I Re(ti)gress

Repeated an old WIW two days ago (2), and then just kept on wearing the tiger sweatshirt yesterday for another mostly-repeated outfit (1). Wasn't going to post it since it's nothing new, but had a change of heart!

Hope you are all having a good day - I'm off to the salt mines!

H&M tiger sweatshirt - H&M
Allsaints crops - Allsaints
Brahmin Vineyard satchel - Nordstrom
Worishofer sandals - DNA
Olivia Moon skirt - Nordstrom

Crocs super molded flats - Crocs

Tortise necklace - $1 at swap meet


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Rusted Metal

Just a quick work WIW - based around my simultaneous desires to show my pedicure another day and to cover my legs (it was a cooler, gray day today that inspired leg coverage). 

I find this outfit interesting because I could easily see it on someone twice my age. I got lots of questions about my shirt today, too. But I still don't think it's "too old" for me. It's just one of those things, I guess!

Brooks Brothers Spago Shirt - BB
Gold belt - flea market
Rich & Skinny jeans - Piperlime
BP necklace - Nordies via Una
Nixon watch - $1 at flea market
Worishofer sandals - DNA Footwear


Diamonds Are Whenever

Sorry to post a blurry pic and run, but I spent most of today driving to and from a bridal shower - with 2 hours each way, I spent more time on the road than at the party. :(

But I loved my outfit! H&M dress (I keep thinking of it as my "dark crystals" dress) with gold and white accessories. I'm glad I brought this shrug, too, because it was windy outside where the seats were set up. 

Tangent: I am also sporting imPRESS by Broadway press-on nail polish on my fingers and toes. I have had terrible luck with every kind of polish and topcoat at work. Everything chips within hours of thumbing through hangers, but these have stayed on very nicely for about 5 days now. Not like a traditional press-on nail... I'd say it's more like a press-on gel manicure...? But anyway, I want more. 

H&M dress - H&M
Hollywould sandals - handed down
BP necklace - Nordies via Una!
Jessica Howard shrug - Macy's
Chainmail watch - custom made gift from a friend


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Speedin' in My Jag

Jaguar tee shirt, that is! Inspired by Anna's tiger shirt post. :-)

I had been avoiding this shirt because it is not inherently dressy, so I went for my go-to this-isn't-dressy-enough accessories and a draped skirt. After all my talk about wearing classics this feels very UWP, but not too OTT.

It was a wee bit rainy, so I threw my new Spiegel jacket over for the commute. How do you like it? I am digging the vibe a lot!


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Gold Phalanges

Not quite Goldfinger worthy, but why not a Bond theme for my first official day with my 00noir moniker?

My gold Worishofers arrived the other day, and I noticed they had been reduced. DNA kindly gave me a price adjustment, so I am a happy clam. Tempted to get the tan now as well, since the gold is quite shiny and different. Paired with a Breton stripe top that was a gift from my awesome BFF. :)

Pardon the mess of Ebay packages that have been in my indoor shots, btw...


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Urban Warrior Flashdance

No, that's not my new style moniker (you can put down the tomatoes)!

I really was helping a friend choreograph a dance for her project yesterday. So here I am in gear with glam sunnies and handbag - because sometimes you just have to run with the LALA Land mores. 

But to continue the moniker discussion from yesterday, I'm thinking of going with "00Noir" - the 00 recalls the Bond element, which is at once British, sporty, luxe, sleek, classic, and rugged - while the noir portion stands for the dark, dystopian, trench-wearing, black-and-white, Tim Burton/Bladerunner/Dark City qualities. Able to drop "princess" since I imagine a female 00 gets to wear colorful, glamorous gowns just as much as Bond gets to wear a tux. Any good??

Anthro tulip back sweatshirt - Anthro
Tie dye tank - handed down
Karma harem capris - $1 at flea market
Elizabeth and James sunnies - NAS
Brahmin Vivian Vineyard Dome Satchel - Nordies
Worishofer wedges - ?
Madewell necklace - Madewell


In the Army

This shirt was set to be purged, but I never went through with it. It used to bee too dressy for play and too casual for work, but now it is perfect for sales. And I still really love the cut.

Per my toe-pas thread, I wore my sandals with bare nails. I prefer the look of painted toes but said to heck with it today after so many of you said bare was ok.

Once again set off by Precious. :-)


Another "Gear" Outfit

Something told me the first Saturday of public NAS would be busy, so I wore my cardigan again. I decided it falls into the gear category seeing as how this event is, my olympics. Same for the booties. :-) I'll spend on these over sneakers any day.


Romantic Warrior Princess

Anticipating much more running about during the rest of NAS, I broke down and bought a cardigan... Much less warn than my blazers. Worn with a luxe lace shell from MaryK back at our first swap part, calf hair booties dark jeans, ans silver bling.

And of course the star of the show: my Tim Burton striped Brahmin. :-D


Red Dead Redemption?

I have been waffling on whether or not to keep this red Hollister jacket around. On the one hand, I still like that it is unlined cotton, the utility feel of it, and the washed red color. 

On the other hand, I had not worn it since last summer, I have gotten rid of a lot of red stuff, and I'm starting to wonder if it looks too young for me (Hollister is the younger version of Abercrombie... yes, there is a younger version of Abercrombie). 

Should I keep this or try to resell it?


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