Yesterday's Tee with Wednesday's Pajama Jeans

As long as the item is clean and not emitting my enchanting musk, I am totally happy to wear something twice in quick succession. In fact, I get a satisfied kick from it, because there was a time when I had way too many clothes and so much variety that I never wore anything out.

This tee went to work with me yesterday but mostly hid under a scarf. These sweatpants will go to work on Wednesday with a blazer and heels. I still am so infatuated with them, and my manager was more than excited to have me wear them on the sales floor (I continue to have the best managers ever).

Went for Cali casual today with tee shirt, Crocs, tortoise, cat bag, and stone.

Anya Hindmarch bag - Ebay
Crocs - Crocs
J Crew tee - $1 at flea market
Rag & Bone pajama jeans - Intermix
Sunnies - Nordies Rail dpt.
Bangles - Mom's


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Dark Wings, Bright Bag

This scarf always reminds me of feathers/wings. :)

The outfit started with this draped midi I scored at the Rack for $40 a while back. I have worn it before but I don't think I got a pic. I LOVE everything about this skirt... The draping hides my belly, it's slim yet does not restrict movement, and it's woven yet does not pull at the hips or gape in the waist. Will be stalking more Trina Turk skirts for sure!

Gauze scarf - the rack
J. Crew linen tee - $1 at flea market
Trina Turk skirt - Rack
Report booties - Amazon
Kate Spade bag - Ebay


Team Wear: Sea Glass

Not the best photo of this outfit... if dusk is "magic hour," then 1pm is "inverse-magic hour." All the harsh shadows really make the ruching of the skirt and top look distorted from real life. The outfit is basically just #2 with sandals to account for heat over 80F. 

The good news is that the new jacket is fantastically comfortable, even when it's hot outside and I have a lot of moving about to do at work. Very pleased. :)

Pic #3 is what I finally decided the color of the jacket reminds me of: sea glass! My mom used to have a collection like this set out as decoration when I was growing up. Hm... seems like everything reminds me of the beach these days - might have to make a trip out on my next day off!

Veda "Boss" leather jacket - Rack
B44 ruched top - Rack
F21 Jersey skirt - F21
Lucky Brand "Moran" sandals - Nordies last year
Kate Spad satchel - Ebay


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At the Rack. In the clutches of a Veda...

Jade green, cotton lined, soooo comfy. Having a hard time taking it off mid weight, not hot. thoughts? Am I allowed? Crazypants deal.


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Beachy minimal charcoal

I have been sitting on this tee thinking it was too summery, but the store has been overly warm for me lately, so I busted it out with sandals and charcoal pants nabbed on sale. They may look black on some monitors, bit they are heathered charcoal with awesome ankle zips. I am pretty sure the print on the tee is an Alpine scene, but the colors remind me of the beach. :-)

PS: I got into the program I interviewed for! Thank you for all the good thoughts... I never underestimate the power of combined YLF vibrations!


Boxy Day

Technically boxy over trapeze, but who's counting? ;-) I feel it still gives it that doubly-boxy look.

And this jacket just goes to show that buying the wrong thing can sometimes pay off... I was out returning the Lulu anorak and wanted to sell a swap meet bag at Crossroads. BUT, Crossroads didn't open for an hour and I clearly had no other choice but to visit Zara in the mean time. This jacket was right in front, super lightweight and unlined.

Is it the end-all of military jackets? No, but for $60 it can placehold and be a trendy kicker this year.

Short jacket - Zara
Hi lo- shirt - local shop
Jersey skirt - H&M
Matisse boots - Zappos
Kate Spade bag - Ebay


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Sending up a flare

Ended up tucking the blouse, but this is the idea!

Worn for second interview for a special company program (cross your fingers for me?) and to work. I am enjoying feeling like I have a waist!

Skirt was $5 at H&M, so no big deal if I hate it later.
Vest - $1 at flea market
Equipment blouse - Nordies
Neclace - Mom's
Frye boots - Dillard's
Kate Spade satchel - Ebay


Inspired by Shiny: Burberry in the Sun

The rain has stopped in Los Angeles, but it is still cool enough to justify a trench coat (at least in my own mind). Wearing my buttoned back like shiny showed in her Burberry post!

Off to make some returns and drop some things off to hopefully sell at Crossroads. Yay for a day off!


Harem pants as knickerbockers

Hm, I felt like this looked way cooler and more elegant in person. My sweater has ridden up a little from carrying my coat in a wad and hurrying out the door, but that's the general idea. 

The pants are these Vince Harem Pants, which I stalked down to Rack price. I sized down to a 2. The 4s fit and looked good as well, but with more of a boyfriend look, and the legs were baggy enough that the elastic ankle was obscured. The 2s feel like a much better length, show the leg detail, and feel new because of the in-between fit. Scrunched them up over my boots because... well, because it was cool and wet enough to wear tall boots!

Citron bag again, because there was no need to change. :)

Black cashmere crew - $1 at flea market
Vince Harem pants - Nordies
Cat necklace - Madewell
Kate Spade bag - Ebay
Burberry trench - Ebay
Frye Julia boots - Dillard's


Boot Weather! Plus, my sand leather jacket is back in stores.

Too rainy for photos today... you know what that means? Boot weather!

I was super happy to be able to get more wear out of these convertible Uggs. First time out with tights and a skirt. Went above the knee to let the boots shine. The leather jacket was safely covered by my black Burberry, and the Kate Spade bag shed water like a champion, no extra treatments needed. 

A customer asked me about my jacket today, and we discovered it is back at Nordstrom in navy as well as this sand color. The only difference is that mine has knit lapels and these are all leather. I highly, highly recommend it to anyone who also likes the Vince paper leather jackets. The leathers feel almost identical, and Tahari is about half the price. The Vince does have stretch knit on the sides, whereas the Tahari has all leather sides. 

Linen tee - Forever 21
Tahari leather jacket - Bluefly
Free People scrunch skirt - Nordies
Hue tights - flea market
Kate Spade satchel - Ebay
Ugg Cortonas - Ugg
Burberry Trench (not pictured) - Ebay