WIW to geek out over old-time baseball uniforms

DH and I made it up to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on my day off, so we finally got to see their baseball exhibit! Big fun!

My outfit shots are from the flea market we hit up on the way - I did not end up buying the booties, but this vendor had a nice selection. 

The baseball exhibit drew me in with all the fabulous uniforms they had on display. From the 1700s cricket uniform in #9 to the 1940s satin Dodger's jersey in #13 (I want me one of these!). I bought DH a cashmere shawl collar sweater a couple of years ago, and we have plans to do it up a bit like #7 for him, only he wants a Detroit Tigers' patch. :) *Waving at Aida!* #3 is a Ty Cobb ad, because I love Ty Cobb. 

I was surprised to be quite interested in the rest of the museum area as well, which focused on Ronald Reagan. They had a full-sized replica of the oval office as well as a full-sized, shoulders-up, rideable model of RR's horse. DH took a pic of me on the later, but he doesn't have time to send them to me yet. :(
14 - Straight jacket used on Cold War political prisoners (I think. Should have taken a pic of the plaque)
15 - RR's riding boots
16/17 - First Lady style!
18 - Air Force One

I hope this wasn't too off-topic - sporty looks are in, right??

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  • LACeleste replied 5 years ago

    Such cool pics Rae!  Now I want to go!

  • JAileen replied 5 years ago

    Ooh, I love flea markets!

    #7 bothers me a lot. The hanger seems to be wrecking the sweater. I never hang sweaters for that reason.

  • replied 5 years ago

    The plane, the plane! Is that two engines on one wing? What is that, a 707? I thought the Air Force One during the Reagan years was a lot newer than that.

    ETA: You geek out about baseball, I geek out about planes.  I just looked on Wikipedia and this is indeed a 707 and it served the presidents starting with Kennedy (at the official entry into the jet airliner age) all the way to Clinton--at which point it was extremely outdated. I've never even flown on an airplane as old as a 707. Whenever I saw this AF1 on TV I must have assumed it was a 757, since it appears to be long and sleek, but a 757 only has one wing-mounted engine on each side. The 707 had two. <<geek out over>>

  • Aida replied 5 years ago

    Ah sooo fun! I'd love to see that exhibit, the old unis are really cool. I've always loved those old shawl baseball sweaters when looking at old photos/movies, wonderful "sporty" fashion. I feel like you could totally find a throwback jersey like in #13, that's gotta be out there somewhere! As an aside, the Ms have a handful of young players this year who are wearing proper old-school stirrups which I just adore :D

    Also, Mr. Reagan's riding boots (#15) are, like, the exact shade of cognac I've been looking for!

    (Claire, my hubby's grandfather who lives in AZ is also super into planes (he used to be a pilot). When we visited them several years ago we stopped by a couple flight museums, and he had a personal story to share about each plane and the original owner(s). It was far more interesting that just browsing the museums on our own! I have to say, there's something very cool looking about the double-mounted engines look of the 707.)

    PS: Love the outfit, Rae! Highfives for still rocking the baggy denim short shorts \m/

  • Suz replied 5 years ago

    Super cool, Rae! And I am laughing so hard at Claire's plane geekery....

  • Gigi replied 5 years ago

    Wow, this does look like fun! Thanks for sharing the pics. I don't often get out to museums, so this was fun for me to see. :)

    I had never seen some of the really old baseball uniforms, the ones with the monograms. Interesting! And President Reagan's riding boots are beyond fab.

  • rae replied 5 years ago

    Hehe, Claire, what a fun thing to know about you! My dad used to work for McDonnell Douglas and Boeing, so we got to see a nice amount of air shows and behind-the-scenes air parts, but I never got so far as learning names and numbers. We thought the AF1 looked really dated on the inside, too. But I guess RR would not have been the president to demand a new plane? 

    Aida, that is awesome about the stirrups. DH and I pretty much automatically like any player who wears them, lol. I just think they look so much more practical and uniform-like than baggy ol' pant legs flapping around the ankles. ;)

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