Outfit Backlog

Hi, friends! I wanted to share my outfit backlog with you. Only you ladies can relate to my bootcut/flare experimentation and trying to find a way to wear them that feels like Rae 2015 and not Rae 2000. 

We are also having a typical false Spring, so as you can see, I am not so bundled up - having to figure out the SS style too fast... ah, at least I will be ready when the real Spring gets here. 

And today I will have to meet with a detective and DA about possibly testifying at a trial. Oy. Got to bust out that business capsule. o_0


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Post and run: CSI-Rae

I'm behind with my day, but I wanted to share this outfit, since it's kind of a celebration of an anniversary of sorts. Some of you will remember I had a bad experience a few years back, and I always take time to be grateful for life and limb when the day comes back around. It is no longer a sad day for me, thankfully, in part thanks to the love and support from this forum. XOXO, big time!


Quick Active WIW

Hello! Sneaking in a little YLF time in between movie marathon with DH, since one of my resolutions is to reconnect with this forum. This is one of my recent "activewear" outfits, which I wore riding my bicycle. As you can see, as much as I enjoy the comfort of activewear, I kind of feel conspicuous in a full Activewear Suit. 

On a bit of a tangent, I just... preordered the PN coaching program that Suz and others have had such success with. *gulp* I'm terrified of spending on that when I'm so terrible at workout plans, but I have savings and a cash flow, so the little voice inside my head said it would be easier to learn new habits sooner rather than later. o_0 Plus my metabolism has clearly changed and I am in need of a coach. My hope is that by sharing this here I will be accountable to yet another group...

So there you go. I see a lot more clothes doing double duty, and a lot of flea market finds headed toward Ebay in my future. 

Have any of your resolutions turned your life upside down?


2014 WIW Retrospective

Here I am joining everyone who has done a look back at ye olde outfits o' 2014.

A bunch of us seem to be on a similar drop-off-the-planet phase of life, and I know that is in no small part to the skills we learned experimenting here. We can finally "get on with it" as Angie would say, and let the clothes do their work while we do ours. :)

2014 saw many changes for me. I went from Corporate-Controlled Retail Sales to Self-Employed, got on medication, got off hormonal birth control, lost weight, gained weight, bought a residence, saw my slouchies turn to skinnies, and saw my clothing budget dwiiiiindle. 

Style-wise, I became much more self-conscious about my middle and even more fussy (if you can believe it!) about comfort. Such is what happens when my time is split between closet clean-outs and flea market diving. Aside from that, moving closer to the beach shifted my main style persona from Urban Warrior Princess to Urban Warrior Mermaid! I am loving the organic-inspired prints especially. 

One of my main goals for 2015 is to style my flares in a NON 70s way! The other is to find a killer blood red bag. Here's hoping...


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