WIW to get good news

Yep, it's the same outfit as yesterday! Minus the shoes, since I can rarely the same shoes two days in a row. But it is an overall comfy outfit, so I felt I could repeat it before doing a round of laundry. 

And I got some great news today... I have officially met my goal of making it onto the Personal Stylist team at work - I start on September 1st. :D I will be based out of the same department, but I'll hopefully get to do more appointments. Squee!

Kind of a post and run, because I'm dead tired and need to soak my feet...


Dressed for Dress for Success

Worn with the Brahmin and Report Marks booties in sand color - not even I go barefoot in Hollywood. :P

I had not been to DFS to volunteer since the robbery at my previous workplace. I usually park in a different area and take the subway, but the thought of being in that enclosed space underground created too much anxiety. Finally forced myself to go even though I am paying for close parking to start off with. I'm very glad I went back! I worked there both Tuesday and today and had a lot of fun with the clients. 

Jessica Howard shrug - Macy's
Pleione shell - Nordies (gratis)
Cat pendant - Madewell
Hugo Boss trousers (rolled up to capri length) - flea market
Brahmin satchel - Nordstrom
Report Marks booties - Amazon

PS: Please excuse the large donating bags in the background.


K/R: Divergent Panther Dress - ETA another possibility at bottom.

The packages from my last round of orders (the ones that spawned my I've Got to Stop Ordering Stuff post) are making their way in. 

I know this dress is not typically my style, nor is it 00Noir or UWP. I knew that when I bought it, but the panthers still called to me. I have been looking for a fun cat dress for years and haven't even tried one since the disastrous hospital gown look a year ago. Most cat dresses feature either ugly cat images or Way Too Frilly design elements or baby powder pastels. 

At least the colors on this are somewhat sober. And the fit-flare skirt doesn't give me the usual pooch enhancement. 

My main question: does this look too young for me? I'm not built as delicately as our resident fit-flare queen, so I'm not sure if it just looks silly on my body type, too. 


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Realm of Chaos and Night

At least that's what it says on my tee shirt. But it's actually a pretty fitting phrase to have drawn across my chest right now, lol. 

Worn out to dinner with a friend last night - threw my shiny brown trench over the top after dark. 

Post and run, since DH has a movie ready to rock! 


(Plain White) Tee Time

Two casual outfits from yesterday, worn for errands (read: returns) in #1 and for dinner with the sister in #2. I have taken the wise YLF advice and brought the bomber in for increased use. I'm glad it is having a second round of time in the sun. 

Both outfits focus on black, white, and gray with a pop of grit, brought about by the distressed boots. Yes, I finally decided to keep them, after all my stressing over my moniker yesterday. They are still more refined and less clunky than my other engineer boots, and I just love the finish. I guess sometimes it is good to take a cue from the intuitive ladies here and go with what is calling...

Linen tees - Madewell
Olivia Moon skirt - Rack
Vintage Shoe Company boots - Planet Shoes
Denim bomber - Japan
Kut MIA skinnies - Nordstrom (gratis)
Brahmin bag - Nordstrom 


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Spinoff: What's in a Moniker?

I was inspired by froggiebecky's thread about what's in a name, as well as a couple of comments on my outfit posts that I don't look like my moniker, 00Noir. I also remember comments from the past that I did not look very UWP. So I guess the question is whether a moniker is supposed to "sum up" the look that you project - or is it more of a jumping-off point to inspire outfits and purchases? Or to put it another way: does your moniker stand for the way you want others to see you, or does it stand for the way you see yourself?

For me - for 00Noir - I keep coming back to this picture of Daniel Craig. Even though it's from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and not a Bond film, it sort of encapsulates the intersection between the slick, dressy agent and the gritty, downtrodden detective that I envision for 00Noir. She has been in a scrape or explosion or kidnapping or marathon foot pursuit through a dusty construction site or pathetic cinematic downpour, and she's looking a little rough. Not that I want to look like I was running through the desert when I walk into work - or even look like a secret agent per se! - but I do want to bring some distressing into the classic mix. 

For others, the image and story evoked by "00Noir" is probably different. Some may think immediately of immaculate suits and sparkling femme fatales - and that's okay. For me, the moniker is more some kind of ephemeral aura - something that informs but does not dictate. It's 100% okay if people look at me and don't think, "brooding detective super-spy." 

How about you? Are you bothered when you don't look like your moniker? 


Siamese Safari

It has been 2 days since my last purchase.

But I'm doing just fine remixing old favorites. I considered wearing this vest open for a change, but I just like it so much better buttoned up. I'm liking the mix of stark black and white with the warmer tones of the olive and the taupe in the cat print. Added the brown booties for a little more of an earthy stretch. 

BB Dakota vest - thrifted
Equipment shirt - Ebay
Gap denim leggings - Ebay
Timberland booties - Sierra Trading Post
Brahmin bag - Nordies
Elizabeth & James sunnies - Nordies


Japanese Bomber Boyfriend

It has been 1 day since my last purchase. :)

I have a day off from work today, but it was exceedingly hard to peel my tush off the computer chair (actually an inflatable work out ball) and complete my errands. I didn't get moving until after noon, but I feel much better now, having made a bunch of returns, shipped my Ebay sales off to their new owners, and picked up a couple odd things I've been ignoring... like, er... water. 

Took some good advice from a previous thread and tried moving my indoor shot next to the window. I don't have any great place to put a tripod, but at least this is neither over nor under exposed and I still have a chin. Plus: bonus "plush sculpture" sighting!

I am not generally a fan of bomber jacket styling, because the banded hems always seem to ride up on me, meaning it is pretty much impossible to wear them zipped up. But since this one is very sentimental for me (bought it when DH took me to Japan for my graduation from college), I keep it in my car to throw on whenever I need a little something. 

Black denim bomber jacket - Japanese thrift store circa 2006
Linen tank - Madewell
Boyfriend jeans - Old Navy
Brahmin satchel - Nordstrom
Elizabeth & James sunnies - Nordstrom
Lucky Moran sandals - Amazon
Cougar skull pendant - The Pewter Wolf on Etsy


Jersey-Knit Girl

Found this skirt for $4 at the flea market, and it turned out to be great for my tall boot capsule. It was a sample and the lining kept showing, but some creative work with safety pins saved the day. Paired with an ancient cardigan I found at a Goodwill in NYC years ago. Foundation garment is a cheapir F21 olive cami.

Gold necklace - BP via Una
Banana Republic cardi - Goodwill
Cami - $2 via F21
Nordstrom Collection skirt - $4 at flea market
Gidigio boots - ebay
Brahmin bag - Nordies
Elizabeth & James sunnies - Nordies


00Noir Gets Thai Food & The Boot

Super quick indoor photos as I experiment with the whys and hows of the way different lighting distorts my facial features. I much prefer the outdoor shots for color, clarity, and ambiance, but I prefer how my face looks indoors - chin always looks normal, whereas outdoors I feel like I either have no chin or a double chin. Any photographers have tips?

At least the slight yellowish tinge to the photos is sort of noir-ish!

1-2 is a Topshop hi-low dress I got from Nordies after noticing that I had stocked up on midi skirts that didn't allow me to wear my tall boots. I also have a short black skirt coming that I hope will completely fill the hole. 

#3 is a casual outfit thrown on to pick up Thai takeout. It was too warm for the day, but since we were only out for 10 mins, I was fine. Cozy!

Topshop dress - Nordies
Tiger pendant - Italy
Chainmail watch - custom gift from friend
Brahmin bag - Nordies
Frye Boots - Amazon
Rag & Bone pullover - hand-me-down
Gap legging jeans - Ebay
Rockport boots - Shoebacca


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