Grudging Nod to the Blue CA Skies

DH and I were feeling well enough to venture out for lunch today. Still, I really hesitated to post this photo, because I have toboggan-hat hair and a bit of a double chin from the angle of the camera. I also was not feeling the summer weather and would have been happier with an overcast day. :(

In the end, though, I still like the outfit enough to record it. I went for a column of color on bottom with dark wash jeans and a navy tank, hoping that the tighter underlayer would help give me a waist in the midst of all the volume. If I could go back, I would leave off the necklace.

dip dye top - Anthropologie
navy tank - flea market
boyfriend jeans - Old Navy
men's belt - flea market
Ted Baker bag - flea market
Sperry boat shoes - flea market


Happy Outfit, Crappy Photo

Sorry for the terrible shot here. I only took a few because I'm under the weather, and then my camera corrupted the one shot with decent exposure. :P

Worn for a session with Dr. Shrink, and I felt very pleased with myself walking to his building and to the Rite Aid for an emergency Kleenex stop. This trench is fast becoming an MVP in my house - I have to wear it a lot now while the weather is still on the cool side. I adore the below-the-knee length and the classic-but-kinda-badass quality. This is what I would love to find in a waterproof/resistant trench! Especially since this one is lined in nice, breathable viscose.

Atmosphere suede trench - flea market
Cashmere sweater - Piperlime
Metallic scarf - gift from Mom
BF jeans - Old Navy
Fergie "Major" boots - Overstock
Ted Baker bag - flea market
Men's belt - flea market


Silver and Gold

I already posted this outfit elsewhere, but I thought I'd add it to my blog posts since I ended up actually wearing it outside. It was a cool and grayish day, and I am still on my sci-fi kick, so I was a bad, rebellious and selfish girl and wore the spat boots with my Bebe faux leather jacket. I actually DO agree with Angie, Una, and others about the side view but, or what I paid, I will take a hit on figure flattery on days when I feel contrary. Topped things off with silver and gold accessories: my trusty snake bag and a golden bag-handle-turned-choker.

I usually wear an exposed belt with my outfits, and I had planned a gold belt for today, but it felt off. Eventually, I surmised that the belt was competing with the drape of the jacket for waistline dominance. Jacket won. :)

Bebe faux leather jacket - Bebe
Abound pullover - Rack
DL1961 jeans - YLF swap
"choker" - came with my cognac bag off Ebay
Nine West bag - flea market
Luxury Rebel Brady boots - flea market


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For the Canadian & EU Ladies - Awesome Custom Trench Site

I was devastated to see that they do not service the US. Choose colors, stitching, trim, contrast patterns, collar style, length, and more. Similar to the bespoke Burberry site but way less expensive!


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Sci Fi Classics

Feeling very Blade Runner in this, even though the trench jeans and colors are classic. I guess a shot of silver goes a long way.

Atmosphere trench - flea market
Nine West bag - flea market
Abound pullover - the rack
DL1961 jeans - YLF swap via Denise
Fergie Major boots - Nordies


Sci-Fi Steampunk Scarf Challenge

First time testing out the self-timer on my phone instead of hauling my camera around all day. I obviously need to adjust my technique, but it was pretty convenient and cut down on purse clutter.

Finally got around to joining one of this week's YLF challenges - wore this tissue-weight silver scarf my mom gave me for Christmas with my steampunk jacket, silver python bag, and new Vic Matie boots. This outfit went out for lunch with an old co-worker and good friend, then to see Dr. Shrink, who I more grateful for each and every session.

Silver gauze scarf - gift from Mom
United Face steampunk jacket -
Current + Elliot jeans - inherited from BFF
Silver Nine West bag - flea market
Vic Matie boots - Yoox
Spy sunglasses - Ebay
Charcoal Abound pullover - The Rack


White Leather Jacket With My Name On It

Literally! lol

Actually, I do like it a lot. The modified biker collar with rivets is really fun. I do not like the price, though.


Wearing the Same Old Things: Bootcuts and Blue

Took advantage of free day at the tar pits museum and wanted to enjoy this precious time with my F/W clothing before the temperatures heat up this year. These are heavy, 100% cotton bootcut jeans (bought in Japan in 2006!) paired with This Year's Favorite Jacket, my Lululemon Run Bundle Up.

I am still amazed that I can wear a partially-down-filled jacket indoors and out without feeling uncomfortable. Mind: boggled. Also, who knew that silver snake print would go with everything in my closet? Hello, favoured neutral!

Bonus pics from the museum - I was pleased with the amount of cat-related exhibits. >^..^<

Bundle Up jacket - Lululemon
velvet leopard tee - Zara
men's belt - flea market
Nine West bag - flea market
destroyed, double-waist jeans - Japan
Fergie Major boots - Nordies


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Space Shoes, Meet Space Shuttle

DH suggested that we go out and try to see the space shuttle Endeavor today, hoping that the Super Bowl would thin out the crowds. What better time to baptize my new galaxy oxfords??

#4 is from one of the lead-up exhibits - in case it's too small to read, the sing says, "TOUCH THE TIRES!" You don't have to tell DH twice. Not in all-caps with an exclamation mark!

Three Dots tank - flea market
Nine West silver python bag - flea market
Joie skirt - Nordstrom Rack
Miista "Zoe" galaxy oxfords - Solestruck
Raebot necklace - gift from DH


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More Monochrome

Another outfit built around my new silver bag... Was slated to be warm today so started with this lightweight sweater and aimed for more or less a low contrast for the undershirt and jeans. Finished off with DIY bronzed calfair booties - still need to add more shine to the boots but I have been wearing them anyhow.

Cashmere crop- flea market
James Perse tank-flea market
Cognac belt-flea market
Boyfriend jeans-old navy
Kelsi Dagger booties-ebay and DIY


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