WIW: Up and down the CA coast

This weekend took us from LA to Huntington Beach to San Diego - two swap meets, an aircraft carrier, an island, and a paragliding cliff (just watching for us!).

#1 was worn the second day for sight-seeing in San Diego with the inlaws. I followed Marley's advice and stripped and reapplied my layers as needed. I tried many versions of this with different jackets and this looked the best, but I'm not 100% thrilled with it. Thankfully, I was in the dress only for most of the day.

#2 was worn to an outdoor concert, because I was worried the white jeans would end up grass-stained. Unfortunately it got chilly and the top was covered most of the time.

#3 is what I'm wearing today to resume regular life - I guess I'm not quite ready to let go of the weekend, since I'm keeping the citron/olive color scheme alive.


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WIW: DIY Manicure and DIY Blazer Restoration

DIY July is rapidly coming to a close and, as I have pitiful few DIYs to show for it, I tried out a Sally Hansen Salon Effects gingham manicure. I hardly even paint my nails, so it was not easy for me, and I did not do the most pristine of jobs. Still, it was good enough to leave on and pair with my gingham shirt and "boyfriend" jeans (sized up J. Crew Matchsticks).

The only reason I threw on this blazer was in hope that the single-button closure would move me waist/leg line up, but I do like how it brightens the outfit. This blazer was pilling like crazy, but I attacked it with nothing but a disposable leg razor, and now it looks new - NEW I tells ya! And I got the whole bag of razors for a buck. :)

F21 Blazer - F21
Old Navy gingham shirt - flea market
Men's belt - flea market
J. Crew Matchsticks - Ebay
Report Marks booties - Amazon
Perlina bag - Goodwill


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WIW: Orange, burgundy, and ink (Inspired by Annagybe)

Anna recently posted about pairing orange with burgundy. I loved it so much I wanted to wear my new, orange "Ebay44" dress with my burgundy boots. I could have also worn a burgundy blazer, but it felt too matchy for my mood, and I liked the 3/4 sleeves of this blazer better, anyway.

I keep thinking I should really resell these babies and replace them with a lower heel, but I haven't been able to give them up yet, because no replacement has been forthcoming. If you see any inexpensive ones, please let me know... :T

No pic from yesterday because the net was out at my place, and I wore a repeat outfit to boot.

Bailey44 dress - Ebay
F21 jacket - F21 clearance rack
Perlina handbag - Goodwill
Pendant - flea market
Dolce Vita Jayce boots - Amazon


WIW: Hanging Out with the Rule-Breaking Crowd

Blue with black with brown, no waist marker/belt/tuck, flats at work and with a pencil skirt... I guess I was feeling rebellious today.

Manidipa had suggested I try the cobalt blazer layered over a cobalt shirt, and the rest fell into place. It's not the most summer of outfits, but mine is not the most summery of personalities. ;) I'm hoping the look is a little preppy/Ralph Lauren and not just a strange, discordant mishmosh of rugged and dressy elements.

F21 knit blazer - YLF swap party
Theory cobalt shirt - flea market
Talbots skirt - flea market
Perlina bag - Goodwill
Leather choker - flea market
Frye Jenna Cap Toe boots - Amazon


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Oh yeah, I tried on the Gap sexy boyfriend jeans this weekend!

I actually really liked them - they are the jeans equivalent of my baggy short shorts! Angie was dead on the money like always; I found the dropped crotch to look most intentional (and least plum-smuggling) two sizes up from my normal Gap size.

I didn't buy them yet because I hope to find a deal on Ebay, but I'm feeling impatient now. Itching to get my paws on a pair!


WIW: Whitecap Waves

DH and I spent some time at the beach this weekend, so I thought I'd do my version of a "beach" look. I was inspired by the crashing, swirling water.

On another note, I'm so glad I have this dress - I have not been keeping up with any sort of diet or exercise lately and really having to fight off depressive moods. It is getting better now that I'm making a healthy life change in my career direction, but my body is still larger than usual. This stretchy, drapy dress helps me feel confident despite it all. Much better than straining against my woven sheaths. Hooray for knit dresses that don't cling to trouble spots!

Michael Michael Kors agate print dress - 6pm
Bebe faux leather jacket - Bebe
B. Makowsky bag - Ebay
Frye Julia boots - Dillard's clearance


WIW & WIB 7/22 - Half a year later, I finally landed this Angie pick!

1-2: Worn to the swap meet this morning - you can't keep DH and me away! Picked up the choker yesterday; it reminds me of Zoe from "Firefly."

Target dress - swap meet
Leather choker - swap meet
B. Makowsky bag - Ebay
Sperry Topsider A/O boat shoes - swap meet

3-4: Planning to wear to a going away party tonight. The only thing I don't love about the dress is that the front is sheer, but I had a slip handy. SO happy with this one!

ASOS "Midnight Scene" dress - on sale now at ASOS
Turquoise bag - YLF swap
4-in-one Jacket - Victoria's Secret brand via Ebay
Fergie Major boots - Nordstrom clearance

Aaaand, last but not least: one of Angie's picks from way back in November! I found these Stuart Weitzman Caded OTK boots this morning for $20 (!!!!!!!!). Yes, that's 20 US dollars. They have some damage on the left foot, but how could I turn them down for that price?

Do they look okay on me? DH thinks the ankles bunch in a weird way, but for this price I'm thinking I can experiment with the look a little bit? Do my feet look gigantic?


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WIW & WIB: Nordies consolation at the swap meet!

I went to my very first NAS after work yesterday but didn't come back with anything. The Halogen skirts fit way better than the last version but still showed my saddlebags. The Donald Pliner burgundy boots were adorable but fit my foot really strangely - I had to size down a whole size and my foot still slid around, plus they were so hard to get on I think I pulled a muscle in my leg. The one dress I liked turned out to not be on sale...

So... today at the swap meet I made a point to stop at a booth that always has damaged department store stuff, and I came across these Paul Green boots. The ankles *and* calves actually felt nice and slim, they were leather lined, and they only had a small spot on them (items here usually have structural damage). For $40 I figured I'd dye them burgundy. Lo and behold, I got home and found them still at full price at Nordies - $489! Maybe now it'd be a sin to dye them?

After the swap meet we went to the beach, hence the short dress, hat and tote.

Free people dress - 6pm.com
Straw hat - YLF swap party via Natalie
Hello Kitty Japanese tote - Ebay
Sperry Topsider Angelfish boat shoes - flea market
Guess necklace - flea market


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WIW: Remember carpenter jeans? Yeah, neither did I.

I spotted these Miss Sixty carpenter jeans at the swap meet and had to have them! Channeling a little Super Mario today with pants that can hold a hammer, bright colors, and a critter that will either alter my morphology or take years off my life... :) My shoes are disappearing into the carpet here, and maybe black shoes would be better, but IRL I kinda like how they lighten things up and bookend my light colors up top.

For DIY July, I'm sporting my second handbag dye project using Tarrago's Bright Red color. Full review here:

Mossimo gray cardigan - Target
Ann Taylor ruffled top - Ann Taylor clearance
Miss Sixty jeans - flea market
Report Marks booties - Nordstrom sale
Abro handbag - flea market
Butterfly pendant - DIY
Men's belt - flea market


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Adorable floral moto jacket

I think I'm in love with ASOS!

I just received the dress in #2 last night, and I didn't even bother with a K/R, because DH and I both love it. I will style it up for you when it's a little less hot/humid.

I was also eyeballing this floral print faux leather moto in #1, but I don't think I'd wear it often enough to justify it. It's so cute, though, so maybe one of you can wear it for me?

Extra 10% off sale prices with code: 10SALE.


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