WIW & Holy $5 outfit, Batman!

I'm very late to my YLF time today, but in my defense, it was my first day off work! Yeehaw! Pic #1 shows what I wore to accompany DH on his morning trip to the swap meet - I even got to go to a flea market I'd never been to before.

Crystal Candy navy dress - flea market
B. Makowsky bag - Ebay, then DIYed
Report Marks booties - Amazon
Leather choker - flea market

And pics #2-5? I finally got to get down to it and washed/organized all the swap meet items I'd scored over the past weeks (monts?), and man there are some treasures to share. I am pretty hard to impress price-wise, but I'm giddy because everything in these pics totaled $5 - and that's including a new pair of bikini briefs underneath the flasher trench. ;)

I always see cheap leather jackets at the flea market, but they are usually hideous 80's monstrosities for men... this baby is genuine suede, European (size only shown in UK and EU conversions), and fits me perfectly. $1.

The boots I might have passed up - the brand is American Eagle, and they're pretty distressed, and one pull tab doesn't stand up completely - but the comfy platform and rubber sole led me to ask for the price... also $1. Leaving them behind would be against my nature.

Then there's the bank-breaker of the bunch... this $2 handbag. It's faux leather, but the print reminded me of the Celtic knotwork bags I'd tried from Yoox way back when (see 6). I could not make the Yoox versions work for me, but I never forgot about them. The new print is a much smaller scale, and it kind of reads as wicker or somesuch from afar, but it is close enough to make me smile.

More deal reveals to come!


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Blaze(r) of Glory: We have liftoff! Twin day with Goldenpig

It's here! My last day at the office - whee!

Natalie and I had been talking about doing a twin day for a while, and I thought it'd be pretty awesome to commemorate the transition from banking to fashion with my YLF buddy. (Natalie, I had to leave the house, so I'll add our split-screen from the other computer).

Orange blazer - Forever 21
Michael Michael Kors agate dress - 6pm
B. Makowsky bag - DIY of an Ebay purchase
Target pumps - Goodwill


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WIW: Blaze(r) of Glory T-1 - New Favorites

The theme of today is my would-be work favorites: MaryK's cobalt knit blazer and this Given Then Gathered Anthro dress. These pieces are both so easy, comfy, and flattering, and they feel like they can go anywhere and do anything! I'm sure to wear them forever, but this is how I would have worn them to the office.

Anthro Dress - Anthropologie
F21 Blazer - Swap Party
Cristina handbag - gift from Mom via TJ Maxx
Belt - flea market
Report Marks booties - Nordstrom clearance


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WIW: Blaze(r) of Glory T-2

Only half a week to go! My last day is the 15th, so I am at T-2 days and counting!

Not really wearing a favorite outfit today, because it has gotten so darn hot that it seems like our office A/C cannot keep up, and most of my favorites from this year were worn over the Winter. Instead, I have my very favorite citron top, which is looking a bit worse for wear if you look closely. It was been with me since my earlier days at The Other Bank. The skirt is one of my scores from the last YLF Swap Party, and I thought it deserved at least one office outing before I start styling it in a more gothic way for F/W.

Bonus pic of ombre nails! My second try at this, but I really like it!

Ebby by Farinaz knit top - flea market
Studio M skirt - Swap Party
Ted Baker bag - flea market
Steve Madden pumps - Ross
Cougar Skull necklace - Pewter Wolf Etsy store


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WIW: Rare Going-Out Edition

What to wear when it's 75 Degrees at night and you're supposed to meet another couple for drinks?

- Navy scalloped edge cotton dress (cute scalloped neck, too!) - $1 at flea market
- Brown beaded jacket - MaryK's via swap party!
- Carlos Santana glitter heels - Ross
- Pearl bracelet pile - $1 at flea market

I know we've been getting it easy in LA as far as the heat this summer, so you'd think I can't complain... yeah, you'd think that, but I've complained all day anyway. Sticky heat = eeew.


Just for Fun: Fashion Memo from 1967

"Mod fashions are NOT appropriate business attire."

I just came back from my last staff meeting, where the big bosses shared some fun tidbits they found in the archives. Among them was the above quote from a memo reminding employees to be mindful of their personal grooming. Standing about in our Friday jeans, we all had a good laugh!

We were also read a letter from 1983 in which a client questioned an employee's pedal pushers. This client was so upset that he took his deposit eslewhere. So remember, ladies: you never know who is out there recording your fashio foibles for posterity. ;)


Blaze(r) of Glory: Day 4... it's actually a blazer!

It's hot, but I'm forcing myself to do work layers during my final office days. My REAL favorites were 2-3, but it's just too warm for tall boots and a sweater dress (finally). I tried to mix it up with light, short boots and a light bag.

I really really love orange with my BB shirt, and I'm sure I'll find ways to wear this combo beyond the office!

Orange blazer - F21
Brooks Brothers shirt - Ebay
Talbots skirt - flea market
B. Makowsky bag - Ebay
Report Marks booties - Nordstrom clearance
Cat ring - flea market


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Blaze(r) of Glory: Day 3

Again, no blazer. lol.

I am sure this dress and jacket will still get plenty of use later, but maybe not together. And I really don't know how often I'll wear the booties, since they are high despite their cushiness.

I used the exact same picture from the last time I wore this, since I didn't change a thing. After re-reading the comments in that thread, I will now have the word "verdigris" bouncing around in my head all day!

Michael Michael Kors agate print dress - 6pm.com
Rust suede jacket - F21 clearance
Perlina bag - Goodwill
Boutique 9 booties - mystery!
Raebot necklace - gift from DH


Blaze(r) of Glory: Day 2

MaryK very wisely advised me go to out in a Blaze(r) of Glory on yesterday's post about my last full week at the office (last day is Aug. 15).

I'm clearly NOT wearing a blazer, but I am wearing one of my very favorite office outfits from this year. This faux leather Bebe jacket just *gets* me. I had to wear a different skirt than last time, because the original tragically perished in a torn slit accident, but this one is stretchy and comfy.

Asymmetrical faux leather jacket - Bebe
Non-Iron sleeveless shirt - flea market
stretch knit skirt - hand-me-down
B. Makowsky shimmer satchel - Ebay
Fergie Major boots - Nordstrom clearance
Cat ring - flea market

Also shown is my last for-me purchase until YLF Octoberfest! It's the Anthro Given then Gathered dress in blue that I posted earlier. The petites were all sold out, so I tried another XS, and the rouching lays just better enough on this one that I can live with the saddlebags (which should improve with my reinstated workouts, anyway). Not a K/R - I love it with my boots, and even DH likes it!


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WIW: Something Corporate

As it says on my Facebook page, today is the first day of the last week of my life as a bank employee! Woot!

There is a meeting to set up for today, so I went slightly more formal than usual in a *fully* tucked shirt (blast from the past!) and a jacket and slacks at the same time.

H&M blazer - flea market
Sleeveless plaid shirt - flea market
BR Sloan pants - Banana Republic
Dr. Martens Marcie boots - Shoebuy
Ted Baker handbag - flea market
Tiger pendant - Florence, Italy

Bonus casual shot from last night's movie date. DH asked, "When do you think you'll wear your sexy jeans again?" Oof, ok, so I wore one of his favorite pairs last night. And you know what? I missed my boyfriend jeans... they feel so much more current to me right now.

Mechanic's shirt - flea market, home tailoring
Hudson Hendrix jeans - Ebay
Belt - flea market
New cat ring - flea market
Boutique 9 boots - Piperlime clearance


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