Motorcycle Polka

Yesterday. Took the pics but was too exhausted to post legibly. I keep avoiding this top because of the whimsical print, even though it is otherwise super flattering and awesome (shout out to the Shoptoberfest swap party!), so I thought I'd try it with a tough moto. I was also kind of worried about the baggy pants looking clownish with the dots, so I pulled them up like capris. Can't find the jacket on a site that accepts Finds, so here is the link (mine is from Ebay). Did I do okay? This is quite the different silhouette from the tailored legginess of the other day. 
Mackage for Aritzia Kenya jacket - Ebay
Dotty top - YLF Swap Party
Vince harem pants - Nordies
Kate Spade satchel - Ebay
Knockoff somethingorother necklace - flea market
Crocs Cobbler Wedge sandals - Amazon

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  • Deborah replied 4 years ago

    Rae I think this does look great.  Polka dots is not something I would necessarily 'expect' to see on you but you have made the top work to your style requirements.  I really like the way you have pulled up the trouser legs that looks really cool.

    I find I have gone off polka dots and spots completely.  I have kept one blouse,  'just because' but I really need to edge up the overall look to be happy in it.

  • lyn* replied 4 years ago

    So adorable - you know I love dots and the navy with the lemon is delicious!

    Get some rest, Rae ;3

  • MsLuna replied 4 years ago

    This is such a sweet yet tough combination! Polka dots for the sweetness and the jacket and Birks add some edge! Love it!

  • columbine replied 4 years ago

    I like what you did here! Taking notes because I have a couple polka dot tops that need some help.

  • Aida replied 4 years ago

    I think it looks good, though have to say the polka dots surprised me a bit. I've all but eliminated them from my wardrobe because I never quite feel right in them. Too sweet? Not retro in a way that I wear? I can't figure out the why. I think the capri-ed harem pants work really well, and paired with the moto and birkie-lookalikes you offset the dotty sweetness pretty well.

  • Janet replied 4 years ago

    I love this treatment of the pants -- I thought they were capris with a cool asymmetrical hem! And yay! It's nice to see that top get some wear. I'm really picky about polka dots these days, so I understand. My pants the other day were dotted, but it's a random pattern, and broken up with the tuxedo stripe. I think the jacket toughens up the dots really well.

  • shevia replied 4 years ago

    Great job in pulling up your pants! I think you off set the dottiness of the dots very nicely, but maybe you just aren't a dotty type?

  • Jenava replied 4 years ago

    The pants are really flattering on you!  I love the length and the zippers undone to make the hems asymmetrical.
    The top looks good with these.  If you hadn't mentioned the print I would have not thought anything of it...but I am with you on not loving dotted things.  So I get it.  But FWIW it looks great!

  • Joy replied 4 years ago

    You did a fabulous job of making these pieces work for you. The outfit looks very stylish with your Rae touch. To my eye, I wouldn't change a thing.

  • Angie replied 4 years ago


    You are going to have me with that bag every. single. time. 

  • texstyle replied 4 years ago

    I may be biased because I have a soft spot for dots, but I like this and think you have made it yours with the jacket, pants, and shoes. The bright bag is great too. I wonder if you might also be able to wear this top with a vest? 

  • TraceyLiz65 replied 4 years ago

    Polk a dots is a surprise from you, but your styling is wonderful. I can't imagine wearing a moto right now as Summer temps have arrived!  Love that purse!

  • leopardluxe replied 4 years ago

    Great look! I think the edgier elements do a great job of counteracting any "overt whimsy" from the polka dots. 

    Who'd have thought polka dots and edgy could play nice together --but you prove that they can and do ;-) YLF!

  • JG replied 4 years ago

    Fab and educational! I'm feeling buyer's remorse over my dotted items, some never worn, so I'm taking notes here. I can't come close to a copycat so I'll try for a Ms.Mary-like interpretation. Dots/androgeny/sour color/ leather/edgy silhouette. Going to be a challenge. From now on, while shopping, I'm just saying no to "dotty sweetness!"

  • jackiec replied 4 years ago

    I like how you've toughened up the dots! The pants look great pushed up like that too. I'm off of dots as well, so can totally relate. Filing for the future. Love the bag :)

  • Inge replied 4 years ago

    It all works fantastic together, Rae. Love the pulled up pants, the asymmetric hem, the contrast between the top and the more rugged shoes and leather jacket, the shades of blue with that fab bag… Great inspiration to see how you are wearing those sandals too (I'm taking notes because I can always use extra ideas on how to wear my white Birkies).

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