years ago

    You definitely look stylish and put together - it's impressive how you're able to do so while still working within your uniform dress code.

    If you feel it's safe to share on a public forum, I'd be interested in hearing more about how your work days are going. Are you getting complimented on your shoes, have you been able to help style customers in the dressing room, etc?

  • rae replied 7 years ago

    Mary, good point! If I ever wear a small scarf again, pinning would be great - kind of like making a fluffy necklace. :)

    Julie, the first half of the title just means that I'm "getting away" with adding more of my personality to the outfits. The second half is for my own use - I'm trying to keep track of which shoes I've tested. "Shift five" means this is will be my 5th shift with the company, and "MIA Buckaroo" is the brand & style name of my boot.

    Sylvie, I am still getting trained in a lot of things, so I have yet to stay in the fitting area long enough to really help someone with an outfit. On the sales floor, a woman did ask me to pick out a lightweight coat for her - I did, and she loved it! But we did not carry her size (it was a fluke transfer from another store, and we normally don't carry that size range at all). So far the only comments on me shoes have been that I'm brave to wear a heel, lol... understandable since most do not have my arch issues.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 7 years ago

    This looks great Rae! Gorgeous colour combo and those boots are fabulous!

  • catgirl replied 7 years ago

    I'm trying to adopt a scarf look too but this time I'm not going to copy looks that aren't me - I need to find the "right" version for my style. Love how you've done this.

    Are you finding yourself constantly tempted by all the merchandise around you?

  • Day Vies replied 7 years ago

    I love lime and turquoise together. You look so chic yet comfy and cozy. I like seeing these colors during fall. Interesting how colors look so fresh during seasons you don't expect to see them.

  • biscuitsmom replied 7 years ago

    Dayum! You look gorjus, as always :) Love it.....

  • Jenava replied 7 years ago

    You look great! Lots of great scarf potential...

  • missvee replied 7 years ago

    This looks great on you! I hope the boots are comfortable.

  • Aida replied 7 years ago

    Holy cow, citron+aqua+gray looks awesome :D And you look fab in your scarf!

  • rae replied 7 years ago

    Foot update: toe pain after a measly 4 hours. It seems like I should really get shoes a half size larger when getting them for work.

    Una, there are a few things I've been eyeballing, but I don't try anything on while at work. I will have to go in early one of these days!

  • JulieJohn replied 7 years ago

    I guess I have to read *ALL* the words, sorry. Thanks for explaining the title to me so patiently, you are a sweet person.

  • rachylou replied 7 years ago

    Tying the ends together is genius! You really look good in these colors.

  • Scarlet replied 7 years ago

    Oh, I thought I had commented here, but no. So glad you are enjoying scarves. It looks great--love the colors.

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