Ugg Cortona Convertible Black - decision made

They are mine, all mine!

DH really likes them, the heel is perfect for both my arch and the ball of my foot, and the black makes them just subtle enough. 

As DH put it, I don't feel like I'm walking with a sign saying, "Behold, citizens! I am wearing tall boots today!"

The even better news is that now I am probably breaking even on them or even making a little petty cash. I finally had the epiphany that I just don't enjoy styling my tall brown boots, so I'm going to sell those and some tall black ones that will be redundant with the Uggs. I will have to get my dose of brown in my shorter boots.

The exception will be my triple lace boots, which a) count as art! and b) are easier to style because of the great, wide expanse of black laces. 

*clapping hands* I love it when things start making more sense...


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Update at bottom: For Una! Preliminary Ugg Boot Findings!

They came just as we were about to go out, so a real K/R with stylings will have to wait... but I could not help at least putting them on! TTS with room for socks built in. No need to size up. 

My size 9s are 16" tall from back sole to top. about 18" from arch to top on the sides. So they are kinda tall. But with the V shape they do not interfere with my knees at all. DH says they look good, so I take that to mean they are not too tall for looks - will have to evaluate further myself. 

I do like both versions. The chelsea boot looks totally good by itself, though again I want to see em with BF jeans etc. 

They are fairly easy for me to put on, even with the tall shaft attached. The chelsea has an elastic opening so you don't have to take the tall part off to unzip the low boot or anything like that. High insteps may have to pull/shimmy more (can't remember what your instep is like). 

More tonight!


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Long Shadow

Pretty much a utilitarian WIW today... FFBO doing the work for me!

Super tired, a bit cranky, but glad to have a day off tomorrow. Unfortunately, my next days off will include long drives and wedding stuff, so not much rest for the weary in sight. 

Feeling like I'm at the point where I should wear Spanx with a dress like this. Either that or you know... diet and exercise. :P Not about to take a side view pic, though; let's just pretend this photo is an accurate representation...

Gibson blazer - Rack
River Island dress - ASOS
Brahmin bag - Nordies
Report booties - Amazon
Elizabeth & James sunnies - Nordies
La Mer wrap watch - $2 at flea market


FTGH: Map print satchel

Free plus shipping to a good home. I still love it, but I am able to tear myself away from the Brahmin less and less. Pics attached so you can see the size. I think I have the crossbody strap someplace, too.


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Heart of (mostly) Darkness

Yahoo, home before dark! Barely. 

I had planned to wear my Miista galaxy shoes, but my feet were very tender and the insoles didn't sit right. So then I was going to wear my Crocs, but I didn't like the look for my appointment. So then I peered inside my Reports to see if an insole might fit and found that I'd worn a hole into the bottom (again, did this on a previous pair) and had basically been walking on the hard shoe base for who knows how long. Put in an extra cushy insole and got on with it. 

It's been a tiring week... counting down until Tuesday.

Old Navy Intimates cami - gift
Zella Warrior Wrap - Nordies
Gap Denim Leggings - ebay
Report booties - Amazon
Brahmin satchel - ebay
Snake necklace - gift


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Romancing the Stone

Two appointments yesterday were for dressier, romantic styles, so I wen't dressier and more romantic - not a RATE element to be found!

This BP necklace is my attempt and prolonging the life of the spiked one Una found for me, off of which I have managed to wear most of the gold plating that touches my neck. I really like it for adding modesty to my low-buttoned necklines while not shortening my short neck. 

This shirt is a new Trouve I got while I had an extra discount but, although I was madly in love with the style, I have stopped recommending it. This is the first outing, and the back seam ripped almost all the way down. It was not tight in the shoulders, and you can see it did not gape in the bust. I had to exchange for the size up since my size was not in the store, and I didn't want to run about nekkid. The size up is not bad, but it doesn't make me want to prance like my regular size did. :(

I know I'm yammering on, so I'll just do a fast shoe update: for major, hard wear with lots of speed, turns, and quick stops, these Earthies were only good for 3-4 hours. They are much better for slow days. :T

Trouve blouse - Nordies
BP necklace - BP
Gap jeggings - ebay
Brahmin bag - Nordies
Earthies Saravena - ebay


UWP Day to Night ;)

Day: L.A.M.B. draped striped blouse, Kut indigo skinnies, Oh! Shoes booties, Nixon wrap watch. 

Night: Dual-weilding crossbows, Leoric's crown, and legendary boots (that just happen to be turquoise)!


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Inspired by those 90s Calvin Klein Jeans ads + minor hair trim

I had asked for help fitting these 100% cotton skinnies a while back, and most voted for the larger size based on comfort. However, I had this niggling feeling and started wearing both pair around the house for chores and such that required movement, and they both stretched just enough to make my decision easier. Ended up with my normal size after all! Still a little stiff, but the waist doesn't gape and they aren't difficult to move around or sit in.

And because I'm a total 90s girl at heart, I had to wear these with a plain white tank. :) Worn out to get my hair trimmed so it's neat for upcoming wedding and trip to see Dad, then threw on my army jacket while grocery shopping.

Close-ups on the hair - I'm back to my regular gal after saving some $ at the Sassoon academy last time. Added some wax to get some separation on the ends. 

Elie Tahari linen blend tank - $1 at flea market
Men's belt - flea market
Protolab Cycle jeans - Yoox
Report Marks booties - Amazon
Elizabeth & James sunnies - Nordies


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Outfit Recreation: Zella Coated Moto & Snub-Toe Booties

A couple times during the year, employees get an extra % off company-made products. I thought I was going to be the only one to dress up this coated, faux-lizard textured moto by Zella, but I think three of us wore it to work the same day, and all the employees are snapping it up! A nice light weight that is tolerable to wear until the Fall temps arrive and allow me to wear real leather. The coating is nice and soft and not sticky/waxy at all (pic 2). 

I also asked about these snub-toe booties a couple of days ago, and they got mixed reviews from the forum - but darn it, they are just too comfy to ignore. Like, comparable to my Crocs flats comfy... but with a nice, reasonably high heel and platform. Plus I do love the striated seaming and peeks of red in the heels. I can handle a little bit of eccentricity in my footwear... I guess these are like Danskos for me, so look away if you hate the toe! lol 

In other news, I think I'm totally over colored bottoms, but I'm forcing myself to wear them, because they're fairly new, I don't want to buy more dress pants, and colored pants are still big in stores. *shrug*

Zella moto - Nordies
Pleione racerback tank - Nordies (gratis)
Silver necklace - $2 at flea market
Sloan pants - BR
Brahmin bag - Nordies
Oh! Shoes booties - Amazon


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Seriously Irritated with Pinterest

Just had to vent... Pinterest has now started suggesting pins with the tag "we thought you'd like this." Holy cats, there are a lot of them - there are more suggested pins than pins from those I follow! I try to follow carefully, and this is totally cluttering up my board. There is no way to turn the suggestions off. You can tell it to "show me less like this" but then they just suggest other things instead!